CTAF 2015

Luleå Summer Biennial

The Art Hall, New Culture House, Luleå Sweden


Hours: Mon - Fri: 12pm-4pm, Sat: 11am-3pm


Unknown Artist at Luleå Summer Biennial

‘Risk’ is the theme of the 2009 Luleå Summer Biennial (LAB).  LAB 09 has invited proposals which may involve failure as much as success, error equally to correctness, doubt as well as certainty, proposals which think or imagine other orders, structures, modes, or systems other than those of the current hegemony. 

From these proposals Lab has selected works with no less an agenda than the revision of what it might mean to be human – in all its aspects – socially, politically, existentially, philosophically, technologically – in the 21st century. On show are a collection of artworks that do not only console or tell about or recall or sort out but those which also unsettle, disturb, disprove, or fail to make sense.

Featured artists include Yusuf Murat Sen (Turkey), Susannah Mira (U.S.A.), Lena Lapschina (Russia/Austria), Tilman Küntzel (Germany), Pablo Sigg (Mexico) and Simon Gush (South Africa)

LAB 09 is curated by Jan-Erik Lundström, Director of Bildmuseet, Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden.

17 June 2009 - 19 August 2009