Archive: Issue No. 71, July 2003

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Feature: The Status of Black Contemporary Art

16.07.03 Restate the focus to shape local polemic
It is urgent that we move discourse on contemporary art in South Africa beyond terms such as 'exposure' or anthropological studies on the status of black visual arts, writes Ntone Edjabe.

16.07.03 Presenting art through black eyes
Sipho Mdanda will jointly curate an exhibition titled 'The Sondela Show' in the US city of Boston next year. He discusses some of the problems faced by a black curator.

16.07.03 Transforming the chambers of secrets into beehives of creativity
Adding her voice to the debate, Johannesburg-based Veronique Tadjo makes a controversial statement. "You don't simply become a self-taught conceptual artist from the township", she says. "Township people don't do conceptual art."

Other news:

16.07.03 Exploring the faultlines of modern curatorial practicey
After opening the crates containing a collaborative artwork by Pitso Chinzima and Veliswa Gwintsa, Gilane Tawadros, curator of the show 'Faultlines' on this year's Venice Biennale, decided against showing the commissioned piece. We asked Chinzima why.

16.07.03 South African artists in London
South Africans are well represented in London and the art world is beginning to reflect that fact. Kim Gurney reports from London.

16.07.03 Candid camera
Kim Gurney visits London to find photography dominating the contemporary art scene.

16.07.03 Artists give Bush pause for thought

01.07.03 History of the Main Complaint
Sean O'Toole, ArtThrob's editor, introduces this month's featured subject, The Status of Contemporary Black Visual Art, by referring back to a polemical piece of writing published in Art Monthly in June 1999.

01.07.03 Ignoring the Tyranny of Linear Time
"African contemporary art risks following its legions of historical predecessors into the splendid silences of the diaspora," warns John Matshikiza while celebrating the political edge of a website devoted to contemporary African art.

01.07.03 Mind the gap
Brenton Maart reports on the four black South African artists on 'Fault Lines', the Gilane Tawadros show at the current Venice Biennale.

01.07.03 In Conversation with Johannes Phokela
Johannes Phokela's mutated doppelgängers of Dutch and Flemish Old Masters query illusions of aesthetic purity and notions of cultural authenticity, the curator Bruce Haines once observed.

01.07.03 Being a Black Artist in Cape Town
Despite the fact that Western Cape is a training ground to a large number of black artists these artists face near visible invisibility, a report released in late 2002 exposed.

01.07.03 Open letter
Artists challenge Minister for Arts and Culture, Dr Ben Ngubane

01.07.03 BLAC Bows Out
Cape Town's Black Arts Collective, a self-styled discourse building project, is no more. Zayd Minty offers a concise history of the doings of this unashamedly Black cultural project, highlighting some of its key contributions to cultural transformation in South Africa.

01.07.03 Nominees for MTN New Contemporaries Announced
Nominees for the MTN New Contemporaries have been announced. Oddly enough, five of the four nominees were profiled in a recent issue of Art South Africa.

01.07.03 New art education project launched at the DAG
The Durban Art Gallery has launched a new project for Grades 8-12 to further art education in the province.

01.07.03 New monthly event at the NSA
The NSA Gallery is introducing a new monthly event called 'Hot Topic', an opportunity to discuss current exhibitions or events.


Sue Williamson: 'Transferts' opens in Brussels