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  • 'Time and Again'

    'Time and Again'

    Penny Siopis

    Iziko South African National Gallery

    Iziko Museums of South Africa are delighted to announce the first retrospective exhibition by Penny Siopis titled ‘Time and Again’, which is scheduled to open its doors to the public on the 18th of December 2014. One of th...

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  • The Endless Absence of Delio Jasse

    The Endless Absence of Delio Jasse

    by Lloyd Pollak Delio Jasse


    In Portugal in 1974, a leftist coup d’etat replaced Salazar’s repressive, right-wing, traditionalist and pro-Catholic regime with a socialist democracy. One result was the immediate cessation of the prohibitively costly war wag...

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  • The Religion of Despair

    The Religion of Despair

    by Lloyd Pollak Johann Louw


    “I was driving along the M7 the other day when, at the side of the highway, I saw a stray dog with a rope around its neck. Poor thing, I thought, there you wander without any inkling of what the future holds. Sooner or later that rope...

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  • 'AniMystikAKtivist'


    Kendell Geers

    Goodman Gallery

    Following on from solo exhibitions at Yvon Lambert in Paris and Stephen Friedman in London earlier this year, the Goodman Gallery Cape Town is proud to present a solo exhibition by the legendary artist Kendell Geers.Titled AniMystikAKtivis...

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  • 'Cemetery'


    Raimi Gbadamosi

    Johannesburg Art Gallery

    'Cemetery' is a collection of thinkers, makers, and individuals of significance that have had a profound impact on collective thought. Starting from his own mental archive, it is an investigation into how mutual thought processes are forme...

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  • 'Both Sides of Now'

    'Both Sides of Now'

    Simon Stone


    Simon Stone opens his solo show of new paintings at SMAC Gallery Stellenbosch. The exhibition coincides with the Cape launch of 'SIMON STONE: COLLECTED WORKS' written by Lloyd Pollak and published in collaboration with Standard Bank. 

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  • ‘We Won’t Move!’

    ‘We Won’t Move!’

    Ahmet Ogut

    Parking Gallery

    The title of the show was inspired by the slogan ‘We Won’t Move!’ (‘Ons dak nie, ons phola hier’) that was used by Sophiatown residents during the 1955 forced removals, and that was engraved in public memory b...

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