SMAC Art Gallery 02

Westminster City of Sculpture Festival

Core Femme

Jill Berelowitz
Core Femme, Polyurethane resin: bone coloured , Height 480-540cm; Footprint 90 x 90cm


Cavendish Square, Westminster London W1



Jill Berelowitz at Westminster City of Sculpture Festival

London-based South African sculptor Jill Berelowitz announces the installation of Core
in Cavendish Square, as part of Westminster’s City of Sculpture festival. Rising approximately six metres tall, and expertly cast in bone-coloured resin, Core Femme (2011) represents a soaring spinal column. Twenty-four repeating female torsos take the place of curved vertebra, each individually attached to a stainless steel support.

Core Femme poses a formal tension between the unity of the body’s central element, and the multiplicity of the figures contained within it. Sensuality of surface and form are essential to Berelowitz. This sculpture extends the artist’s recent series of works that combine a repeated female form with naturally occuring structures, including the bronze Tree of Life (2010), Dance of Life Abacus (2010) and Persephone (2010), a pomegranate-shaped relief. As their titles imply, Berelowitz’s longstanding concern with philosophical and mythological motifs is played out in these works. Core Femme gives the Greek myth of Atlas a modern twist as the load bearer in this reworked classical story is female.

In the run up to the 2012 Olympic Games, the City of Sculpture festival transforms Westminster into a temporary open-air gallery, in which visitors can view world-class sculptures at major sites free of charge.

20 May 2011 - 01 December 2012