Archive: Issue No. 31, March 2000

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From: Craig Belknap
Subject: A Unisa Art History student living in California
Received: March 14


I am currently a registered 3rd year art history student at Unisa, (a returning student after 25 years), and am working on a project and need to find some info on Irma Stern and the history of women in South Africa as pertaining to the arts and repressions etc. I lived in SA for 36 years, and moved back to the States 6 years ago. Is there any help that you can provide as regards references, books, web sites etc. I would be very much obliged for any assistance whatsoever.

Yours sincerely,
Nancy Belknap

- There are two books by Marion Arnold which may be of use to you. The first, 'Women and Art in South Africa', was published in 1996 by St. Martin's Press in New York. The second, published in SA in 1995 is called 'Irma Stern: Feast for the Eye' by Neville Dubow. These books should help.

From: Mark Wilby
Subject: : Simon Ford
Received: March 14

I am trying to locate the artist Simon Ford. Could he, or anyone knowing of his whereabouts, please contact me at

Mark Wilby

- I don't know him personally, but perhaps he or someone who knows him can get in contact with you.

From: Louise Botha
Subject: : Billy Mandindi
Received: March 2

I am an art student at Herschel High School in Cape Town and I have to write an art essay of 1500 words on Billy Mandindi. I was wondering if you could please help me with information, as I have looked almost everywhere and there's very little information to be found. It would be much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
Louise Botha

- Dear Louise,

There is a short piece on Billy Mandindi in 'Resistance Art in South Africa' by Sue Williamson which should be in your school library, but you could contact Billy Mandindi yourself at his studio in Greatmore Studios in Woodstock. Phone (021) 447-9699.

From: Finnbogi Pétursson
Subject: Looking for Charlie
Received: February 26

I'm looking for an old friend of mine. We used to go to the same art academie in the Netherlands. Last thing I knew was that he lived and worked in South Africa. His name is Charlie Levin. Does someone know him there? If so could you send me his e-mail address. I heard that he was searching for me last year, but I lost the address.

Thank you and greetings from Iceland

- Sorry Finnbogi, we've never heard of him but perhaps someone reading this may be able to help

From: Julian Smith
Subject: Konrad Welz
Received: February 20

Please supply me with a contact email address, or phone number of Konrad Welz. Alternatively, please ask him to contact me via email.
Thank-you very much

- The email address you ask for is

From: Oliver Burgold
Subject: Re Ishmael Thyssen
Received: February 20

Ladies and Gentleman,

I am writing to you from Frankfurt, Germany where I just saw a report on CNN about Ishmael Thyssen. I am overwhelmed by the expression and power of his "wood paintings" and would like to know if it is possible to get list of his current works on sale. I would very much appreciate to know about the prices as well if it would be possible to ship to Germany. For your kind help in this matter I thank you very much in advance.

- Your email has been forwarded to Estelle Jacobs, director of the Association for the Visual Arts where he recently exhibited.

From: Akke Korswagen /
Subject: graffitiz
Received: February 20

Hello, I like your stylez I'm Rikke Korswagen from Holland (Europe) and I wondered if some African graffiti-artist or writer would like to trade pics and e-mails? Maybe you can contact me with some interested artists?

- Hopefully someone will see your letter here and get in contact with you. We have no shortage of graffiti artists and writers here.




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