Archive: Issue No. 58, June 2002

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01.06.02 'Editioned Works on Paper' at the Goodman Gallery
01.06.02 'Ten Magnificent Men' at the Manor Gallery/WSSA
01.06.02 'Arcadia 2 - Infusion' at Carfax
01.06.02 Launch of the new-look C3 in Jeppestown
01.06.02 'Fragments of Travel' at Upstairs@Bamboo
01.06.02 'The Lemba and Surrounding Limpopo People' at RAU Gallery
01.06.02 'Untold Tales of Magic: Abelumbi' at Standard Bank Gallery
01.06.02 Osiah Masekoameng at Art on Paper
01.06.02 Isolde Krams at Merely Mortal
01.06.02 Photography and Shopping Party at Spark!
01.06.02 Susan Woolf - Corporate Art Commission at Absa Gallery
01.05.02 David Goldblatt at the Goodman Gallery
01.05.02 'Episodes' - Handspring Puppet Company at the Gertrude Posel

01.06.02 Peter Binsbergen at the Association of Arts
01.05.02 Max Liu at the Pretoria Art Museum
27.03.02 'Transmigrations' at Pretoria Art Museum

Richard Hamilton

Richard Hamilton
How A Great Daily Organ is Turned Out
Composite of 20 mixed intaglio plates (various sizes)
Overall size 53 x 40 cm; 76 x 56 cm (sheet)

'Editioned Works on Paper' at the Goodman Gallery

Five contemporary artists - William Kentridge, Moshekwa Langa, Sam Nhlengethwa and Cecil Skotnes, joined by Richard Hamilton (England) - present an exhibition of editioned works on paper.

Hamilton, the British artist often referred to as the "father" of the Pop Art movement, shows etchings based on James Joyce's Ulysses. They form part of the 'Imagining Ulysses' exhibition currently on at the British Museum in London.

Kentridge shows a new series of etchings, 'Summer Graffiti', as well as new lithographs. Langa shows new graphics, including the 'Commercial Air Jetliner' series which debuted on 'body II: sublimation' at this year's Klein Karoo National Arts Festival. Nhlengethwa will be showing new large-scale works titled 'Jazz Legends'. The evergreen Skotnes will be showing woodcut prints from 'The Assassination of Shaka' portfolio.

Opening: June 15 at noon
Closing: June 26

Goodman Gallery, 163 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood
Tel: 011 788 1113
Fax: 011 788 9887
Hours: Tues - Fri 9.30am - 5.30pm, Sat 9.30am - 4pm

'Ten Magnificent Men' at the Manor Gallery/WSSA

Paul Botes, Guy Cunningham, Jonathan Davis, Eddie Heyneke, Wim Kosch, Sam Maduna, Chris Patton, Richard Rennie, Snahrekerliw and Giorgio Trobec are the 10 magnificent men of the title who show a collection of work in a variety of media including sculpture, ceramics and photography.

Opening: June 14 at 6pm
Closing: July 28

Manor Gallery, WSSA, Norscot Manor Centre, Penguin Drive, Fourways
Tel: 011 465 7934
Hours: Mon - Fri 10am - 4.30pm, Sat 10am - 1pm

'Arcadia 2 - Infusion' at Carfax

The counterculture people who brought you the 'Dimension' and 'Arcadia' multimedia art and performance parties now bring you 'Arcadia 2' in a "fully heated for winter" Carfax. Artists include Konrad Schoeman, Kate Skinstad, Alistair Maclachlan, Keith Frasier and 25 others. As the press release requests, "Just think of it as a party for those living tomorrow. That crackle is the sound of a counter-culture rubbing together two circuit boards to make a fire."

Other elements include three dancefloors, one listening area, all-night bodymatters space, seven live music acts including Battery 9, Ohm and Wintermute, 19 DJs, hardcore fetish exhibtion/stall, fire performance, fashion attack, bellydancing, performance art, electronic poetry, hairshow, tarot readings, massage therapists and a performance of the play The Bitch, Lilith. Entrance is R60.

June 8 from 8pm

Carfax, 39 Pim Street, Newtown
Contact:� or

Paul Desfonteines

Paul Desfonteines, artist and owner of C3

Launch of the new-look C3 in Jeppestown

Artists identified only by their surnames (De Wet, Nerf, St(e)ak, Maseku, Robinson, LaSka, Priest and Smith) show a range of work at the launch of the revamped and transformed C3 club and gallery in downtown Jo'burg. You can expect video, painting, installation and 'New Works in Crochet' by special guest artist (Barend) de Wet. The show is called 'Transformation of Our Human Installation' and is the next stage in artist and owner Paul Desfonteines' mission to create a spatial and aesthetic environment conducive to contemporary art, clubbing and the burgeoning community of those rediscovering Jo'burg's city and surrounds.

