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  • Cape Town Art Fair 2015

    Cape Town Art Fair 2015

    Various Participants

    Various venues around Cape Town

    Cape Town Art FairCape Town boasts a vibrant art scene, driven by the top galleries on the African continent which have their largest spaces in Cape Town. The city’s dynamic and diverse cultural heritage and beauty makes Cape Town a ...

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    Various Artists

    That Art Fair

    THAT ART FAIR is Cape Town’s new landmark art event, taking place alongside Design Indaba and Cape Town Art Fair.THAT ART FAIR is an inspired, curated and affordable art fair event providing a platform for African artists who work un...

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  • Design Indaba 2015

    Design Indaba 2015

    Various Participants

    Various venues around Cape Town

    Design Indaba is proud to present its annual festival of creativity in South Africa from 20 February to 1 March 2015.The festival is based in Cape Town, with live simulcasts of the flagship conference held in Johannesburg, Durban, PE and P...

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  • GUILD Design Fair 2015

    GUILD Design Fair 2015

    Various Participants

    The Lookout

    More than just a fair for beautiful objects, GUILD represents the coming together of dedicated, focused curators, designers and institutions who are striving to preserve and provoke exceptional, groundbreaking design. GUILD will ...

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  • Theres something I must tell you

    Theres something I must tell you

    by Lloyd Pollak Sue Williamson

    Iziko Slave Lodge

    Sue Williamson’s 'There’s Something I must tell you' (2014) forms a survey of our history from 1981 to 2013, and examines the involvement of several generations of black, colored, Indian and white women, in the struggle against...

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  • Time and Again

    Time and Again

    by Anna Stielau Penny Siopis

    Iziko South African National Gallery

    It’s always hard to talk about pain. Even when we talk about our own pain, we find ourselves caught short. Language fails us. Oh sure, there’s any number of words to describe the subjective experience of suffering: ache, afflic...

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  • Anyway the Wind Blows

    Anyway the Wind Blows

    by Lloyd Pollak Various Artists


    It is rare for visitors to commercial art galleries to receive a welcome, let alone be graciously received by a divinity, but this is precisely what happens at Brundyn’s current exhibition 'Any Way, the Wind Blows'. You wander past t...

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