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Catherine Ocholla

Judas, Judas and Judas (detail)

Judas, Judas and Judas (detail) 2010, Acrylic, Oil and Chalk on Canvas, 3000mm x 1800mm



David Scadden, Linda Stupart, Shani Nel, Andrew Lamprecht, Justin Allart, Niklas Wittenberg and Catherine Ocholla at UCA Gallery

Philip K. Dick introduced the Voight-Kampff[ii] Empathy Test to the environs of post-World War Terminus in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (the book behind Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner). The test would measure involuntary responses in subjects (blushing, respiration, eye tension) to emotionally evocative questions to detect whether they were human or android. Curatorially, Catherine Ocholla has opted to explore the concept behind the test (real/fake; fantasy/fiction; empathy; violence or its potential, etc.) through a selection of works in various media that use visual cues that ‘normally’ elicit certain kinds of reactions. From butterflies to bullets, seeming opposites masquerade and provoke new responses or narratives from the viewer, some expected and easily conveyed and some less so.

Participating artists include Shani Nel, David Scadden, Justin Allart, Niklas Wittenberg, Catherine Ocholla, Linda Stupart and Andrew Lamprecht

29 July 2009 - 21 August 2009