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Archive: Issue No. 37, September 2000

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26.09.00 Soho International Art Competition 2001

The 15th annual competition is sponsored by Agora Gallery, Art-Mine and Artis Spectrum magazine and is open to all artists working in all media. Please photocopy this page for the use by additional applicants. The group exhibition will be held from January 17 - February 7, 2001 and offers $10,000 in awards. The money will be awarded as follows:
- $1000 in cash prizes will be awarded to 10 winners.
- $8000 will be awarded to 10 winners in the form of free publication in Artis Spectrum magazine.
- $1000 will be awarded to 5 winners as free Internet publication and promotion in

Additional Awards
- Album Presentation: Images from each entrant will be placed in the Agora Gallery Albums for one year.
- Internet: Images of the exhibited artworks will be placed on the Agora Gallery Internet site for one year

The competition's juror is Lenore Scendo, the director of the art consulting agency Art Vue. There is a $35.00 entry fee for 1-5 visuals (slides or photographs) and $5 for each additional visual. This fee is non-refundable. The gallery takes a commission of 30% and the retail price is to be determined by the artist.

October 15, 2000 is the deadline and winners will be notified of the results by December 5.

To submit online, complete all forms and email them along with attached Jpeg images to: The only files that should be attached are the images, all the rest of the information should appear directly in the email. The longer side of the image should be at least 350 pixels long and the image should be 72 dpi. File size should not exceed 120K. 560 Broadway New York NY 10012 (212) 226-4151

Please use the entry form below or go to to enter online.


Country_______________ mail address______________________________________


1. Please include only slides or photographs.
2. Please number each visual and enter this on entry form visual list.
3. In the below list please include artist's name, title of work (if untitled, please number), media, and dimensions of work.
4. On the visual please indicate top and left sides of work.
5. Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with sufficient postage for the return of your portfolio.
6. International artists may use reply coupons instead of stamps.
7. Please do not send glass slides as they may get crushed in the mail.
8. Dimensional Limitations are: Two-dimensional work: 8' high x 8' wide. Three-dimensional work: 7' high x 5' wide x 5' deep.

Visuals List: number visuals and list: title, medium, dimensions and selling price

1. _____________________________________________________________________
2. _____________________________________________________________________
3. _____________________________________________________________________
4. _____________________________________________________________________
5. _____________________________________________________________________

* $5 for each additional visual, add extra sheet for more than 5 slides
* Resumé, biography, artist statement and/or press release are optional and can be included with your visuals.

Fee can be paid by check or money order (US banks only) payable to Agora Gallery. You may also pay by Master Card, Visa or American Express.

Number of visuals submitted ___________ Amount to charge_________________
Card number-________________________________________________________
Card expiration date____________ Name on the card________________________
Card billing address __________________________________________________
I authorize Agora Gallery to charge my competition fee to the above credit card

Mail by October 15, 2000: 1) Visuals 2) Entry Form 3) Self-addressed stamped envelope 4) Entry Fee Mail to: Agora Gallery - 560 Broadway, New York, NY 10012

Please note *Framing & Storage services are available - please inquire.
*Exhibition winners will follow all instructions regarding the exhibition, shipping and framing.
Storage is available if artwork is to be shipped in advance.

*Although every precaution is taken, Agora Gallery is not responsible for loss of or damage to any portfolio material. Although every effort is made Agora Gallery is not responsible for problems beyond its control in the operation of the Internet sites.

19.09.00 Dia de Los Muertos: The Day of the Dead - A call for artists

On the evening of November 3, we will be hosting a free public outdoor/indoor celebration of the Latin American holiday, the Day of the Dead. We are seeking artists of all kinds to participate in this event.

El Dia de Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, is celebrated widely in the Western Hemisphere around the first day of November, when the worlds of the dead and the living are felt to be in close proximity. It blends African, Native American and European elements in a joyful, humorous and creative remembrance of the ancestors both recent and remote. The holiday typically involves processions, art installations and exhibitions, community altars and "rooms for the dead" as well as public performances, music and dancing. It is not a mournful holiday, but one of laughter and celebration that has become an important venue for the contemporary arts.

