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Penny Siopis

Candice Breitz 'Ex Libris South Africa' available through Editions for ArtThrob

The books photographed for Candice Breitzís Ex Libris South Africa were all found by the artist on the same dusty and neglected shelf within Bikini Beach Books, Gordonís Bay, South Africa, during a single book-browsing session in January 2009. Collectively they catalogue a diverse range of anxieties, fears, hopes and expectations pertaining to life in South Africa over nearly a century.

Described as a Ďfound-footageí practice, Candice Breitzís internationally recognized artistic production scavenges the overwhelming output of popular culture. Her reductive editing processes isolate images, video clips and performances from their original contexts to fuel new reflections.

Best known for her Mother + Father (2005) installation at the 51st Venice Biennale, Breitzís works continue to feature on major exhibitions around the world. Breitz was born in Johannesburg in1972 and is now based in Berlin where she has been Professor of Fine Art at the Braunschweig University of Art since 2007. ArtThrob is honoured to include her in this portfolio of South African artists.

Candice Breitz
Ex libris South Africa, 2009
Cibachrome photograph
24 x 60cm
Edition of 60

Editions 11-29 R5 000.00
Editions 30-45 R5 500.00

Email: editions@artthrob.co.za.