Archive: Issue No. 128, April 2008

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6.04.08 Santu Mofokeng at JAG
6.04.08 Youssef Nabil at Art Extra
6.04.08 David Goldblatt at Goodman Galllery
6.04.08 Fritha Langerman at Artspace
6.04.08 Cara van der Westhuisen at Bell-Roberts Gallery Johannesburg
6.04.08 Marcus Neustetter at Art on Paper
6.04.08 'Urbanstretch' at the The Premises Gallery
6.04.08 Fundraising Art Auction at The Artist Proof Studio Gallery
6.04.08 'Four Tales' at Gallery Momo
6.04.08 'Skin-to-Skin' at the Standard Bank Gallery

4.03.08 'Spier Contemporary 2007' at the Johannesburg Art Gallery
4.03.08 'Exit Ahead Push Trolley Now' at Warren Siebrits
4.03.08 'Decade: Highlights from ten years of collecting for the Sanlam Art Collection' at the University of Johannesburg
4.03.08 'A survey of South African painting and sculpture from 1960 – 2008' at Gallery on the Square
2.03.08 Tracey Rose at the Goodman Gallery
2.03.08 Leora Farber at the JAG
2.03.08 Kim Gurney at gordart Gallery
2.03.08 'South African Abstract Art - Volume I' at Seippel Gallery


Santu Mofokeng

Santu Mofokeng

Santu Mofokeng

Santu Mofokeng

Santu Mofokeng at JAG

Acclaimed photographer Santu Mofokeng produced this new body of work, entitled 'Homeland Security', during his Ruth First Fellowship and it concerns the effects of climate change and child-headed households. The works speak about absence and loss through empty landscapes and images of things left behind - of human interest gone awry. Silence is a strong element that stands for untold stories and ignored realities.

Opens: April 20
Closes: May 31


Youssef Nabil

Youssef Nabil
I always need some water at night, Paris 2001
hand-coloured silver gelatin print
27 x 40cm

Youssef Nabil at Art Extra

In Youssef Nabil's hand-coloured photographs, time is no longer a certainty. Images in is latest show 'Sleep in my arms' embrace an aesthetic of a bygone era and visualise the inherent paradox of the photographic image - a forever current record of an already-past event.

There is also a sense of nostalgia about the work. Not sentimental and uncritical feeling for the past, referring instead particularly to the Greek root of the word which translates as both a 'return home' and 'pain'. Nostalgia's 'pain' is the fact that, try as we might, we cannot return to a specific time, or a specific feeling.

As Michael Stevenson notes in his essay Not as they seem, 'Nabil's imagery shifts the way we see our world, the facets we tend to set aside in the open light of day... The realms of sleep and of intimacy, particularly between men, are rarely acknowledged in Western art practice' and nor is the male nude 'portrayed quietly on its own terms...Nabil's nudes are considered and conscious, even though they appear passive. In his studies he alters our perception of a space and a realm where we spend the greater part of our lives, yet generally ignore once we wake'.

Opens: April 9
Closes: May 3


David Goldblatt

David Goldblatt
The Hillbrow Tower from Quartz Street, May 1975

David Goldblatt at Goodman Galllery

David Goldblatt shows a collection of work entitled 'Joburg' at the Goodman Gallery, and it includes work from the 1960s to the present day, including early works never before seen in public.

About the show, Goldblatt says, 'Over the years I have become interested in different aspects of the city. Some of these photographs I have not printed before, some I have not exhibited before, some I showed at the Market Theatre Photography Gallery in the 70s and 80s, others I have shown more recently. Together they come from attempts to get to grips with something of the life and places of this city.'

Opens: April 26
Closes: May 24


Fritha Langerman

Fritha Langerman
www.memory.diderot 2007
diameter 60cm

Fritha Langerman

Fritha Langerman
p 5635, column 12007
laser-cut Supawood
diameter 60cm

Fritha Langerman at Artspace

'Of Symmetries and Oxymorons: The Knowledge Chambers 2008' is an exhibition of two- and three-dimensional works by Cape Town-based Fritha Langerman that explore the complex ways that humans attribute meaning to information. The artist is well known for her exquisite detailing of her highly intricate works. The work, says Langerman, ' is symptomatic of an age so besieged by media that an uneasy relationship develops between information and the structures of knowledge.'

'Of Symmetries and Oxymorons' brings together the artist's interests in taxonomies of information, curation, the book, systems of ordering and the history of print. Langerman is interested in the relationship between the unit and the whole, and individual works usually form part of a more complex visual and conceptual network within her work in which number and series is significant.

