Archive: Issue No. 75, November 2003

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Wim Botha

Wim Botha
Mnemonic reconstruction (from memory), 2003
Simulated found objects: Various african hardwoods, gilded polyester resin
1950 x 1200 x 1250mm


Steven Cohen

TAXI-008: Steven Cohen


Fresh: Berni Searle

Fresh: Berni Searle


Selected Works

Sue Williamson: Selected Works


Guy Tillim

Guy Tillim
Kunhinga portraits



   [15.11.03] Power and emptiness
Wim Botha's new show engages in painting, printmaking, sculpture and installation, describing an arc that might attract the label of 'conceptual'. Paul Edmunds is gobsmacked.

   [15.11.03] Through flesh we move toward the light
Francine Scialom Greenblatt's paintings, from her show 'To My Beloved', speak of primitive aspiration as much as they do transcendence, writes Lloyd Pollak.

   [01.11.03] Liza Grobler at João Ferreira
Liza Grobler's first one-person show with João Ferreira was a rewarding but confusing affair, writes Paul Edmunds.

   [01.11.03] The profane world of Anton Kannemeyer
Anton Kannemeyer wrapped up this year's Michaelis lunchtime lecture series with a riveting review of satirical magazine Bitterkomix. Kim Gurney reports.

   [01.11.03] Julia Teale kicks arse - but not all the time
"My overall impression was positive," remarks Ed Young, whose inaugural review for ArtThrob covers Julia Teale's first one-person exhibition in 15 years.


   [15.11.03] The great coming together
Durant Sihlali And Frank Ledimo's latest exhibition showcases their unique approach to materials, and is a heartening example of cross-generational mentorship, writes Sipho Mdanda.

   [15.11.03] Remembering Nhlanhlar
The death of Nhlanhla Xaba is still reverberating throughout the Johannesburg art community. Sipho Mdanda attended a commemorative exhibition on show at the Rand Afrikaans University.

   [01.11.03] Between anticipation and stasis
Colin Richards' recent show revealed a Beckett-like sense of anticipation and stasis, writes Hanli Becker.

   [01.11.03] The weight of wonder
Clive van den Berg large selection of prints, paintings, sculptural wall pieces and light installations, shown at the Goodman Gallery recently, intrigued Sean O'Toole.


   [01.11.03] Play that discourages hierarchy
Rienke Enghardt's 'Hope Box' is playful and engaging, discouraging hierarchy and competition, writes Virginia MacKenny.

   [01.11.03] Pofadder and back with Aidan Walsh and Lise Hugo
Aidan Walsh and Lize Hugo's paintings, from their 5000km tour from Cape Town through the Karoo, reflects the colonising process, writes Virginia MacKenny.


   [15.11.03] TAXI-008: Steven Cohen
Steven Cohen's new book offers evidence of a serious body of work that is intelligent and deeply compassionate, writes Virginia MacKenny.

   [15.11.03] Nothing much new about Irma
Although a welcome addition to a rather slender history, art historian Michael Stevenson writes that he is disappointed by the lack of serious critical and scholarly consideration of Irma Stern's art in the two new books chronicling her achievements.

   [01.11.03] The Fresh series
The 'Fresh' residencies have been described as the SANG's freshest initiative ever. The Fresh box set reveals just why. By Sue Williamson.

   [01.11.03] Sue Williamson: Selected Works
Sue Williamson's long overdue monograph is a concise history of an artist and a country, writes Sean O'Toole.

   [01.11.03] Fact or Fiction, Roger Ballen
Roger Ballen's sumptuous exhibition catalogue, from his recent Paris exhibition, offers a useful interpretation of his recent photographic works, writes Sean O'Toole.

   [01.11.03] Guy Tillim's Departure
Guy Tillim's idiosyncratic images blend together to form a rich tapestry of complex images, writes Sean O'Toole.