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Exhibition Invitation

Athi-Patra Ruga
Exhibition Invitation, 2009. Solo exhibition .

…mr floating signifier and the deadboyz

Athi-Patra Ruga at Whatiftheworld / Gallery

As a follow up to “…of bugchasers and watussi faghags,” Athi-Patra Ruga’s upcoming exhibition at Whatiftheworld, titled “…mr floating signifier and the deadboyz,” continues to expand on the themes introduced by the Artist’s chief protagonist Beiruith. Through the use of craft, performance, video, sculpture and photography, this body of work investigates ideas of displacement and dislocation in relation to constructs of gender, race, identity and sexuality.

05 August - 29 August

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  • 'Anthea Moys VS ...'

    'Anthea Moys VS ...'

    Anthea Moys

    at AVA

    Internationally renowned South African performance artist Anthea Moys challenges you and your political party to and arm-wrestling contest entitled: 'Anthea Moys vs. The African National Congress, the Democratic Alliance, the Economic Freedom Fighter

  • 'commute with intuitive instinct'

    'commute with intuitive instinct'

    Various Artists

    at Brundyn Plus

    BRUNDYN+ presents, 'commute with intuitive instinct', an exhibition of video works curated by Portia Malatjie. The exhibition showcases works by local and international artists Michelle Monareng; Mocke J van Veuren and Theresa Collins; Bofa da Cara (

  • 'The Needle and the Damage Done'

    'The Needle and the Damage Done'

    Diane Victor

    at David Krut Projects

    David Krut Projects is pleased to present an exhibition of prints by extraordinary printmaker, Diane Victor – the first solo show of her work in Cape Town since 2008. The exhibition comprises works created between 2008 and 2013, as well as a ve

  • 'Golden Age Rising'

    'Golden Age Rising'

    Daniella Mooney

    at Whatiftheworld / Gallery

    'One finds here, very rarely in the low lying areas, more frequently as one goes farther up, a clear and extremely hard stone that is spherical and varies in size—a kind of crystal, but a curved crystal, something extraordinary and unknown on t

  • 'Sightings if the Sacred: Cattle in India, Uganda and Madagascar'

    For the past two years Naude has focused on photographing cattle in societies where these animals are revered and venerated. This is a position far removed from the Western world where they are mostly seen as productive sources of milk, meat and skin

  • 'Such, Such were the joys'

    'Such, Such were the joys'

    Anton Kannemeyer

    at STEVENSON in Cape Town

    Exhibiting new works in his ongoing 'Alphabet of Democracy' series, Kannemeyer observes that 'the criticisms are increasingly directed towards an inept government which is fixated on the past because it is 'the only noble aspect of its existence left

  • 'Life Sentence'

    'Life Sentence'

    Mishek Masamvu

    at blank projects

    blank projects is pleased to present 'Life Sentence', an exhibition of new paintings by Misheck Masamvu. Following 'Epitaph', his first exhibition at blank projects in 2012, 'Life Sentence' continues to reflect on the fraught political and social sit

  • 'Yonder'


    Lien Botha

    at Barnard Gallery

    Lien Botha’s work has gained a reputation for being enigmatic, for provoking questions, and, in the last resort when words fail, for being poetic. Viewers in the South African context, habituated to the strong tradition of socio-political docum

  • 'A Nomad's Harvest'

    'A Nomad's Harvest'

    George Hallett

    at Iziko South African National Gallery

    Titled, 'George Hallett: A Nomad’s Harvest', the exhibition covers aspects of a career spanning more than half a century.  The works on show are from the collection of George Hallett and augmented by a comprehensive display of biographical



    Various Artists


    'PAPERWORK' is an exhibition of contemporary South African works on paper. Featured artists include:   Albert Adams | Bill Ainslie | Kevin Atkinson | Jake Aikman | Walter Battiss | Deborah Bell | Willem Boshoff | Conrad Botes | Katherine Bull | Pet

  • 'Traces of Ecstasy'

    'Traces of Ecstasy'

    Rotimi Fani-Kayode

    at Iziko South African National Gallery

    Iziko Museums of South Africa, in partnership with Autograph ABP, will host the first retrospective museum exhibition in Africa of Rotimi Fani-Kayode’s photographs. The exhibition marks the 25th anniversary of the artist’s death, and open

  • 'Against the Grain'

    'Against the Grain'

    Various Artists

    at Sanlam Art Gallery

    'Against the Grain' profiles five wood sculptors from the Cape – Isaac Makeleni, Ishmael Thyssen, Shepherd Mbanya, Timothy Mafenuka and Thami Kiti. Working for decades with little acknowledgment and support, these artists have produced signific


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