Archive: Issue No. 89, January 2005

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Stephen Inggs

ONE TO WATCH FOR 2005 (Gabi Ngbobo review)
Dineo Bopape
Growing Everyday, 2004
Mixed media


Stephen Inggs

Zwelethu Mthethwa
Untitled II, 2004
Ink jet on Kodak archival paper


Diane Victor

Cover of Polly Street: The Story of an Art Centre


Michele Davidson

The ID of South African Artists
Phillip Rikhotso
Untitled, 2001
Painted wood, 47 x 18,5 x 20


Artthrob's staff give their review of South African art over 2004

   [07.01.05] Paul Edmunds
Paul looks at the highs and lows of the past year.

   [07.01.05] Kim Gurney
The Cape's regional editor rounds up the year.

   [07.01.05] Gabi Ngcobo
Kwazulu-Natal's regional editor's review of the past year.

   [07.01.05] Ruth Sacks
Survivors of 2004 - Ruth explores the Cape Town art scene over the last year.

   [07.01.05] Kresta Tyler Johnson
Gauteng regional editor looks at highlights from news of the past year and reminders of where South Africa is and where it is going.

   [07.01.05] Sue Williamson
Sue investigates the highlights and downfalls of 2004.


   [07.01.05] David Lurie's Manenberg Avenue is where it's happening
David Lurie's series of photographs from the fringes of Cape Town society confront preconceptions about photographing others. Robyn Sassen feels that Lurie's sensitivity and humanity manifest in this book, maintain this balance.

   [07.01.05] Musing Ourselves to Death: Helmut Starcke at the Iziko Old Town House
Lloyd Pollak finds Helmut Starcke's modern postscripts to the Michaelis Collection's 17th Century Dutch masters lacking in technical virtuosity. But although he occasionally indulges in doctrinaire revisionism, when Starcke intuits the primal European response to Africa, his work attains an iconic power and intensity.

   [07.01.05] Willie Bester and Zwelethu Mthethwa at the AVA
Willie Bester and Zwelethu Mthethwa both depict everyday township scenes in their work but that is where they shake hands and part, writes Kim Gurney in her review of their latest work at the AVA.

   [07.01.05] Guy Tillim at SANG
Guy Tillim has turned his lens closer to home in an incisive documentary of everyday life in Johannesburg's inner city high-rise apartments. Kim Gurney reviews.


   [07.01.05] Wild Collaborations' at Art on Paper
A show linked by the studio that collaborated in producing the work, 'Wild Collaborations' is a fresh overview of work by some of our top artists, as reflected through the Artists' Press.

   [07.01.05] Polly Street: The Story of an Art Centre
Ampersand's first major research project is completed, bringing Polly Street Art Centre to sadly stilted but visually extravagant life, according to Robyn Sassen.

   [07.01.05] Lights, camera, action: 'artinthedark puts video art out there
Trasi Henen's 'artinthedark' project, showcasing contemporary local video art is an important step for the burgeoning medium. Robyn Sassen reviews it.

   [07.01.05] Dorothee Kreutzfeldt at David Krut
Always an artist worth listening to in terms of her urban gestures, Dorothee Kreutzfeldt recently showed work at David Krut.

   [07.01.05] Images of Defiance
Challenging the art of politics and the politics of art, Images of Defiance is valuable and necessary in our democracy, but is it really art? Robyn Sassen reviews the publication accompanying the recent exhibition.

   [07.01.05] �Noweto�: Keran James at the Bag Factory.
Keran James�s work elicits a range of questions that require audience to generate answers themselves.


   [07.01.05] The ID of South African Artists
by Joost Bosland

   [07.01.05] SA Photography gets royal treatment
by Joost Bosland