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  • 'Property, Faith & Beauty and Other Recent Paintings'

    'Property, Faith & Beauty and Other Recent Paintings'

    Anton Karstel


    Anton Karstel’s 'Property, Faith & Beauty and Other Recent Paintings' opens at SMAC Stellenbosch. 

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  • 'Structures of Dominion & Democracy'

    'Structures of Dominion & Democracy'

    David Goldblatt

    Goodman Gallery

    The Goodman Gallery is pleased to present major photographs in the ongoing Structures series by David Goldblatt. Structuresis a major body of work described by Nobel Laureate Nadine Gordimer as 'an extraordinary visual history of a country...

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  • 'Psycho Socio Surface'

    'Psycho Socio Surface'

    Gerda Scheepers

    blank projects

    Gerda Scheepers will develop an abstract situation at the gallery using new works. By pointedly referencing genres of classical art production (painting, objects, and drawing), Scheepers moves away from dualisms such as form/content and fi...

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  • 'Also the Real Thing'

    'Also the Real Thing'

    Various Artists

    Johannesburg Art Gallery

    TEN YOUNG ACTORS, just having graduated from their acting school. Their education has been about creating emotions, taking on a character, being credible. They have learned techniques of shifting and becoming someone else. In the vast room...

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  • ‘Living in Yeoville revisited’

    ‘Living in Yeoville revisited’

    Gideon Mendel

    Gallery MOMO

    'Medel seems to search out the gentle structure of the emotions that collide or mutate or combine in the strange violence of the society.' - The Critic 1988, John Van ZylGallery Momo presents ‘Living in Yeoville revisited’ , a ...

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  • 'Temporary but Permanent: Projects'

    'Temporary but Permanent: Projects'

    Marcus Neustetter and Stephen Hobbs

    MOAD Museum of African Design

    MOAD is proud to present Hobbs/Neustetter’s new multi screen video installation based on their performance piece for the 'Across The Board – Public Space / Public Sphere' – Tate Modern programme for the Sud Triennial, Dou...

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  • 'Corner Loving'

    'Corner Loving'

    Various Participants

    Goethe On Main

    'Corner Loving' is an exhibition of works on paper, an exploration of love and ‘black love’ in complex urban settings. Exploring the nature of everyday public practice, the collective MADEYOULOOK is interested in unpacking ordi...

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