The Day of the Dead recognises death as a part of the cycle of life. Participants dress as skeletons - in black with painted faces - carry candles and bring flowers, photos, food and other momentos to place on the community altars. The holiday pokes fun at the inevitability of death and fragility of life while honouring the memory of those who have died, recognising the presence of the dead amongst us in the world of the living.

We are extending an open invitation to artists of all kinds to participate in this event. We are seeking creativity of all kinds: visual art, installation, video and digital media, music, poetry, performance, dance... anything that will contribute to the spirit of the evening. We are also seeking help in creating a series of outdoor community altars. The event will be free to the public, and will offer an unusual participatory venue for artists to show their work. We also envision a compelling sub-theme to the evening: the celebration of the lives of those who have died, and those living now, who will die of AIDS. Artists are invited to work within this theme if they choose.

Friday November 3 at 8 p.m.

Contact Kevin: 082 360-6390,
Or, Julia: 082 680-6029,

19.09.00 Archivist / Librarian / Researcher Available

I am a fully qualified librarian, with majors both in English and in the History and Theory of Art, a passion for the Arts, and roughly 20 years of experience working in all sorts of places, all sorts of libraries and with all sorts of collections. I can put your work or your collection into an easily updateable database for you. I work on an hourly basis, or will negotiate a fee for a particular task.

Contact Caroline Whitehead
Tel: (011) 662-2768 or 083 653-6290
E mail:

19.09.00 Call For Participation: 'The Spirit and Power of Water'

A study at the confluence of arts and sciences Olats/Virtual Africa (, in collaboration with the River Festival announce the launching of a multicultural and interdisciplinary three-year project focused on the cultural and scientific contexts of water entitled 'The Spirit and Power of Water'. Water has always held a privileged place in the history of humans' imagination and artistic creation. In Africa, like anywhere else in the world, water is very often seen as a living substance inhabited by spirits, by supernatural beings that humans have imagined to explain natural phenomena and some aspects of the human condition. Around this ambivalent and extraordinary world inherent in water, some myths, legends, fairytales and ritual religious practices have crystallized.

It's on the basis of these quasi-universal cultural representations, associating water with spirituality, wonder, and with imagination, that a series of art exhibitions and workshops will be organized on-line and eventually off-line. They will allow the examination of the various cultural and artistic representations linked to water, in Africa as well as on the other continents. Artists whose work is/has been inspired by the water theme are strongly encouraged to participate in this special event. All media and artistic trends will be represented. Most of all, 'The Spirit and Power of Water' should be considered as the starting point of an aesthetic study on water. For, water, as the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard wrote, has its own aesthetic characteristics, its own imagination, just like fire, air and earth. A selection of artworks and articles will be equally published in the American arts and sciences journal 'Leonardo' (published by MIT Press).

For more information on the project, please, contact Jocelyne Rotily, Curator at Jocelyne Rotily, 174 Bis rue Jean Mermoz, 13008 Marseilles, France

For more information on Virtual Africa, please, visit our web site

19.09.00 Painting Workshops at The Creative Designs Gallery

The Creative Design Gallery in Port Elizabeth will be hosting painting workshops and demonstrations on Sept. 18 and 19 by Landscape artist Louis Audie. Mediums to be used will be oil, acrylics and mixed media.

Monday Sept. 18: 2 sessions: 9.30am - 12 pm and 2pm - 3.30pm demonstrations, bring notepad.
Tuesday Sept. 19: 9.30am - 3.30pm: Workshop, please bring own equipment.

The cost of demonstrations is R 60 per session, and R 120 per workshop.

For info, or to book, please call Monique or Robyn at (041) 374-4305.

19.09.00 Short Story Competition

The South African Writers' Circle has initiated a national short story competition. The SAWC was established in 1960 and has over 300 members. Its aim is to assist all writers, new and experienced, and to promote the art of writing. The competition is being sponsored by the Standard Bank of South Africa, is open to anyone resident in the RSA or neighbouring states. It will be known as the SAWC/ Standard Bank Short Story Competition.

