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Artist's Studios: Rowan Smith

By Staff Writer on 17 December

Rowan Smith's Studio

Rowan Smith
Rowan Smith's Studio, 2013. Photograph

Rowan Smith is a Cape Town-based artist with a studio in the light industrial area of Paarden Eiland, just outside the city. Smith has recently returned from doing a Masters at CalArts in the States. Look out for his show early next year at Whatiftheworld.

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When did you move into your studio?

November this year (2013).

In what way have you changed it since you arrived?

I share the building with two other artists, Matty Roodt and Daniella Mooney. Conveniently, the studio already consisted of a number of smaller spaces all leading into a common larger space. This has become the communal workshop. So, not all that much, but in the beginning there was much building of worktables, shelves, tool walls etc.

What is its best feature?

The tool wall.

What is the most utilized non-art object in it?

It's a tie between the fridge, the multi-room hi-fidelity sound system and the one cup filter coffee maker.

How many hours a day on average do you spend in it and doing what?

Typically 8 hours. I don't understand the rest of the question. 

Who would be your dream studio mate?

An internet connection.