Art fans come up trumps for this event - the exhibition opens at 8pm with cheese and wine. Entrance is free. From 10pm, the space fills up as Liquid Sounds of the Underground bring you Up In Smoke featuring DJs and performers Kid Fonque, Troye, Static.P, Troydon, Ziza, Dror, Megabeat and Infrared, A-Phonic, Redwood, Harry, Kevin, Mbuso and Themba. If you get there after 9.30pm, you pay R40.

After the event, certain pieces will be on view by request. Exhibition viewing is by appointment and the show will run for approximately two weeks.

June 7 from 8pm

C3, corner Fox and Betty Streets, Jeppestown
Tel: 011 614 4682

Hugh Fraser

Hugh Fraser

'Fragments of Travel' at Upstairs@Bamboo

Architect Hugh Fraser and land surveyor Chris Kirchhoff are both professionals working in the built environment, suitably fascinated by what we have constructed around ourselves. The developing world is a particular area of interest, and in their travels they have documented buildings and celebrations that fall beyond the normal photojournalistic or documentary coverage. Kirchhoff's series of photographs portray daily life and ritual practice in Africa, imbued with positivity and reflective humour in the merging of tradition with technology. Fraser's architectural photographs include buildings from Mail, Iran and Yemen, and celebrate textures and patterns developed and formed over time.

Opening: June 6 at 7pm
Closing: June 16

Upstairs@Bamboo, Melville
Tel: 083 309 4275

Unnamed Lemba artist

Unnamed Lemba artist
Kneeling Woman

'The Lemba and Surrounding Limpopo People' at RAU Gallery

This documentary exhibition on the Lemba and other cultural groups in the Limpopo province focuses on the cultural, historical and anthropological background of the Lemba, who consider themselves to be a lost tribe of Israel. Emphasis is placed on Ngoma-Lungundu (the drum of the ancestors), which will be accompanied by traditional artifacts, ancient material, photographs and relevant historical and scientific data. Points of focus include evolution and ethno-tourism.

Opening: June 5
Closing: June 26

RAU Art Gallery, Rand Afrikaans University, cnr Kingsway and University Road, Auckland Park
Tel: 011 489 2099
Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm, Sat 9am - 1pm

Thafa Dlamini and Ceaser Mkhize

Thafa Dlamini and Ceaser Mkhize
Isiphambano - The Cross of Evil
Beads and fibre

'Untold Tales of Magic: Abelumbi' at Standard Bank Gallery

Curated by Jill Addleson of Durban Art Gallery, 'Abelumbi' gives a fascinating insight into myths, legends and stories from South Africa, the East and the West. Of specific interest is the myth of the Night Rider, or Umthakathi in Zulu, which tells the story of how, in the dead of night, a witch or wizard, usually masked, rides a specially trained baboon, seated facing backwards so as not to be recognised by his/her enemies. Riding the baboon, he goes about his task sprinkling magic herbs around the homes - often on the doorsteps - of those he wishes to cast an evil spell on. The Night Rider is the very antithesis - the evil version - of the sangoma-healer in the Zulu culture.

Well-known KwaZulu-Natal artists, including Bronwen Findlay, Julius Mfethe and Siphiwe Zulu, have interpreted 'Abelumbi' in a wide variety of media including glass, fibre, oil, wood, animal hide, clay, bronze, copper wire and silver. The exhibition is supported by an illustrated catalogue including all works on the exhibition as well as articles by Addleson, Ashraf Jamal and Juliette Leeb-du Toit, among others.

Opening: June 4 at 5.30pm
Closing: July 20

Standard Bank Gallery, corner Simmonds and Fredericks Streets, Johannesburg
Tel: 011 636 4231
Hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 4.30pm, Sat 9am - 1pm

Osiah Masekoameng

Osiah Masekoameng
Charcoal on paper
120 x 71 cm

Osiah Masekoameng at Art on Paper

This is Osiah Masekoameng's first solo show and second appearance at Art on Paper - he held a successful three-man print show here last year with Nhlanhla Xaba and Jacob Motsoane. Masekoameng shows large charcoal drawings of interior and exterior urban spaces - the kind most people consider "peripheral" as they are either abandoned or wastelands. The focus is not on the spaces but on the women who transform these spaces into working environments in their preparation for the day's trade in roasted mealies. In this exhibition, Masekoameng reveals another facet to his artistic identity which up until now has mostly been focused on printmaking. It is well worth seeing.

