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'Umlambo uzwiwa nge dondolo'

Bambo Sibiya
'Umlambo uzwiwa nge dondolo', Invitation ,

SEE LISTING 'Blood, Sweat and Tears'

Various Artists
'Blood, Sweat and Tears', Exhibition Image ,

SEE LISTING Provincial Administration Building amongst others

Ian Grose
Provincial Administration Building amongst others, Oil on canvas ,

SEE LISTING From 'Transit'

Kevin Brand
From 'Transit', Mixed media ,

SEE LISTING Colour, Separation

Ian Grose
Colour, Separation, oil on fabriano ,


ABSA Towers North, 161 Main Road, Johannesburg

Hours: Monday – Friday: 9.30am – 3.30pm


Bambo Sibiya at ABSA Gallery

The Absa Gallery and its partners invite you and your partner to join us for the opening of the exhibition of ‘Umlambo uzwiwa nge dondolo’ by Bambo Sibiya, the 2012 Absa L’Atelier Gerard Sekoto Award winner.
Through this exhibition Sibiya explores various aspects of township life with particular emphasis on single-parent households, which was a formative part of his life and that of migrant labourers coming to Johannesburg at the peak of the apartheid era in the hope of finding work.
Sibiya and his two siblings were raised in a township outside Johannesburg by their mother. She strived to ensure they grew up in a loving and supportive home, while at the same time balancing running the household by working to sustain the needs of her family.
This unconditional love and support fostered in Sibiya respect and gratitude not only for his own mother, but all single mothers, whom he believes to be dual role models as mother and father.
It is this experience that informs the artist’s visual and conceptual compositions, conveying the message that despite the hardships facing families and their survival, women still manage to find ways to feed, nurture and protect their children and keep their families in relative security.
In the series of children’s faces, Sibiya invites us to celebrate the beauty and promise these faces hold for the world. The faces document the possibilities that children promise for the future and in this sense pay further homage to his mother and other single parents.
We also see other familiar scenes of township life, such as the migrant workers and Swenkas or working-class Zulu men who participated in amateur competitions that were part fashion show and part choreography, and showcased their inherent style and attitude.

The opening address will be delivered by Saki Zamxaka.

08 November 2014 - 30 January 2015

Various Artists at ABSA Gallery

The 'Blood, Sweat and Tears' exhibition forms part of the 2014 Absa L’Atelier campaign of the same name, used to promote the 29th edition of the Absa L’Atelier Art Competition. The exhibition includes past Absa L’Atelier winners and finalists in a showcase of works incorporating the paints made from the blood, sweat and tears of three prominent local artists; namely the actual blood, sweat and tears of artists Diane Victor, Bambo Sibiya and Willem Boshoff.

Participating artists include Conrad Botes, Marco Cianfanelli, Barend de Wet, Gordon Froud, Pauline Gutter, Elrie Joubert, Lunga Kama, Marlise Keith, Kim Lieberman, Philiswa Lila, Nyaniso Lindi, Jacki McInnis, Virginia MacKenny, Nomusa Makhubu, Isabel Mertz, Mongezi Ncaphayi, Ilse Pahl, Stephen Rosin, Bambo Sibiya, Dominic Thorburn, Ilka van Schalkwyk, Diane Victor and Judy Woodborne.

08 June 2014 - 27 June 2014

Ian Grose at ABSA Gallery

'Notes' is Ian Grose's first exhibition since winning the Absa L’Atelier.

'Notes' comprises small paintings on linen and paper, which are mainly products of  direct observation. The exhibition marks a significant departure from Ian’s previous work, although the analogy of painting and literature is extended to the idea of Notes. In his work in this exhibition, Ian approaches painting in the spirit of experimental description, and an emphasis on the passage of time, that might characterise a writer’s notebook.

03 February 2013 - 28 February 2013

Kevin Brand at ABSA Gallery

Kevin Brand, brings his latest body of work – an engaging collection of 15 hanging pieces – to the Absa Gallery in Johannesburg.

Called 'Transit', the exhibition comprises five framed charcoal drawings, five mixed media paintings on board and five metal works on painted board. Together the pieces illustrate Brand’s continued interest in the appropriation and homogenisation of global, indigenous cultural artefacts, costume and sculpture.

He has attempted to formally mimic this issue by utilising and transforming everyday household items, sourced from discarded plastic objects and packaging materials, into conceptual works. The making of the various pieces, as  objects of desire, was an intentional focus of the exhibition.

“Kevin’s work has long been distinguished by his use of non-traditional sculptural materials to make strong but increasingly nuanced comments on aspects of South African social history and life. Transit is no different, and essentially breathes new life into otherwise useless materials. It really reflects his love for working with different materials and mediums.” - Paul Bayliss.

08 October 2012 - 25 October 2012

Various artists at ABSA Gallery

The 2011 edition of the prestigious Absa L'Atelier award opened on July 27. The work of the winner, Ian Grose, as well as that of the Gerard Sekoto Award Winner Isabel Mertz, will on display together with the work of other entrants for the duration of the exhibtion.

21 July 2011 - 19 August 2011