Opens: April 5
Closes: April 26


Cara van der Westhuizen

Cara van der Westhuizen
Inside Out
lithograph with hand-painted
purpose-made MDF cabinet

Cara van der Westhuisen at Bell-Roberts Gallery, Johannesburg

In 'Venus Revisited', Cara van der Westhuizen toys with female stereotypes and iconography.

Van der Westhuizen creates lithographs from images of idealised beauty from the Middle Ages and Renaissance, anatomical and botanical drawings, and other found images, printing these onto glass, layering them to create composite images. These delicate works are mounted onto painted wooden cabinets that reference the female boudoir. This body of work looks at the gender, sex and sexuality through a myriad of images and ideas that make up an image of the female body.

Van der Westhuizen specialised in printing on unconventional surfaces for her recently completed MA at the University of Cape Town.

Opens: March 15
Closes: April 30


Marcus Neustetter

Marcus Neustetter
Tswaing Meteorite Crater (detail) 2008
digital print on paper
700 X 1000mm

Marcus Neustetter at Art on Paper

On the last evening of Marcus Neustetter's ascent of Kilimanjaro in December 2006, the night was so clear that the lights of the city of Moshi at the foot of the mountain seemed to be reflected in the stars of the sky.

For Neustetter, this solo exhibition he has called 'in two minds', offers an opportunity to articulate ideas and concepts about dealing with profound personal experience, and searching for the relationship between seemingly random occurrences in his life and subsequent visual 'translations'.

Using aerial perspectives from flights during his travels, Google earth images, his visit to SALT, the largest telescope in the southern hemisphere located in Sutherland, the meteor crater Tswaing in Shoshanguwe, and The Observatory at the Cradle of Humankind, Neustetter explores shifting perceptions within the reflections of lights, formal abstractions and visual constellations through his own mark-making processes in drawings and digital experiments.

The show includes an installation, digital traces, drypoint prints, drawings and photographs, and is accompanied by a limited edition artist's book.

Opens: April 5
Closes: April 26


Black Koki and 351073

Black Koki and 351073
Pollution, Racism, Money and Violence 2008
wooden sculpture and shadow installation

'Urbanstretch' at the The Premises Gallery

Young street artists were invited to use the gallery as a space for experimentation, collaborating and to visualise 'immoderate public art'. The sketches of process, studies and plans that resulted from this project are a combination of contemporary street culture, traditional artistic practice and 'pie-in-the-sky' ideals.

'Urbanstretch' is co-curated by Leigh-Anne Niehaus and Murray Turpin, and includes work by Black Koki and 351073, Elbowgrease, Kenny Sonono, Phillemon Hlungwani, Rhett Martyn, Satta Collective and features graffiti intervention by Rasty.

Opens: March 26
Closes: April 12


am Nhlengethwa

Sam Nhlengethwa
Public phones, 2006
46 x 37 cm

Fundraising Art Auction at Artist Proof Studio Gallery

The Artist Proof Studio will be auctioning a large number of Printer's Poofs and other prints donated by artists in order fund the studies of their printmaking students.

Artists include William Kentridge, Sam Nhlengethwa, Wim Botha, Helen Sebidi, Penny Siopis, Diane Victor, Dinkies Sithole, Paul Molete, Robert Hodgins, Deborah Bell, Lucas Nkgweng, Kim Berman, Brett Murray, Paul Edmunds, Phillemon Hlungwani, Dumisane Mabaso, Pat Mautloa, Marjorie Maleka, Nelson Makamo, Marco Cianfanelli, David Goldblatt, Velaphi Mzimba, Richman Buthelezi, Norman Catherine, Walter Oltmann, Chris Diedericks, Usha Seejarim, Gordon Froud, Kim Lieberman, John Moore, Tony Nkotsi, Joel Mpah Dooh, Richard Forbes, Diana Hyslop, Maja Marx, Johan Thom, Bongi Bengu, Toni-Ann Ballenden, Antoinette Murdoch, Shane Aslan Selzer and Ricky Burnett.

For a preview visit the Artist Proof Studio on April 9 from 10am - 3pm. The auction will take place at 6pm, April 10.

6pm, April 10


Nomusa Makhubu

Nomusa Makhubu
Intab'ezikude Ngamasithelo from the 'Trading Lies' series 2006

Mary Sibande

Mary Sibande
Sophie 2008

Four Tales at Gallery Momo

'Four Tales' is a group show curated by Thembinkosi Goniwe. It includes work in avariety of media by recent graduates Gabrielle Goliath, Nomusa Makhubu, Mary Sibande and Gina Van Zyl De Oliveira.

Opens: March 27
Closes: April 29


Skin-to-Skin at the Standard Bank Gallery

'Skin-to-Skin' is a showcase of contemporary developments in the field of textile art. Curated by Fiona Kirkwood, the exhibition reflects the multi-cultural identity and unique history of South Africa through the diverse work by artists using textile-related concepts, techniques and materials. Participating artists include Tamlin Blake, Leora Farber, Fiona Kirkwood, Walter Oltmann, Jane Makhubele and Yda Walt.

