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Morphology of history (Edwine and Solomon I)

Themba Shibase
Morphology of history (Edwine and Solomon I), 2010. Mixed media on paper A3.

'Harbouring Histories'

Various Artists at Durban University of Technology (DUT) Gallery

This exhibition arose out of a memorandum of understanding between the two universities and a visit to DUT by Prof Donal Fitzpatrick, Head of the School of Art and Design at Curtin, in May 2009. Prof Fitzpatrick gave the keynote address at the Faculty of Arts and Design Conference on Creative Research Outputs. Tony Starkey, head of Fine Art and Jewellery Design at DUT, suggested to Prof Fitzpatrick that the two departments hold a joint exhibition of staff work at the DUT and Curtin galleries.

This process was taken forward by Julian Goddard, Head of the Art department at Curtin, and an exhibition on A3 paper, titled 'Harbouring Histories', was conceptualized. Staff members submitted works to three reviewers, Harry Hummerston and Brenda Ridgwell from Curtin and Dr Andrew Verster from Durban. Works accepted by the reviewers will be exhibited at the DUT Gallery in September and the Curtin University Gallery in December 2010. This is the first step in a long term project to establish close ties between DUT and Curtin University in the areas of staff and student exchange, research and curriculum development to ensure that the department of Fine Art and Jewellery Design at DUT positions itself in a global context. Twenty three artists will be exhibiting on the exhibition, such as Themba Shibase and Nirmy Ziegler.

The exhibition will be opened by Professor Graham Stewart (Deputy Dean, Faculty of Arts and Design, Durban University of Technology) on the 1 September.

01 September - 15 September

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