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  • Mutinous cubes and delinquent rectangles. A look at Trevor Coleman’s abstract work from 1960-1977.

    At Trevor Coleman’s splendidly-hung review exhibition of his 60s and 70s abstract paintings at SMAC Art Gallery in Stellenbosch, a mere handful of fourteen canvases fill the first, very long, very large exhibition space with the clam...

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  • 'Interface2012-14'


    Doung Anwar Jahangeer

    artSPACE durban

    'Interface2012-14' emerges out of Durban-based collective dala’s CityWalk initiative, and forms part of a larger engagement and artistic process. The project aims to conscientise civil society, while creatively engaging the local urban con...

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  • 'Asylum of the Birds'

    'Asylum of the Birds'

    Roger Ballen

    Circa on Jellicoe

    One of the most influential and important photographic artists of the 21st century, Roger Ballen’s photographs span nearly forty years.  His strange and extreme works confront the viewer and challenge them to come with him on a ...

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  • 'Abahananasi Abangcwele'

    'Abahananasi Abangcwele'

    Khaya Sineyile

    blank projects

    It is impossible to be in any of South Africa’s many townships on a Sunday morning without spotting the ubiquitous uniform worn by members of the Wesleyan Methodist church’s mothers union; a uniform dominated by the bright red ...

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  • 'The Comforter'

    'The Comforter'

    Wilhelm Saayman

    blank projects

    ‘We have all stood on a dark beach at night and wondered about the lights flickering in the distance. If we went there, how would we be received? Would we be safe? Will things be better than what they are here?  These seven painting...

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  • The Formality of Joburg’s Other Side

    The Formality of Joburg’s Other Side

    by Michael Smith Guy Tillim

    STEVENSON in Johannesburg

    Living in Johannesburg, if you believe many of its white residents, is like living next door to the apocalypse. The city centre, we frequently tell one another, is beset by armies of homeless people lining pavements like the undead after t...

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  • No Consolation, No Everything

    No Consolation, No Everything

    by M Blackman Rowan Smith

    Whatiftheworld / Gallery

    ‘No Everything’ is a similar utterance to the one emitted by ArtThrob’s own back-end developer. ‘Badly written’ he pronounced as he struggled with our coding. ‘What is?’ I asked. ‘Badly writt...

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