Kendell Geers
Untitled (Device) 1996
Photostat on canvas
Shown at the Adelson Gallery,
New York, now on the web

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South African artists on the net:

If you want to check out individual artists on the web, my own experience has been that AltaVista is one of the best search engines. Just type in the artist's name. 'Kendell Geers' will give you 5052 matches, and Alta Vista will supply the first 10, and then the next, until you've had enough. Many of these will be extracts from gallery shows, with just a brief mention of the artist and perhaps one picture of a piece of work. One just has to wade through them.

My own name turned up an astonishing 24815 matches, but this is because Sue Williamson is a more common name than Kendell Geers. One of mine was from an American Realtor Associate Page, and started off, " Hi, I'm Realtor Associate Sue Williamson ..." William Kentridge has 844148 matches, and Moshekwa Langa 6114. Two brief reviews:

Here we find Kendell Geers as a guest of Dr Olu Oguibe. The site dates from 1997, and contains several pictures of Geers' work (captions withheld) a piece by Oguibe on Geers' philosophy and position in the art world and a statement by Geers himself. Quote: "There is a difference between finding a meaning for an object and finding an object to express a meaning".

An informative and up to date page, with an artist's statement and a comprehensive CV.

  Two Canadian sites:

This is a new site covering the art scene in Canada which lists more than 600 artists in varying categories.

This excellently laid out and user-friendly site from the Media Centre of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Montreal is the ideal place to start web surfing for art connections, not only Canadian, but international.

Other links:
Brief listings of all the shows on ArtThrob - plus about twice as many again. The most comprehensive directory on current visual art activity around the country.
A new South African site which aims to provide a comprehensive resource on all aspects of culture in the country. Photographers, theatrical agents etc are listed. No doubt the visual arts side will grow.
A truly excellent site from Berlin which takes as its particular perspective the art of the countries emerging into the art world spotlight - Africa, Latin America, Asia. See this month's feedback for an update on their activities.
David Krut presents a collection of prints, including a selection by such luminaries as William Kentridge and Jeremy Wafer.
Artist Norman Catherine in full throttle.
A cyber visit to the South African National Gallery in Cape Town - The Lipschitz Gallery in Cape Town will arrange a tour of local artists' studios for visitors


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