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BETWEEN LABOUR & PRAYER, 2014. Invitation image .

'Between Labour and Prayer'

Simo Mpapa Majola, Billy Langa, Mapule Mohulatsi and Mandisa Ngalo at ROOM Gallery/Projects

Debuting at ROOM as an installation and performance based project, 'Between Labour and Prayer' is an interdisciplinary physical theatre collaboration between, Mpapa Simo Majola, Billy Langa, Mandisa Ngalo and Mapule Mohulatsi following on the trails, limitations, trials and triumphs of She’ and Nomdi, a weary female duo who work at an acorn farm where only woman are work hands for the new master: Mshengu Shabalala whom, behind his back is still called ‘Bass Kookemoer’.

The project is curated by Nyakallo Maleke as part of her internship at ROOM.
Opening Reception & Performance: 21 November  2014 from 18h30  
Walkabout: Wednesday, 26 November 2014, Part 1 from 12h00  and
Carpet Series Episode No. 6  : Part 2 from18h00
Closing Performance: Saturday, 29 November 2014 from 12h30

21 November - 29 November

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