SMAC Art Gallery 01

Ten Haaf Projects

Kathy On Her Knees

Georgina Gratrix
Kathy On Her Knees, Watercolour on Paper ,


Laurierstraat 248 1016 PT Amsterdam The Netherlands

Hours: Wed–Sat 12-6pm


Georgina Gratrix at Ten Haaf Projects

Ten Haaf Projects, Amsterdam, presents the exhibition ‘Everything Ecstatic’, a solo show of watercolours on paper by Georgina Gratrix. She explores te role of gender in popular culture. Her work challenges the accepted role females play in real life, as well as in art.

In Gratrix’s watercolours we are not presented with the grandeur of the ‘real’ ecstatic moment - of love, truth and deeply felt desire so often romantically presented to us. Rather, we are embroiled in a world of overloading stimuli and hyper–emotion, where everything we hear, touch and feel is at once democratized and flattened through overexposure. Gratrix’s brush rescues these otherwise hidden instances of our frantic milieu, revealing single, terrifying and banal instances of everyday life and popular culture.

A skilled colourist and a sensitive painter, Gratrix paints art, life, jungles, people and celebrities - everything ecstatic.

08 May 2010 - 19 June 2010