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  • One Minute Video Kiluanji Kia Henda

    The Angolan artist talks about his O.R.G.A.S.M project.

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  • '#TUTU, a man at prayer, a man at work, and a man at rest'

    '#TUTU' opens this month at the St George’s Cathedral where the celebrated human rights activist offers church services on Fridays.  The exhibition comprises views from the lense of local freelance photojournalist Sumaya Hisham. ...

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  • Deborah Poynton’s Model for a World: A survey of 25 years of painting

    Deborah Poynton’s Model for a World: A survey of 25 years of painting

    by Amie Soudien Deborah Poynton

    The New Church

    The semi-domestic space of The New Church serves as a comfortable temporary home for the collection of paintings brought together for Deborah Poynton’s retrospective: ‘Deborah Poynton’s Model for a World: 25 years of Pain...

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  • 'Ideally - DIVA Martienssen Prize'

    'Ideally - DIVA Martienssen Prize'

    Various Artists

    The Substation

    'Ideally - DIVA Martienssen Prize 2014', an annual award exhibition featuring selected works by senior students from the Division of Visual Arts, Wits School of ArtsOpening 29 July 2014 at 18h00 at the Substation - There will be ...

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  • Potria Zvavahera Wins Art Prize

    Portia Zvavahera has won the fourth edition of the FNB Art Prize that forms part of the events at the Joburg Art Fair, which will be taking place between the 22-24 August.All the galleries participating at the Fair are given the opportunit...

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  • Wayfinding


    by Percy Mabandu Portia Zvavahera

    STEVENSON in Johannesburg

    Once, at the height of the Zimbabwean economic crises, I heard a journalist friend describe a young woman in a Joburg bar as: ‘one of the orphans of Harare.’ Suddenly, from then on, her identity as a Zimbabwean born female beca...

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  • 'Binary Humans'

    'Binary Humans'

    Jan Henri Booyens


    Jan Henri Booyens’ artist-in-residence programme  FRIDAY 25 JULY, 18:00 – 21:00Open studio event with audio and video creation and real-time exhibition. SATURDAY 2 AUGUST, 10:00 – 13:00Tender an anecdote or you...

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