Archive: Issue No. 116, April 2007

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Dorothee Kreutzfeldt

Dorothee Kreutzfeldt
I died a thousand times 2007
acrylic and mixed media on canvas
80 x 100cm


Jacques Coetzer

Jacques Coetzer
Dust to Dust 2006
steel container, moulded sand
100 x 8cm


Dale Yudelman

Jurgen Schadeberg
Elsie with her son Samuel, 6 and her
husband, Simon in their home


Gladys Mgundlandlu

Gladys Mgundlandlu
Nyanga Landscape 1962
gouache on board
57 x 60cm



   [01.04.07] 'Lift Off Part I' at Goodman Gallery Cape
Tavish McIntosh reviews 'Lift Off Part I' at the Goodman Gallery Cape, a gallery she states, that is set to become one of the city's hallmark instiutions. However, despite a few notable highlights, the show lacks 'a critical spark', she argues.

   [01.04.07] Dorothee Kreutzveldt at João Ferreira
While acknowledging the difficulty of 'getting into' Dorothee Kreutzfeldt's 'the virgins are all trimming their wicks' at João Ferreira, Bettina Malcomess argues that the show finds '... her work at an interesting point. It is a show somewhere between two places.'

   [01.04.07] Cape '07 and Churchill Madikida at Iziko SANG
Fabian Saptouw visits the SANG where he encounters both the Cape '07 Video Lounge and Churchill Madikida's Standard Young Artist Show, 'Like Father Like Son?'. There are interesting threads running between all the works on show, which become more apparent and contribute more to meaning as a viewer is exposed to more of the work.

   [04.04.07] Kate Göttgens at Irma Stern Museum
Kate Göttgens 'Litle Deaths' at the UCT Irma Stern Museum comprises a series of paintings rendered in ash. Lloyd Pollack discusses this body of work's origins in the artist's bereavement at her mother's death and the resultant paintings which track the progress from childhood innocence


   [01.04.07] Connor Cullinan at Obert Contemporary
In Connor Cullinan's 'River of January', the Cape Town-based painter proves that a postmodern approach to the discipline can still bear fruit. Michael Smith discusses these works whose thin, muted paint is offset by their opulent patterning and imagery.

   [01.04.07] Jacques Coetzer at the Johannesburg Art Gallery
Michael Smith reviews Jacques Coetzer's 'Alt Pop' where finds 'a show of one-liners'. Yet just below the enacted bravado and humour of the Pop-infused works, he argues, lies a preoccupation with the visceral reality of many pertinent issues.

   [01.04.07] Robert Hodgins at Goodman Gallery
Robert Hodgins' new show at the Goodman finds him in his typical 'impish' irreverent mood. This, however is never to the exclusion of the empathy and curiosity with which he examines the variety of specimens that make up humanity. Michael Smith reviews.


   [01.04.07] Jurgen Schadeberg at the Durban Art Gallery
Jurgen Schadeberg's 'Voices from the Land' features photographs and texts by Schadeberg documenting the plight of farmworkers and -dwellers all across South Africa. The explanatory texts complement the images, many of which manage to capture the harsh conditions of the subjects' lives. Carol Brown sees the importance of this exhibition in terms of the recent foregrounding of land issues in South Africa.


   [01.04.07] Re-Visions - Expanding the Narrative of South African Art, edited by Hayden Proud


   [01.04.07] 'Reality Check � Contemporary Photography from South Africa' � Berlin
Twelve South African photographers exhibit at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein in Berlin, Lisa Schmidt reviews.