Submissions are to be the author's original work and not already published commercially, nor won a prize in any other competition. Rules and an entry form may be obtained by sending a self addressed stamped envelope to:
The Competitions Manager, SAWC/ Std Bank, Box 115, Hillcrest, 3650.

12.09.00 Position offered at Michaelis

We are looking for a lecturer to teach in the School of Fine Art specialising in the fields of photography and new media. The post requires teaching in photography courses as well as in the area of digital arts where students work in various new media, including internet exhibitions, curatorship, computer-generated imagery, bookarts and videography. The School recognises the fracturing of boundaries between traditional fine art disciplines and the inter-disciplinary nature of much contemporary art. Thus, while expertise in both digital media and photography would be an advantage, we would nevertheless welcome applicants working in any of these areas who understand these shifts and who would take the opportunity to develop and extend emerging trends and new innovations in fine art practice.

The successful applicant will teach in undergraduate and post-graduate courses, research (including creative work) and participate more generally in the activities of the School. He or she would, preferably, have a Master of Fine Art degree. Work would start as early as possible in 2001.

The remuneration package, including benefits, is negotiable between R146 500 - R183 000 per annum.

Send a CV (including the names, postal/ email addresses, telephone/ fax numbers of 3 referees) to:
The Staff Recruitment Office
(Ref: 429)

To reach us by September 29.

Tel: (021) 650-2112
Fax: (021) 650-2138

29.08.00 The 16th Annual ABSA Atelier Art Competition

Entries for the 16th annual Absa Atelier Art competition for 2001 are now officially welcome. Artists between the ages of 21 and 35 are invited to start working on their pieces, which will be received at SANAVA (South African National Association for the Visual Arts) offices and other venues around the country from March 5 - 9, 2001.

Billed as the premier art competition in the country with the highest value in prize money, the Atelier consistently attracts the cream of young South African talent every year. The rewards are unquestionably worthwhile. The first prize consists of R60 000 in cash, a round trip to Paris, and accommodation for up to 6 months in the Cit� Internationale des Arts. This gives the winner the opportunity to live and work with artists in the creative capital of the world. Each of four runners-up receives R10 000. Apart from the prizes, the Absa Atelier also provides a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work. Entrants in the competition also stand the chance of selling their work to ABSA, which has a large corporate collection. Further details of the competition and entry forms are available from branches of SANAVA (South African National Association for the Visual Arts), universities, technikons, galleries and museums nationwide or by calling Absa on (011) 350-5793 or (012) 328 7109.

More information can be obtained from Cecile Loedolff, Manager Arts & Functions (011) 350-5793

29.08.00 Submit work to 'Snapshot'

Contributions to a new exhibition organized by the Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, USA are hereby invited. This exhibition, titled 'Snapshot', will be composed of 1,000 or more photographs from international artists and other arts professionals. Each participant is invited to contribute one 4 x 6 inch (10 x 15 cm) or smaller unframed "snapshot" with a title or caption. Participants should also submit a current resum� for publication in a catalogue.

Organized by Gary Sangster, Executive Director of the Contemporary Museum, the exhibition and accompanying catalogue will explore contemporary techniques of popular folk imagery and family documentation -the snapshot- within the realm of artistic discourse, seeking to identify overlaps and correspondences between art and non-art imagery; between mass culture and fine art; and between public image-making by artists and the personal image-making of individuals.

'Snapshot' will open at the Contemporary Museum on November 3, 2000. Artists are requested to submit their materials as early as possible in order to guarantee their inclusion in the exhibition. No snapshots will be accepted after October 15. The exhibition will travel to various locations so the return date for photographs will be determined once this schedule has been finalised. Artists at all stages of their careers are invited to participate. The Contemporary Museum has already received submissions from hundreds of artists, including Polly Apfelbaum, William Kentridge, Pepon Osorio, Kiki Smith and John Waters.