'Skin-to-Skin' was recently shown at the 'Kaunas Art Biennial - Textile 07' in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Opens: April 15
Closes: May 10


Mwenya Kabwe, Kemang WaLehulere and Chuma Sopotela

Mwenya Kabwe, Kemang WaLehulere and Chuma Sopotela
Unyawo alunampumlo (The Foot has no Nose)
Video performance

'Spier Contemporary 2007' at the Johannesburg Art Gallery

This exhibition of selected artwork for the Spier Contemporary competition opened in Cape Town on 12 December and can now be seen in Gauteng. 'Spier Contemporary 2007' is curated by Clive van den Berg.

Opens: March 15

Closes: 31 May


'Exit Ahead Push Trolley Now' at Warren Siebrits

'People are no longer citizens, they are passengers in transit', says French writer and weapons analyst, Paul Virilio. Visit an airport, free of the pressures of baggage checks and final calls, and you can observe the catalogue of parallel realities kept in line within the miniature city – a seamless quilt of shopping malls, banking services, telecom centres, restaurants and bars to keep the modern nomad occupied and animated in no man's land.

'Exit Ahead Push Trolley Now' at was curated to mirror a period of heightened commercialism and consumerism evident in the global art market and asks a couple of questions. Do the artists themselves remain important under current market conditions or just the prices their works are able to achieve on resale, whether privately or at auction? Is it always intelligent (or simply expedient) to think purely in numbers? What is more difficult? Getting onto the treadmill or trying to get off? At present, do the cultural, social and philosophical implications of owning art remain paramount, or is art collecting just a pursuit defined by power, ego and money?

A hard cover catalogue limited to 500 copies has been published by the gallery to coincide with the Johannesburg Art Fair. The catalogue includes works by Andy Warhol, Walter Battiss, Roger Ballen, Kendell Geers, Alfred Thoba, Karel Nel, Willem Boshoff, Wilhelm Saayman, Jonah Sack, Stefanus Rademeyer, Gerhard Marx, Sabelo Mlangeni and Jo Ractliffe.

Opens: March 6

Closes: April 25


Gavin Younge

Gavin Younge
Forces Favourites, 1998
Bicycle, video player, vellum and video
107 x 107 x 55 cm

'Decade: Highlights from ten years of collecting for the Sanlam Art Collection' at the University of Johannesburg

'Decade' celebrates the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Sanlam in 1918. Since 1997 Sanlam has added some 544 works by South African artists to its celebrated collection begun in 1965.

The curator of the Sanlam Art Collection, Stefan Hundt states: 'The exhibition attempts within in the limitations of the space available to present some of the most interesting works acquired over the last ten years. In the context of considerable demand for works by famous 'Old Masters' on the one hand and cutting-edge contemporary works on the other, some of the artists represented on this exhibition have almost been forgotten. I hope that to some degree that this exhibition will re-introduce art lovers to the rich diversity that has made up South African art....'

Opens: March 5
Closes: April 23


Colbert Mashile

Colbert Mashile
Mixed media on paper

'A survey of South African painting and sculpture from 1960 – 2008' at Gallery on the Square

Opens: March 11
Closes: April 9


Tracey Rose

Tracey Rose
The Cunt Show, 2007
Video Installation

Tracey Rose 'Plantation Lullabies' at the Goodman Gallery

In this body of work Rose continues to challenge the roles of gender and race in society by using caricature and performance.

Opens: 29 March

Closes: 19 April'


Leora Farber

Leora Farber
A Room of Her Own: Redemption 2006-7
Archival pigment printing on soft textured fine art paper

Leora Farber 'Dis-Location / Re-Location' at the Johannesburg Art Gallery

Produced by Leora Farber, in collaboration with the South African design team Strangelove, Carlo Gibson and Ziemek Pater, 'Dis-Location / Re-Location', is a travelling exhibition touring seven South African Museums from June 2007 to May 2008. The body of work challenges a static cultural identity through the investigation of three South African narratives.

Opens: February 10

Closes: April 13


Zwelethu Mthethwa

Kim Gurney
Untitled 01
Oil on canvas
600 x 400cm

Kim Gurney 'Disjecta Membra' @ gordart Gallery

In 'Disjecta Membra' Gurney explores the very dissimilar, but parallel narratives offered by her family photos from the1960s suburban South Africa and the last photographs of 'the disappeared', people who died during a similar era in the fight against apartheid and whose remains have not yet been found.

Opens: March 16
Closes: April 5


'South African Abstract Art - Volume I' at Seippel Gallery

Opens: March 6