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Video Brazil: Contemporary Art Festival

Various Participants
Video Brazil: Contemporary Art Festival, Invitation ,

SEE LISTING Painting Paradise

Barbara Hlali
Painting Paradise, Video Still , 5’30


The Bioscope is located on the ground floor of Main Street Life:? 286 Fox Street? Maboneng Precinct? City and Suburban


Hours: Screening times:? Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 19h00 and 20h30? Wednesday: 19h00? Saturday: 14h00, 16h00, 18h00 ?Sun 13h00, 15h00, 17h00


Various Participants at The Bioscope Independent Cinema

Associacao Cultural Videobrasil, one of the most important exhibitors and archivers of artistic production from the global south, presents elements from their extensive video collection for the first time in South Africa. The selected works from the archive recount the 30-year-history of the Contemporary Art Festival SESC_Videobrasil.

26th june @ 7:30 , 27th and 28th JUNE @ 6pm

26 June 2014 - 28 June 2014

Various Artists at The Bioscope Independent Cinema

The URBAN/Flux film festival is an experiment in imagining urban space as the locus of all things possible. It seeks to elaborate alternative, ethically driven ways of living and thinking, doing and perceiving (in) the city, to unexpected creative ends. Through a focus on radically innovative experimental film and art video, it aims to create a bridge between cities worldwide, linking places real and imagined, physical and virtual. The goal is to deploy citiness in and from Africa to dream urban futures planet-wide. 40 filmmakers from across the world come together in this richly speculative endeavour.

A programme of the French Season in South Africa, URBAN/Flux is a collaboration between SPARCK, a programme of artist residencies, exhibitions, performances, workshops and publications based in South Africa, and Lowave, a France-based independent film label and production company.

The festival lasts seven days, from September 17 to 23, and takes place at the Bioscope Independent Cinema. Each day, spectators can view a 70 to 90 minute selection of ground-breaking videos and short films on the subject of the city.

Each showing has a specific thematic focus: Histori(cities) / Future Cities / Urban Moves / Politricks / Herstories / (Un)Tender cities / SoundCity / CityScapes.

The artists whose work is represented in the festival are Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone; they film in Arab, in Urdu, in Xhosa, in Mandarin. Together, their works offer radically innovative, deeply thought provoking takes on the city as a space of invention and becoming.

17 September 2012 - 23 September 2012