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Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Frontier with Ghost

Jane Alexander
Frontier with Ghost, Pigment print on Cotton paper , 69 x 95 cm


1047 Amsterdam Avenue (at 112th Street) Manhattan New York NY 10025



Jane Alexander at Cathedral of St. John the Divine

The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, together with the Museum for African Art, New York, presents 'Jane Alexander: Surveys (from the Cape of Good Hope)', an exhibition of tableaux, sculptures, and photomontages by South African artist Jane Alexander.

This site-specific exhibition allows audiences to experience the familiarity and mutability of Alexander’s universe. Her human-animal hybrid sculptures and dramatic installations speak of lasting disfigurations in her native South Africa, yet raise issues about human nature that resonate with viewers internationally. Acting as a nonjudgmental surveyor, Alexander maps the forces, interests, and passions at play in human behavior. Her work reveals the disparity felt around the world between the rhetoric of peace and decorum and the unruly human capacity for oppression and violence, throwing into relief the asymmetric relations and practices that preclude access for so many people to a free and dignified existence.

'Jane Alexander: Surveys (from the Cape of Good Hope)' is guest curated by Pep Subirós.

18 April 2013 - 29 July 2013