Archive: Issue No. 116, April 2007

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What is to be done?

This month, instead of presenting you with an artist�s project, ArtThrob is asking for your input.

This is an opportunity for you not only to be on the ArtThrob project pages, but to be part of the Documenta 12 magazines project, with your contribution part of the third magazine, which will be published by Taschen, and on display at Documenta 12 in Kassel.

The question �What is to be done?� is one of the three leitmotifs of Documenta 12 and is focused on the topic of �Education; or, in German, �Bildung�.

An open ended question, "What is to be done?" opens up a wide range of possible approaches and answers, but it should fit into this frame: �What can be done from your perspective? We might not be able to change the world but perhaps we can change our own surroundings.

Your response can take many forms: a comment, a short video, a project, a photograph, an artwork. Perhaps a project already completed would be appropriate.

Please let us hear from you. The best and strongest contributions will be featured on these pages in the coming months, and be included in the Documenta 12 Magazines project.

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