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SEE LISTING Greatmore: Big Names Exhibition

Group Show
Greatmore: Big Names Exhibition, Exhibition Invitation ,

SEE LISTING Prisoner of Law I

Dathini Mzayiya
Prisoner of Law I, Charcoal and mixed media on fabriano , 195cm X 121cm

SEE LISTING One Minute Africa Invitation

Various Artists
One Minute Africa Invitation, Video Screening ,

SEE LISTING Something to Write Home About

Various Artists
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47 - 49 Greatmore Street, Woodstock, 7925


Hours: By appointment only


Jarrett Erasmus and Khanyisile Mbongwa at Greatmore Studios

Hurtful Design......Public...... Township......Infringe......Inter-Generational Justice
Petition.....Rainbow Nation.......Nostalgia.......Segregated.....Compromise......Cape Flats
Political Exclusion...Black...Hero....Port Jackson...Institution...Militancy...Undignified...Muslim
Outside Sensory...Neoliberalism...Sensitivity of Space
Imagination...Patriarchy....bill of Africa .....one man one plot....aboriginal....native
legislative exclusion.....force...removal.....gentrification....separatist...construct
land disposition....labor.....black......geographical spaces......franchise

The performance sees two individuals from separate racial groups attempting to coexist in the same space but also leaving their mark on the space. Their coexistence would rely on the tolerance of one another and the resolutions that manifest from the crossing of paths that will take place during the course of the performance.

As Judith Butler writes that in the space of appearance bodies congregate, they move and speak together, and they lay claim to a certain space. What performance does is that on some level provides us with a space for meaningful resistance of oppressive structures and systems. And it is here we realize more than ever that race is an oppressive system and an oppressive space to exist in. Space Act of 2014 is the study of space, through racialized and gendered bodies to investigate what other possibilities exist outside tolerance and being accommodative.

Saturday 28 June from 15h00

28 June 2014 - 28 June 2014

Various Artists at Greatmore Studios

Greatmore Studios presents a who's who lineup of artists with it's 'GREATMORE BIGNAMES' exhibition in promotion of its Sponsor a Studio initiative. 

The exhibition focuses on artists that have been involved at Greatmore Studios, those who are currently at Greatmore and those that have supported the Studios through the years. The list of participating artists include: 


Peter Clarke

Niklas Zimmer

Velile Soha

Brett Murray

Ndikhumbule Ngqinambi

Lonwabo Kilani

Nomthunzi Mashalaba

Ayanda Mabulu

Mogorosi Motshumi

Conor Ralphs

Zolani Siphungela

Jill Trappler

Beezy bailey

Bernie Searle

Janet Ranson

Thyrrell Thysan

Nadja Daehnke

Anthony Cawood

Ronald Muchatuta

Bangikaya Maqoqa

Brendhan Dickerson


What happens when stalwarts Peter Clarke and Jill Trappler exhibit alongside headline-makers Ayanda Mabulu and Brett Murray? 

Come to the Greatmore event space this Friday 11 October @6pm to find out.

11 October 2013 - 25 October 2013

Dathini Mzayiya at Greatmore Studios

Dathini Mzayiya celebrates the completion of his tenure at Greatmore Studios with a retrospective exhibition entitled ‘Onder die Reënboog Strale’, translated in English as 'under the rainbow rays’.

‘Onder die Reenboog Strale’ unpacks the hype of post-apartheid South Africa as a rainbow nation. If art is a mirror of society then Dathini Mzayiya’s work is a full-length mirror of the contradictory nature of the space we call South Africa.

As the title suggests, the exhibition takes the biblical allusion of the rainbow as a fiction on which post-apartheid national identity has been imagined. Whilst marginalized South Africans are metaphorically kneeling, looking up to the skies without any guarantees of redemption or of a different life, the symbols of the rainbow nation appear increasingly hollow. The rainbow’s mysterious beauty blends colour through prisms of water and sunlight. Yet, unproblematically, it has been imposed as a political image of reconciliation and as a theological sign of hope and peace.

The rainbow is an illusion of light and reflection, so the artist includes these tools to examine the farce and the tragedy of the failed pretence of reconciliation. Working from the everyday experience of life ‘under the rainbow’, Mzayiya’s subjects are both overlooking and under looking; they are bosses, landlords and security guards, white; they are beggars with children, job seekers, landless, pavement-dwellers, maids, black. Mzayiya observes layers of racialised violence that mark everyday social and economic interactions. And he notices structural violence that is so normalized it is not regarded as worth noticing.

28 February 2013 - 15 March 2013

Various Artists at Greatmore Studios

This year, the internationally based One Minute Foundation, chose to focus on Africa with an awards ceremony in Egypt. Greatnore Studios hosted a week long course with a group of artists conceptualizing, shooting and editing their one minute submissions in an interactive group environment. Featured artists include:

Claire Jorgensen, Justin Dovy, Craig Master, Manda Woermann, Michele Rolstone, Kitty Dörje, Rishkha Chilwan, Mfenyana Sizeka Avumile, Zandile Skeyi, Lebohang Adoro at Greatmore Studios

The results can be viewed at Greatmore Studios on 5 May at 18h30.

All videos submitted to The One Minutes Africa competition will also be automatically submitted to The One Minutes Global competition.

05 May 2011 - 05 May 2011

Various Artists at Greatmore Studios

Our first group of international visiting artists will host an open-studio exhibition of work and research produced during an intensive 3 month residency, from 17:30 - 20:00 on 23rd March. Artists included are:

Denis Handschin (Switzerland)
Du Yi (China)
Maia Machen (Netherlands)
Merel Van't Hullenaar (Netherlands)
Nomthunzi Mashalaba (Netherlands)

23 March 2011 - 23 March 2011