CTAF 2015


'Albus: Facing the Melanin Gaze'

Justin Dingwall
'Albus: Facing the Melanin Gaze', Exhibition Invitation ,


Unit 1 Frost Street Lofts Frost Avenue Johannesburg South Africa




Justin Dingwall at R&VW

A collaborative project between the artist and Thando Hopa from Johannesburg, South Africa, resulting in a  body of work called 'Albus', which explores the counter-aesthetics of Albinism via the typically mediated images of idealized beauty.

After a successful portrait commission from a women's interest magazine of Miss Hopa, who os a legal advisor and an activist fighting to change the perceptions of people who suffer form Albinism, they continued to create a body of work called 'Albus'.

Startling and stark, the images project a strong sense of agency from Miss Hopa, in contract to the routine portrayal of the subjective figure of the 'other-other' as subjugated or downtrodden.

18 February 2014 - 18 March 2014