CTAF 2015

Convocation House

Telepathic Drawing (Word and Image)

Sober and Lonely
Telepathic Drawing (Word and Image), various ,


Wits School of Arts Jorissen St Braamfontein Johannesburg




Various Artists at Convocation House

The Sober and Lonely Institute of Contemporary Art (SLICA) in association with Convocation House is showcasing a series of experiments in telepathic connections, long distance thought transferral and close-range movement synergy.

18 artists have been invited to propose work specifically for this project that will form part of a four month dialogue and experiment around notions of thought transferral, serendipity and telepathy. In order to create as concise a dialogue as possible, the artists were given a brief with a return slip to fill in and a R100 production budget to work with. A new work will be installed in Convocation House every Friday over the four month period. 

Participating artists: Sober and Lonely, James Webb, Jim Skuldt, Noor Nuyten, Greg Streak, Vaughn Sadie, Audrey Cottin, Dave Sherry, Pierre Bismuth, Robyn Nesbitt and Nina Barnett, Anne Schiffer, Niklaus Ruegg, Liza Corsillo, Simon Gush and Ruth Sacks, Liezel Prins, Bronwyn Lace and Marcus Neustetter, Emi Kodama, Sarah Gerats


01 August 2011 - 25 November 2011