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No.27 November 1999
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Steven Cohen
Steven Cohen with Nomsa Dhlamini and Ann Cohen
Az di muter shreit oifen kind: "mamzer" meg men ir gloiben - When a mother shouts at her child: "bastard" you can believe her (detail)
420 X 275 mm
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Thembinkosi Goniwe
Blow up of a video still by Thembinkosi Goniwe
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Bonnie Ntinshalintshali
KwaZulu Natal ceramic artist Bonnie Ntinshalintshali died last week.
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Butcher Girls
The SANG's most famous piece, the Butcher Boys, provokes a performance on 'Softserve'

Paul Edmunds
A detail of 'Fold' by Paul Edmunds, now on at the Mark Coetzee

Click here to see the quicktime movies made from footage of the show - choose between the 1.1MB or 4.1MB movies.

The Durban Art Gallery has extended its deadline for the Postcard show
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Robin Rhode
Robin Rhode's charcoal bicycle - see Artbio

This week's top story: Alan Alborough wins Standard Bank Young Artist award

This week's updates:
Johannesburg: Bag Factory show; 'Democracy's Images' and 'The Mask' open; Tom Cullberg's 'Featherdome'
Cape Town: 'Artery' fills Cape Town galleries; Keenan and Poole focus on rape; Art for R2000 at the Chelsea; Cartoons at the Michaelis; Terry Kurgan at Groote Schuur; Jane Taylor's 'Orpheus'; Stefan Blom at the Hänel Gallery; A Decade of Hard Ground Printmaking
Pietermaritzburg: 'To Earth' group show
NEWS: WASH 5 is out
EXCHANGE: Launch of Staking Claims catalogue

Cape town waits for the opening of the multi-gallery Goodman show 'Artery', while in Joburg, a much improved Wash makes an appearance.

The sad news that Bonnie Ntshlintshali died of AIDS this month brings home the magnitude of this terrible disease. ArtThrob salutes one of our own artistic community.

The staging of multimedia art events has become a strategy for public art galleries in South Africa to draw in a new audience. 'Red Eye' at the Durban Art Gallery happens monthly; the Johannesburg Art Gallery's first attempt, 'JAGi', has had to be postponed for lack of funding, while in Cape Town Softserve, a many layered event with more than 30 artists and performers participating in and around the gallery, combusted for the first time at the South African National Gallery on November 5.



Terry Kurgan infuses art into Groote Schuur hospital


The Bag Factory mounts a show of visiting artists


'Africa Meets Africa', the show of splendid objects from the Rotterdam Museum of Ethnology, reaches Jacaranda City


Andrew Verster at the NSA


'South Meets West' opens in Accra, Ghana


Reney Warrington reviews Jean Brundrit - and more

12.11.99 Jean Brundrit by Reney Warrington

12.11.99 Guy du Toit by Kathryn Smith

12.11.99 Thembinkosi Goniwe by Sue Williamson

09.11.99 Stephan Erasmus at the Johannesburg Civic

09.11.99 'Refiguring Abstraction' at the SandtonCivic

09.11.99 Outskirts 11 at the Market


Johannesburg artist selected for Videobrasil; Praktijkbureau director visits Cape Town; Conference in Ghana

23.11.99 WASH 5 is out

12.11.99 Bonnie Ntshalintshali dies

09.11.99 William Kentridge wins Carnegie International

09.11.99 'Softserve' at the SANG

09.11.99 Oguibe on Ofili


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Red World


Robin Rhode


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