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Something to ask? A comment to make on ArtThrob? Email us at All queries answered by Paul Edmunds, Feedback Editor.

From: Oliver Burgold
Subject: Re Ishmael Thyssen
Received: February 20

Ladies and Gentleman,

I am writing to you from Frankfurt, Germany where I just saw a report on CNN about Ishmael Thyssen. I am overwhelmed by the expression and power of his "wood paintings" and would like to know if it is possible to get list of his current works on sale. I would very much appreciate to know about the prices as well if it would be possible to ship to Germany. For your kind help in this matter I thank you very much in advance.

- Your email has been forwarded to Estelle Jacobs, director of the Association for the Visual Arts where he recently exhibited.

From: Akke Korswagen /
Subject: graffitiz
Received: February 20

Hello, I like your stylez I'm Rikke Korswagen from Holland (Europe) and I wondered if some African graffiti-artist or writer would like to trade pics and e-mails? Maybe you can contact me with some interested artists?

- Hopefully someone will see your letter here and get in contact with you. We have no shortage of graffiti artists and writers here.

From: Neil Sandilands
Subject: Fine Art Film

Could you please be so kind as to forward information regarding fine art film festivals/ short film festivals locally (Southern Africa), as well as similar events internationally regards,

Neil Sandilands

- Should we find the films/festivals of interest to our readers they will be featured in the 'Listings' or 'Exchange' sections of the site. Other than that, Acemedia probably lists most events of that sort (Mail them at for details on how to subscribe to their service)

From: Dick B. Morton
Subject: Signed Tretchikoff print

Dear Sir/Ma'am, my father died in 1987 and left me a large portfolio of his own work. On going through the works in depth a short while ago, I discovered a mounted Tretchikoff print. The work, The Dying Swan (20.5 x 26 cm), is signed by the artist.

As I am not a collector, I was wondering if you could let me know what it could be worth and/or possibly direct me to anyone who may be interested in acquiring this from me.

Thank you for your time.
Dick B. Morton.

From: Beynon, John
Subject: In search of a local artist

Hi there ,
This is a strange request perhaps, but I am trying to establish the whereabouts of a local artist of whom I last saw and heard of in 1984. She used to work under the name of Kim Gray (Grey). Would you by any chance have any details of her whereabouts and information about her? I would like to get into contact with Kim on any of the e-mail, telephone or postal addresses that she may have. If you could help I'd be enormously appreciative. Many thanks.

John Beynon
Chief Dealer Forex Sales

Tel: (w) 00-27-11-636-9588
       (h) 00-27-11-447-9565
Fax: 00-27-11-636-5740
Cell: 00-27-83-307-8310

- Sorry John, we've not heard of her, but we'll put your request here for anyone else who might know her to see.

From: Julia Raynham
Subject: Dakar Biennale

Hi there
I have heard -by word of mouth- that there is a Biennale in Dakar, Senegal in May 2000. Do any of you know anything about this event? Please fill me in.


- Hi Julia. Yes, there is a Biennale in Dakar this year. No-one has been able to give me dates at this stage, but Marilyn Martin is currently in Dakar meeting with the convenors, finalising, I guess, the South African entry

From: Mountain Valley Artistry
Subject: Artist denied freedom of expression in Knysna

To Sue Williamson

Who said Freedom of Expression is now allowed? I was always under the impression that we were moving forward as we left the 90`s and beginning to explore new levels of creativity in the visual arts. Not so, I recently had four paintings removed from the walls of the Knysna Fine Art Gallery for being unsuitable for the December period? Comments such as "The work was too emotive" and "We did not like those works" were passed as excuses in the action of breaking the back of six months work. The committee of the Fine Art Society had no understanding of the terms 'primitive expressionism' or 'outsider art', and were thus unfamiliar with the style of art on display. An artist's work is sacred and sacrosanct and should never be tampered with. When a gallery accepts the work, and it hangs for two weeks, then they censor it without consulting the artist, I think we need Mr Cohen to set up a happening in Knysna. The work has caused a scandal in our small town, and that is so good for art, but censorship is not. I will send you colored slides or photos of the exhibition for your site, which is superb. I use it for lecturing to my students constantly.

Thank you
Yours sincerely
Pierre Lamont Dingley

- Last time I looked, it was the Constitution that guaranteed freedom of expression. But unfortunately we all have to put bread on the table and the gallery was probably just looking after their commercial interests rather than censoring you. The up side is that no publicity is bad publicity.

From: Lionel Kenneth Plaatjes
Subject: Noria Mabasa

Could you please inform me as to where I could obtain information on the above named South African sculptor.

Lionel Kenneth Plaatjes

- You will find information on her in Sue Williamson's Resistance Art in South Africa (David Philip Publishers), now out of print but available at libraries. Mabasa was also featured in the catalogue for the 1993 Venice Biennale, entitled Incroci del Sud which should also be available at major libraries. Her work is included in many South African private and public collections. Try contacting any one of the country's large public galleries, and inquire in their library sections




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