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Altered Threads

Tamlin Blake
Altered Threads, 2011. Newspaper .

'Altered Yarns'

Tamlin Blake at Spier Wine Estate

Tamlin Blake is known for her ongoing pursuit to annul the boundaries between illustration, craft and art. Her latest body of work, 'Altered Yarns' presents a series of tapestries woven from recycled, handspun newspaper. While Blake's tapestry artworks form part of the Spier Collection, a series of drawings, limited edition prints and beadworks will also be on show.

08 March - 31 May

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  • 'prints, drawings and a table'

    'prints, drawings and a table'

    Christian Nerf

    at Warren Editions

    Warren Editions presents a body of work that investigates the cause and effect of intent. The intent being the technology of movement, prescribed actions abided by diligently. This procedure of making is recorded in a series of works executed in etch

  • 'Manual'


    Michele Mathison

    at Whatiftheworld / Gallery

    WHATIFTHEWORLD is pleased to present 'Manual' a new exhibition of sculpture by Michele Mathison.Zimbabwean artist Michele Mathison makes sculptures that seem to drag Modernism’s idealism through the mud of contemporary reality. In the process,

  • 'New Work'

    'New Work'

    Lakin Ogunbanwo

    at Whatiftheworld / Gallery

    WHATIFTHEWORLD is pleased to introduce Lakin Ogunbanwo, a dynamic new contributor to our gallery programme. Working at the confluence of fashion photography and classical portraiture, young Nigerian photographer Lakin Ogunbanwo creates enigmatic por

  • ‘Kings County’

    ‘Kings County’

    Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Teju Cole, Meleko Mokgosi , Njideka Akunyili Crosby and Wangechi Mutu

    at STEVENSON in Cape Town

    Today Brooklyn, as Kings County is more commonly known, counts 2.5 million inhabitants, measures 474 square kilometres, and by itself would be the fourth largest city in the United States if it was not part of New York. It traces its roots back to Br

  • 'False Priest'

    'False Priest'

    Olivie Keck

    at Commune.1

    Commune.1 is pleased to announce the upcoming solo exhibition of Olivie Keck featuring embroidered and printed works on fabric and ceramics. In this exhibition, the artist presents a quiet and personal enquiry into the phenomenology of sleep and

  • 'Morning After Dark’

    'Morning After Dark’

    David Lurie

    at Commune.1

    ''Morning After Dark’ is a series of urban landscapes of the formal and informal parts of Cape Town, all of which have been photographed in early-morning light… This journey was an intensely personal experience, making observations about

  • 'Fora da cidade (out of town)'

    'Fora da cidade (out of town)'

    Mario Macilau

    at blank projects

    blank projects is pleased to present ‘Fora da cidade (out of town)’, the first solo exhibition in South Africa by Mozambican photographer Mario Macilau. ‘Fora da cidade (out of town)’ comprises a selection of photographs from

  • '[Working Title]'

    '[Working Title]'

    Various Artists

    at Goodman Gallery

    ‘[Working Title]’ is an annual group exhibition hosted by Goodman Gallery, as part of its continuing efforts to support young and independent artists and curators. The exhibition acts as a platform for project-based works by emerging arti

  • Brave New World...20 Years of Democracy

    Brave New World...20 Years of Democracy

    Various Artists

    at Iziko South African National Gallery

    In celebration of 20 Years of Democracy in South Africa, a new exhibition entitled:  ‘Brave New World...20 Years of Democracy’, is on display at the Iziko South African National Gallery (ISANG). The exhibition commemorates this

  • 'Phyllis'


    Zina Saro-Wiwa

    at Brundyn Plus

    'Phyllis' is a moving and atmospheric portrait of a ‘psychic’ vampire, a woman obsessed with synthetic Nollywood dramas, that lives alone in Lagos, Nigeria. The central idea of this short experimental film is the practise and significance

  • 'Points et Itineraires'

    'Points et Itineraires'

    Sidy Diallo

    at Brundyn Plus

    Sidy Diallo will showcase his first solo exhibition 'Points et Itineraires' at the Brundyn Gallery. 'Points et Itineraires' meaning 'Points and Itineraries' in English, alludes to movements to different parts of the world, continent, country or lands

  • 'OPEN'


    Chris van Eeden

    at Brundyn Plus

    'OPEN' is an exhibition of new paintings, sculpture, video, found objects and things on top of other things by Chris van Eeden. Expanding on the exhibition’s conceptual framework, the artist posits: I’m opening up. I’m not conv

  • Exhibitions at Iziko Museums

    Exhibitions at Iziko Museums

    Various Participants

    at Iziko South African Museum

    'Tinnda Tin DE DE'On show at Iziko South African National Gallery Annexe, St Johns Road, Cape Town until 17 September, 2014. An Iziko Museums and Brazilian consulate collaboration; ‘Tinnda Tin DE DE’ brings together the work of two Brazilian contemp

  • 'No Fixed Abode'

    'No Fixed Abode'

    Various Artists

    at The New Church

    It is all very well to go travelling, but one of the inescapable consequences of letting go or getting lost is that you can never really go home as the same 'someone' that you were before. During the history of Modernity, most people thought the loss

  • ‘Impressions of Rorke’s Drift - The Jumuna Collection’

    ‘Impressions of Rorke’s Drift - The Jumuna Collection’

    Kay Hassan, Sam Nhlengethwa, John Muafangejo, Azaria Mbatha, Lionel Davis and Others

    at Iziko South African National Gallery

    Iziko Museums of South Africa will host an exhibition entitled: ‘Impressions of Rorke’s Drift - The Jumuna Collection’ at the Iziko South African National Gallery (ISANG) from 23 July until 2 November 2014. Curated by Thembinko

  • 'There's something I must tell you'

    'There's something I must tell you'

    Sue Williamson

    at Iziko Slave Lodge

    Portraits, photographs and video interactions of three generations of South African women by one of the country's leading artists.

  • 'Against the Grain'

    'Against the Grain'

    Various Artists

    at Sanlam Art Gallery

    'Against the Grain' profiles five wood sculptors from the Cape – Isaac Makeleni, Ishmael Thyssen, Shepherd Mbanya, Timothy Mafenuka and Thami Kiti. Working for decades with little acknowledgment and support, these artists have produced signific


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