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SITE photography and national trauma in South Africa

Various Artists
SITE photography and national trauma in South Africa , Invitation ,

SEE LISTING Fragile Histories, Fugitive Lives: Invitation Image

Ledelle Moe
Fragile Histories, Fugitive Lives: Invitation Image, Concrete and steel ,

SEE LISTING Activities on the Grid

Stephen Hobbs
Activities on the Grid, Exhibition Invitation ,

SEE LISTING Spectacular

Lauren Kalman
Spectacular, Exhibition Invitation ,

SEE LISTING  Louis Trichardt and Makhado 2009 by Carl Becker and Louis Trichardt and Makhado 2010 by Monique Pelser

Carl Becker and Monique Pelser
Louis Trichardt and Makhado 2009 by Carl Becker and Louis Trichardt and Makhado 2010 by Monique Pelser , Exhibition Invitation ,


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Various Artists at University of Stellenbosch Art Gallery

Artists: Vincent Bezuidenhout, Francki Burger, Natasha Christopher, Maureen de Jager, Keith Dietrich, David Goldblatt, Matthew Kay, Aliza Levi, Greg Marinovich, Santu Mofokeng, Beatrix Reinhardt, Jon Riordan, Renzske Scholtz,  and Kathryn Smith.
This exhibition focuses on a particular usage of the photographic medium; as a tool to indirectly approach past moments of national trauma. Oftentimes, in this manner of employing photography, the focus is on the sites where these events of national trauma took place; Vlakplaas, Marikana, Sharpeville, Anglo-Boer War concentration camps and battlefields, Robben Island.

During a single or series of visits to these places of national trauma, the camera is used to produce views of such sites under different lighting conditions and from various angles. These images are then presented, installed, and incorporated as part of photo essays, books, objects and installations, often in combination with text. The outcome? Perhaps as a means to try and engage, on a personal level, with these moments of national trauma. Perhaps as a tool towards a therapeutic remembering, or a means of re/positioning the psyche in view of a traumatic national past. Whatever the outcome, it is also a particular engagement with the nature of the photographic medium; a means to work against its sensationalist and voyeuristic nature. It engages with the question regarding the effect of sensationalist images of acts of extreme violence and death on the viewer.

07 October 2014 - 01 November 2014

Keith Dietrich and Ledelle Moe at University of Stellenbosch Art Gallery

US is proud to announce two solo exhibitions from Keith Dietrich and Ledelle Moe. The exhibition will be opened by Prof Virginia McKenney on 18 September at 18h00, and will run from 10 September to 27 September.

10 September 2014 - 27 September 2014

Stephen Hobbs at University of Stellenbosch Art Gallery

Stephen Hobbs’ creative enquiry has been informed by various political and social conditions shaping his multi-functional and responsive urban practice since 1994. ‘The City’, Johannesburg in particular, has served as a tool and a laboratory for making sense of South Africa in a state of development and growth after apartheid. In Johannesburg’s case, this process of development has often been seen as the opposite: a radical regression.
For two decades, Hobbs has worked with this contradiction as a vehicle for understanding urban change and the function of decay as a metaphorical language; for his interest in the relationship between people and the environments that they build.
In recent years, Hobbs’ preference for the field of architecture as a space for collaboration, has informed a range of sculptural propositions reflecting on issues of scale and visionary thinking in the built environment. The often pathetic inevitability of the unbuildable serves as a framework within which Hobbs conducts particular research in ‘developing’ countries, where modern experiments failed in the face of local order, economics and context specific practices.
Activities on the Grid is a survey exhibition, spanning video, photography and installation, including select works from Hobbs’ final year at the Wits School of Fine Art, demonstrating his interest in abstract, ephemeral situations and readings of urban space.

01 March 2013 - 27 April 2013

Lauren Kalman at University of Stellenbosch Art Gallery

Lauren Kalman’s work has focused on the creation, documentation, and display of wearable sculpture, electronic adornments, photographs, video, and performance. Diseases like elephantiasis, acne, cancer, and herpes are presented as jeweled infections, fabric growths, or wearable instruments. They are hybrids of the grotesque or undesirable aspects of the body and objects we associate with beauty, status, health or wealth.
The body of work being exhibited, titled Spectacular, references the spectacle of images of bodies in contemporary media. This body of work is comprised of wearable sculpture and video that critique the fashion industry’s ability to sexualize the experience of pain, disfigurement, illness, and abnormality, and to promote this sexualization as a desirable aesthetic. This work explores a territory between enhanced sexual or sexualized body parts and deformity.
Spectacular combines traditional craft and garment construction techniques with a critical investigation into the depiction of illness, stigmas of illness, and sexualizing of the abnormal, in both contemporary and nineteenth century visual culture. The materials are chosen because of their connection to accumulation of wealth, privilege, and style. For example, the fabric objects reference lingerie. These material references are in direct contrast to the form of the objects. The wearable objects are derived from contemporary and nineteenth century medical images and portraits of side show “freaks.” The moving image play an integral role in our observation of both illness and fashion. Videos present the objects in situ.
Lauren Kalman is a visiting American artist whose practice is invested in installation, video, photography and performance. Through her work she investigates perspectives of beauty, body image, value, and consumer culture.

23 May 2012 - 23 June 2012

Carl Becker and Monique Pelser at University of Stellenbosch Art Gallery

J H Pierneef's Johannesburg Station Panels, made in the early 1930s, are cornerstones of South African landscape painting. They hung in the concourse of the old Johannesburg railway station and depicted 28 views taken from South Africa and Namibia. These highly stylised works have been seen by thousands of people over the past 80 years.

In 2007, photographer Monique Pelser and painter Carl Becker independently set out to explore whether these places ever existed and if so what they look like today. The results of their travels in Pierneef's footprints will be exhibited in collaboration at the Stellenbosch University Art Gallery.

14 April 2012 - 12 May 2012