Until June 13

Art on Paper, 8 Main Road, Melville (next to Outer Limits bookshop)
Tel: 011 726 2234
Hours: Tues - Sat 10am - 5pm

Isolde Krams

Isolde Krams
Miss World (detail)

Isolde Krams at Merely Mortal

'Rubber Fables: Sculpture in Transition' by Isolde Krams is currently on view at this welcoming and uber-funky design house, gallery and comfort zone. Krams's current project, Miss World, marks her foray into the world of performance, where her voluptuous sculptures "come alive", so to speak. Look out for Miss World at the World Summit in August this year. Test-drive the furniture on offer each and every Thursday with drinks, snacks and fine chats.

Merely Mortal, 356 Jan Smuts Ave, Craighall Tel: 011 326 3820 (Heather Greig) Email:

Astrid Kragolsen-Kille

Astrid Kragolsen-Kille
Martin and Clive
Black and white photograph

Photography and Shopping Party at Spark!

'Masculine' by Astrid Kragolsen-Kille is a photographic exhibition of 20 framed and mounted black and white images of tattooed, pierced, Rastafarian and gender-bending male subjects. Not all the images are on display due to technical problems, and the conceptual strength of the work is uneven, but there are some strong moments.

Opening on May 31, 1950s and 60s furniture mistress Eunice Kok of Five-O-Lounge hosts a shopping party. The basic idea is to browse and buy, and absorb and complement the style of classic 20th century furniture and smalls. Collector cool includes tulip chairs, zodiacs, 50s lounges and kitchen smalls, Art Deco side-boards, blinds and curtains, antique desks and more. To create living environments for the pieces she sources and restores, Kok has invited artists Jo Ractliffe and Jo Bloch to show recent work, as well as Art Deco dealer Deco Dimensions and young designers Luminary, LightLab and INTERart.

For more information, contact Eunice Kok on 082 625 9514.

Both shows close on June 9.

Spark!, 10 Louis Road, Orchards
Tel: 011 622 8297
Pieter Vorster 082 574 2152; Glynnis Jackson 083 836 1210
Hours: Mon - Sat 10am till café-bar closes, Sun 10am - noon

Susan Woolf - 'The Conceptual and Practical Realisation of a Corporate Art Commission' at Absa Gallery

Artist Susan Woolf and engineers and designers Lewis Levin and Paul Cawood won a corporate commission for Absa's headquarters in downtown Johannesburg and came up with what has been touted as the largest kinetic sculpture in southern Africa. Mobile City hangs between five floors and performs a rotation and balancing act on an axis that links a historical Johannesburg skyline to that of contemporary Jozi. It takes 20 minutes to view the full range of the mobile's movement, from the first to the fifth floor.

The exhibition (which is also the subject of Woolf's MA dissertation) is based on the realisation of the Mobile City sculpture - the concept of the mobile and the process of working with other professionals. This presentation includes photographic images taken by Woolf of the remainder of the aluminium profiled sheets from the nesting schedule (cutouts from the aluminium plate) for parts of the mobile. It also includes an ongoing screen show, consisting of 291 images, which depict the development of the mobile from maquette stage to final installation.

First viewpoint and meeting place: Up the escalators to the second floor. Woolf's screen show presentation and Absa's video are situated east of the escalators, at the end of the passage, on the left hand side.

Optional viewpoint: The more adventurous viewer can gain access to the floor immediately below the mobile and look up to view the sculpture. This is its best vantage point. However, this space is accessed via a small ladder and the ceiling of the opening entrance is low. Each person uses this access point at their own risk.

Four balconies: The mobile can also be viewed from the balconies on the various floors facing the north atrium. Recommended: Take the escalators to floor six (the top balcony) then visit each balcony below and view the mobile from close up.

Contact Susan on for more information.

Closing: June 7

Absa Gallery, Absa Towers North, 161 Main Street, Johannesburg
Tel: 011 350 4588
Hours: Mon - Fri 9.30am - 3.30pm

David Goldblatt

David Goldblatt
Sunday Afternoon: Margaret Mcingana at Home, Zola, Soweto, Johannesburg, Oct 1970

David Goldblatt at the Goodman Gallery

One of South Africa's most famous photographers, David Goldblatt is probably the one other visual artist in South Africa whose international success is on a par with that of William Kentridge. This exhibition showcases a collection of images, some of which have rarely been exhibited before, as well as new works.

Opening: May 18 at noon
Closing: June 8


Goodman Gallery, 163 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood
Tel: 011 788 1113
Fax: 011 788 9887
Hours: Tues - Fri 9.30am - 5.30pm, Sat 9.30am - 4pm

Handspring Puppet Company

Handspring Puppet Company

'Episodes' - Handspring Puppet Company at the Gertrude Posel

As a celebratory preview for the next tour by William Kentridge and the Handspring Puppet Company, 'Episodes' is an installation of puppets from seven productions over 16 years, including Tooth and Nail, Woyzeck on the Highveld, Faustus in Africa, Ubu and the Truth Commission, Il Ritorne d'Ulisse and The Chimp Project.

