Slash and Burn 2

Martine Kolner
Slash and Burn 2, Photographic print ,

SEE LISTING 'A City Reimagined'

Mbali Mdluli
'A City Reimagined', Exhibition Invitation ,

SEE LISTING Domestic Flight (with Sylvaine Strike)

Germaine de Larch
Domestic Flight (with Sylvaine Strike), Photographic print ,


264 Fox Street Arts on Main MABONENG PRECINCT Johannesburg




Martine Kolner at Studio23

Photographer Martine Kolner (Kairos Photography) went to South Africa on a number of occasions on behalf of SEEtrust. She photographed the living and working conditions of people in settlements and townships twenty years after Apartheid. Pictures were taken in Diepsloot, Princess Crossing, Orange Farm, Soweto, Alexandra, Ivory Park (Johannesburg) and Langkloof (Drakensberg). SEEtrust is actively involved with women and youth at various locations, contributing towards a healthy development of existing social initiatives. Martine’s work shows the initiators and their social enterprises, registering daily life, work, culture and religion of the inhabitants of these areas.

'The Grass is Burning' shows careful optimism. It shows hope and life energy, demonstrating how people make a living and how individuals and small organisations work to improve life. Countless private and public initiatives exists where people work together across what used to be and in many cases still are social, economical, racial and cultural divides. Time and effort are required to bridge the still existing differences. The Slash&Burn series is symbolic for current day South Africa: making progress in a societal context of dormant fires which can either die down or flare up unexpectedly.

The exhibition consists of more than 100 photos, covering 14 different themes. Most of the themes deal with the setting in which people in the townships live and work. Three series focus on projects where SEEtrust plays an active part: Strong Women, Springtime and Tshepang.

The exhibition in Johannesburg will show a selection of 30 photographs. The book 'The Grass is Burning' gives an overview of the entire exhibition and is available at the three venues. Both book and photographs are for sale. All proceeds will go to SEEtrust projects.

11 August 2013 - 22 September 2013

Mbali Mdluli at Studio23

“Some time In 2012, I used to have re-occurring lucid nightmares about the fall of the city I grew up in. Every time it took place, I was outside the city. I knew that this scenario would not happen, or rather wished it not to happen, but the nightmares persisted, annoying me. I started photographing the city, looking for tell-tale signs and confirmation that the city was still there.” - Mbali Mdluli


'A City Reimagined' explores the theme of memory as an attempt to restore, retain, and recall the dream space. Through an exhibition of photographs, videos and collaborative performative work, the project tackles nostalgia from  an imaginative perspective. From the traces of objects and memories, Mdluli creates visual documents to a state of interiority.

28 July 2013 - 08 August 2013

Germaine de Larch at Studio23

"[T]he demand that everything must make a spectacular political statement […] has forced us to gloss over the nooks and crannies [….] By rediscovering the ordinary […] the daily lives of people should be the direct focus of political interest [….] If it is a new society we seek to bring about in South Africa then that newness will be based on a direct concern with the way people  actually live."

Njabulo Ndebele, 2001, 'South African Literature and Culture: Rediscovery of the Ordinary'

'My work is an artistic exploration of making the private public. For me there is no politics outside of the private, nothing extraordinary outside of the carnival of everyday, ordinary life. My artistic vision stems from the need to share the quirky, queer, beautiful and extraordinary that I see in the ordinary. I am in love with the individual, eccentric beauty and extraordinariness that I see in the ordinary around me in my daily life – the very human landscape of the city we live in, the selves that we choose to inhabit and the very organic and dynamic energy at the heart of the way that we engage with our city and our selves. It is this energy, this life-saving and life-celebrating renewal, recreation and renegotiation that is at the heart of my journey and who I am, what I see in this city and its people, and thus the images that I make.' Germaine de Larch

16 June 2013 - 21 July 2013