To be included in the exhibition, snapshots must be 4 x 6 inches (10 x 15 cm) or smaller. They may be of vertical or horizontal format and should be accompanied by a caption or title. Each participant is only permitted one entry. Other than these, no other conditions apply to snapshots for inclusion in the exhibition. Photographs will be displayed under protective covers and safely mounted in a uniform format. They will be installed in alphabetical order in a grid arrangement.

At the end of this message, you will find a copy of the Loan Agreement form. Please print out and complete the Loan Agreement form and return it to the Contemporary Museum with your snapshot, caption and resum�. If you have any questions about this exhibition, please feel free to contact Adam Lerner, Associate Curator, via email (, telephone (410 783-5720 x101), or fax (410 783-5722).

Please print this form and mail to the Contemporary Museum with your photograph. Please do NOT return via e-mail.

SNAPSHOT Loan Agreement Form
Exhibition Dates: November 3, 2000 - February 12, 2001

Lender's Name(s) ________________________________________

Street Address __________________________________________
City, State, Zip ________________________________________
Telephone Number(s) _____________________________________
Facsimile Number(s) _____________________________________
Artist Name _____________________________________________
Artist Country and Date of Birth ________________________
Current place of living and working _____________________
Title of Snapshot _______________________________________
Date of Snapshot ________________________________________
Type of Snapshot ________________________________________
Measurements of Snapshot ________________________________
Current estimated retail value or insurance value (in US dollars) for insurance carried by the Contemporary Museum _____________________________________
Is the work available for sale? (circle one) YES NO
Precise catalogue and label information ("Courtesy of" or "Collection of")

Permission to photograph for Museum purposes? YES NO
Lender's signature and date: I have read and agree to the General Conditions Governing Loans to the Contemporary Museum. I certify that I have full authority to enter this agreement.
Signature: _____________________________________________
Date: __________________________________________________

Contemporary Museum signature and date
Gary Sangster, Executive Director
Signature: _____________________________________________
Date: __________________________________________________

Entries should be sent to:
Contemporary Museum, 100 W. Centre Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201 USA
Attn: Snapshot

29.08.00 Thicker Than Water: Images and Issues of Blood in Contemporary Art

'Thicker Than Water: Images and Issues of Blood in Contemporary Art' is to be curated by New York-based Dominique Nahas and Koan Jeff Baysa, MD. They are looking for artists whose work explores these issues.

Send details to:
Koan Jeff Baysa, Physician/Curator
P.O.Box #995, Canal Street Station, New York, NY USA 10013-0865
Dominique Nahas

29.08.00 Eight International Triennial of the Political Poster Show Mons, 2001

The Triennial of the Political Poster aims at comparing the best political poster designers from various countries with a view to encouraging a means of expression which is also a weapon or a testimony.

The eight international Triennial of the Political Poster Show will be presented from March 24 to May 27, 2001, in the "Musee des Beaux-Arts" of Mons, Rue Neuve.

1. Poster designers whose works illustrate political events, social struggles or any social facts and who are prepared to abide by these rules may take part in the eighth triennial. Posters concerning political pictures or theatre are also accepted. Each artist is requested to enclose with his poster a short biography as well as a small text explaining the creation context and its political impact.

2. Each artist is authorized to present as many posters as s/he wants, provided they have been designed after the 1st of October 1997.

3. The organizers reserve the right to withdraw the posters which would not abide by the provisions of these rules.

4. The selection of the posters will be made by a selection committee made up of artists, graphic artists, critics and social movement leaders. The jury will start working around the beginning of November 2000.

5. Each contestant covers the insurance and has to make sure that the posters reach us in excellent condition latest on the 15th of October 2000.

  • Posters must be carefully packed and the organizers will not be held responsible for damages resulting from transport.
  • Posters should have no frameworks.
  • Posters will become the property of the organizers and will enrich the collection of the Centre Culturel de la Region de Mons.
  • The artists commit to supplying a second exemplary for exhibitions.