Hosted by the Gertrude Posel Gallery, with the Wits Graduate School of the Humanities and Social Sciences, the exhibition is touted as a further step toward strengthening the links between the creative and intellectual projects undertaken by the institution. The show demonstrates the company's aesthetic and engineering experiments carried out over decades.

The opening will be followed by a series of brief talks at the Graduate School that focus on the mechanics of puppetry, movement, simulated action, and the poetics of the artificial body, by James Sey, Gerhard Marx and William Kentridge. The Company's Basil Jones and Adrian Kohler will be on hand to discuss their work.

This symposium marks the launch of a new initiative by the Wits School of Arts, University Art Galleries and the broader university community, to make relevant scholarship available to the public via brief and contained presentations. The theme for 2002 is "Subjects and Objects" and there will be a similar presentation of papers associated with the exhibition at the University Art Galleries by artist Penny Siopis later this year.

The exhibition will be opened by Professor Jane Taylor, Skye Chair of Dramatic Art.

Opening: May 7 at 5.30pm; talk: May 7 at 7.30pm
Closing: June 4


Gertrude Posel Gallery, University of the Witwatersrand, Braamfontein
Tel: 011 717 1363
Hours: Tues - Fri 10am - 4pm


Peter Binsbergen

Peter Binsbergen

Peter Binsbergen at the Association of Arts

'An African Culture' is the title of this show, the impetus of which is described as Peter Binsbergen's "ardent quest". A combination of hyperreal, fantasy-type imagery, animals, figurative representation and icons is designed to "transcend the usual pangs of conscience about identity, the colonial past, the misfortunes and tribulations of our vast and anguished continent and its people". A very tall order indeed. The collection of paintings endeavours to relook at the commercialisation of African heritage and environment.

Opening: June 2 at 5.30pm with Professor Antony Melck
Closing: June 20

Association of Arts, 173 Mackie Street, Nieuw Muckleneuk, Pretoria
Tel: (012) 346 3100
Fax: (012) 346 3125
Hours: Tues - Fri 10am - 4.30pm, Sat 10am - 12pm

Max Liu

Max Liu

Max Liu at the Pretoria Art Museum

Max CW Liu's solo exhibition at the Pretoria Art Museum (Preiss Hall) is supported by Hsin Tien City Hall, assisted by Taipei Liaison office (Pretoria) and Taipei Liaison office (Johannesburg). It is an occasion tinged with sadness, as Liu died on April 12 2002, only one month before his South African opening. He was 92.

Well known in Taiwan as an electrical engineer, watercolorist, cultural anthropologist, writer and adventurer, Liu published more than 30 books on art. Inspired by "exotic" cultures' and the dreamlike imagery of Paul Klee, Liu painted semi-abstract imagery with a mystical bent which was once described as "innocent and humorous without academic seriousness". He was 38 when he started painting and learned what he knew from friends who were lecturers at the local university. He has been exhibiting in Taiwan since the late 1960s, having served with the American forces in Vietnam.

Opening: May 8 by Ambassador Du Ling of Taiwan
Closing: July 7

Pretoria Art Museum, corner Schoeman and Wessels streets, Arcadia
Tel: 012 344 1807/8
Fax: 012 344 1809
Hours: Tues, Thur - Sat 10am - 5pm, Wed 10am - 8pm, Sun 12pm - 5pm



'Transmigrations' at Pretoria Art Museum

Artists' collective Dasart, headed by Ashley Johnson, initiated 'Transmigrations' as an exhibition that is concerned with story-telling "in the belief that the many levels within myth and enchantment are vital to our well-being. Western ways of seeing accept the culturally familiar and reject as superstitious that which is culturally 'divergent'." Thirteen South African artists, among them Rookeya Gardee, Nhlanhla Mbatha, Diane Victor and Wim Botha, are joined by one Canadian artist and one American artist, picked up on the show's journey from here to Los Angeles and Tijuana.

After Pretoria the exhibition will travel to the Oliewenhuis Art Museum, Bloemfontein (Sept - Nov 2002), the Ann Bryant Art Gallery, East London (Nov - Jan 2003), the Durban Art Gallery and the Tatham Art Gallery, Pietermaritzburg.

Further information on 'Transmigrations: Rituals and Items' as well as archival information on Dasart can be accessed at

Opening: April 6 at noon
Closing: July 21

Pretoria Art Museum, corner Schoeman and Wessels streets, Arcadia
Tel: (012) 344 1807/8
Fax: (012) 344 1809
Hours: Tues, Thur - Sat 10am - 5pm, Wed 10am - 8pm, Sun 12pm - 5pm