Archive: Issue No. 121, September 2007

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Walter Oltmann

Walter Oltmann
Unearthing, 2007
cast aluminium
dimensions variable


Marlene Dumas

Two of Marlene Dumas'
Portraits of blindfolded Iraqi prisoners currently on 'Africa Remix' at the JAG


Jenny Parsons

Jenny Parsons
City Pool
oil on canvas
38 x 46cm


   [11.09.07] Marlene Dumas comes to the SANG
South African-born art star returns to South Africa in November this year to open a solo exhibition of her work.

   [11.09.07] Interview: Diane Victor
On occasion of the launch of TAXI 013 - Diane Victor, Tracey-Louise Edwards interviewed Victor, who has unquestionably been a mainstay on the SA art scene since the 1980s.

   [11.09.07] Walter Oltmann scoops coveted Sasol Wax Art Award
Johannesburg-based sculptor has won the lion's share of 2007's Sasol Wax Art Award.

   [11.09.07] Art in the winelands
All is set for the winelands to take over the Cape art market - four new art venues capitalise on the growing tourist market beyond the inner city.

   [11.09.07] Peter Machen launches Durban - A Paradise and its People
An exciting new book by journalist and artist Peter Machen about Durban was launched at the KZNSA Gallery last month.

   [11.09.07] The DaimlerChrysler South African Architecture Exhibition opens
SA architect Heinrich Wolff joins a name-dropper's dream list of creative South Africans recognised by the awards.

   [11.09.07] Durban Diary
Former Durban trained artist Adrian Hermanides gives the low-down of his recent visit to Durban.

   [11.09.07] artSPACE durban at the Normand Dunn Gallery
Works from Grace Kotze's 'Malleable' exhibition move to Pietermaritzburg.

   [11.09.07] Letter to Kendell Geers
Cyrille Varet, president of Dessine l'Espoir, responds to Kendell Geers