CTAF 2015

Goteborgs Konsthall

Installation for 'Pandemonium: Art in a time of creativity fever'

Wim Botha
Installation for 'Pandemonium: Art in a time of creativity fever', Polystyrene sculpture ,


Götaplatsen SE–412 56 Göteborg, Sweden


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Conrad Botes at Goteborgs Konsthall

In our time, victims and martyrs have been the subject of wide media attention. We are constantly fed reports of individuals and groups suffering under oppression, injustices and conflicts—circumstances linked to victims and, in an extended sense, potentially also to martyrdom. The exhibition 'Victims and Martyrs' focuses on the concepts’ complexity and inner contradictions, which frequently leads to the break-up of the borders between victims and perpetrators. The participating artists interpret, activate and stage the landscape in which victimisation and martyrdom take place. A number of interventions focus the conditions that make it possible to maintain and reproduce the roles today.

02 December 2011 - 04 March 2012

Wim Botha at Goteborgs Konsthall

In John Milton’s epic Paradise Lost (1671), Pandemonium is the castle built by Lucifer and his band after they had been booted out of heaven. It is the base camp from which they plot against the ‘old order’. But it is also a platform from which they seek to launch the project of another creation, a new kind of world albeit a ‘devilish’ one.  Through ‘Pandemonium’, Milton reflects on the turbulence and topsy-turvy of civil war England. Was this only chaos and hurly burly? Or was it also the birth of the modern world, of modern values and experience? It ushered in Atlantic and European modernity and Enlightenment— and the promise of a variety of paradises and utopias to come.

The term, therefore, has both positive and negative connotations. From William Blake to Derek Jarman, from punk to pop bands and everyday ‘hubbub’ of street sound and speech, it has been used to explore chaos and disorder that is at the same time about the emergence of new worlds, alternative global modernities, other possibilities. The Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art is an occasion for artists, thinkers and writers to mull over the turbulence and turmoil that is today’s world. Is it only about a sense of hurly-burly, disorder and dismal confusion — of ‘sheer pandemonium’? Or is it also about transformation and creative emergence — the making of new worlds, possibilities and paradigms?

The Biennial takes place at several venues around Göteborg: Wim Botha will be exhibiting at Göteborgs Konsthall.

10 September 2011 - 13 November 2011