Out of The Cube

Various venues around Krakow

The Burial of Patrick Ireland, Wake, 2008

Brian O'Doherty
The Burial of Patrick Ireland, Wake, 2008, Poster for 'Alias' exhibition , Photomonth Krakow 2011


Organisers: Foundation for Visual Arts ul. Piekarska 11/12 31-067 Krakow Foundation Imago Mundi ul. sw. Teresy 7/13 31-162 Kraków




Ivan Vladislavic, Lisa Brice, Sean O Toole, David Goldblatt and William Kentridge at Various venues around Krakow

Photomonth is one of Poland's largest visual arts events and one of the leading European festivals of photography, comprising over fifty exhibitions and accompanying events. For the 2011 edition,  curatorial team Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, who exhibited a photographic project at the event last year, have invited artists and writers to collaborate in pairs to create a fictive third persona.

Broomberg and Chanarin explain:

'Twenty-three writers (of fiction, fact and medical history) were each commissioned to create a text describing an invented persona, which was then assigned to a visual artist to inhabit. The work that accompanies these texts is the result of each individual artist’s residency in their fictitious character. It’s an experiment that was set up to fail, because it shouldn’t be that easy to stop being yourself; to break with your own particular political and ethical concerns. Yet most of the artists we approached bravely took up the challenge...'

13 May 2011 - 12 June 2011