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Sophie, from The Imaginary Audience series.

Tanya Poole
Sophie, from The Imaginary Audience series., 2014. Ink on paper, 100 x 70cm.

'The Becoming Child'

Tanya Poole at Underculture Contemporary

In 'The Becoming Child' Grahamstown-based multi-media artist Tanya Poole delves into the transition from childhood to adulthood in all its complexity and beauty.

'It began when my daughter was of an age where she understood that the richness of her inner world was betrayed by an inability to express this world to others in any medium,' says Poole. In her dual role as painter and mother, Poole was uniquely positioned to both capture and shape the process of her child’s upbringing over a period of three years. As her daughter grew, so did the scope of the exhibition – to include her friends and their adolescent understanding of their place in the world.

While 'The Becoming Child' may be a selective look at a particular phase in the growth of specific characters, they represent the any-child in his or her development as a thinking, inventive, socialised being.

Combining traditional painting and video, this is an exhibition in four parts: The Becoming Child, The Imaginary Audience, The Personal Fable and The Rehearsal.

28 May - 27 June

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