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  • ‘City Desired’

    ‘City Desired’

    Various Participants

    Cape Town City Hall

    From 30 October – 10 December 2014, the African Centre for Cities (ACC), in collaboration with the City of Cape Town and various partners, will mount a wide- ranging exhibition on the very soul of Cape Town and South African cities i...

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  • The Looming Presence of Olivié Keck

    The Looming Presence of Olivié Keck

    by Anna Stielau Olivie Keck


    It’s a little known fact that Sigmund Freud disapproved of embroidery. He believed with his trademark causal certainty that 'dispositional hypnoid states' could grow out of the day-dreams to which needlework and similar occupations '...

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  • 'Paper Music: A Cine Concert'

    'Paper Music: A Cine Concert'

    Phillip Miller and William Kentridge

    Carnegie Hall

    This is the latest project in an ongoing collaboration between the Johannesburg-born visual artist William Kentridge and his South African compatriot Philip Miller. Their artistic partnership dates back to Kentridge’s 1993 film 'Felix in E...

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  • 'Condition Report'

    'Condition Report'

    Various Participants

    Johannesburg Art Gallery

    'Condition Report' is a group exhibition that offers visitors a rare opportunity to glimpse the fascinating world of curating. Produced by postgraduate students from the Curating Exhibitions course at the Wits School of Arts, the exhibitio...

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  • 'Property, Faith & Beauty and Other Recent Paintings'

    'Property, Faith & Beauty and Other Recent Paintings'

    Anton Karstel


    Anton Karstel’s 'Property, Faith & Beauty and Other Recent Paintings' opens at SMAC Stellenbosch. 

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  • 'Structures of Dominion & Democracy'

    'Structures of Dominion & Democracy'

    David Goldblatt

    Goodman Gallery

    The Goodman Gallery is pleased to present major photographs in the ongoing Structures series by David Goldblatt. Structuresis a major body of work described by Nobel Laureate Nadine Gordimer as 'an extraordinary visual history of a country...

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  • 'Psycho Socio Surface'

    'Psycho Socio Surface'

    Gerda Scheepers

    blank projects

    Gerda Scheepers will develop an abstract situation at the gallery using new works. By pointedly referencing genres of classical art production (painting, objects, and drawing), Scheepers moves away from dualisms such as form/content and fi...

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