6. The organizers are entitled to take pictures of and to reproduce posters if needed for the show and for the advertising for the exhibition in general. That is why the organizers have the right to copy the poster as soon as they receive it. The rewarded posters as well as additional selected works will be reproduced in the catalogue of the Triennial under the form of Post-Cards.

7. Each contestant must send the attached form duly filled in with her/his poster. Name of artist, address, postal code, town, country and, if possible, French, English or German translation of the poster text. The organizers advise not to stick anything to the back of the posters but to number them with a pencil according to the list written on the form.

8. Each contestant acknowledges to have taken notice of the present regulations.

One first prize of an amount of 150,000 BEF or 3,718 Euros by the Communaute Francaise de Belgiue. Three other prizes will be offered respectively by the Region Wallonne, the Province de Hainaut and the Ville do Mons.

Each contestant will receive a catalogue as well as a poster of the eighth triennial show.

The works rewarded with a prize will remain the property of the Centre Culturel de la Region de Mons.

The prizes will be proclaimed and distributed at the opening of the eigth International Triennial of the Political Poster Show.

Organisation and Secretariat, Centre Culturel de la Region de Mons, Rue des Arbalestriers, 8, 7000 Mons (Belgique)
Tel: 00 32(0)65 39.59.49
Fax: 00 32(0)65 39.59.44

29.08.00 Audio-visual Presentations for Artists and Photographers

Although I have seen (and heard) some good slide presentations here, I could fill the whole page with all the bad experiences I have had since I started audio-visual work. I would like to offer my expertise and services to photographers and artists who would like to produce a short slide audio-visual as, for example, an intro to the opening of their exhibition. It could be a one-off event or might run at the venue for a few days. The show could then be screened on demand (at the press of a button or activated by a light barrier etc). Where necessary I would offer advice to the photographer / artist about which of his / her slides are best suited for dissolve or other effects. I use a maximum of 4 projectors and programming is done on PC including sound and effects. Production costs are R 140/hour, including all equipment for sound and visuals. Staging costs are similar with an additional amount for equipment supplied and insured.

Contact Thomas Niemeyer, Monday - Thursday

Tel / fax: 424-5601

22.08.00 'Call for Papers: ichim2001, Milan' Archives & Museum Informatics Pittsburgh, PA USA United States of America

Paper proposals are invited for the Sixth International Cultural Heritage Informatics Meeting (ICHIM). Since its beginning in 1991 when it focussed on hypermedia and interactivity, ICHIM has broadened its scope to include the full range of technical, social, organizational, and content issues to do with Cultural Heritage Informatics. Recent ICHIM conferences in Paris and Washington DC attracted attendees from over 20 countries.

Proposals will be accepted until November 30, 2000. All papers are subject to critical peer review and will be judged on the basis of the quality of the abstract. Selected speakers will be notified by December 31, 2000. Full papers are required by June 15, 2001. Papers will be published. All speakers must register for the meeting. Proposals must address methods of access to cultural heritage information, with specific attention to the interaction between users, information resources and providers.

Topics of interest include:
. Social Impact of Information Technology on Existing Institutions
. Authenticity and Quality in Cultural Heritage Information
. Evaluation of New Modes of Communication
. Public Policy and International Issues Organizational
. Evolving Institutional Models and New Methods
. Economic and Political Impacts on Organizations
. Collaborations, Partnerships & Income Production
. Implications for Staffing, Organization and Administration Technical
. Designing for Converging Technologies
. Methods for Promoting Interactivity and Involvement
. Standards for Representation, Presentation and Display
. Methods for Dissemination, Access and Use

Proposals must include speaker's name, job title, institution, address, phone, fax and email, and explain the thesis of the proposed presentation in a full abstract.

ICHIM explores a full range of interactive multimedia issues, including technological, legal, economic, organizational and design concerns, that are discussed from the perspective of museums and cultural heritage applications.

The best projects worldwide are demonstrated, discussed and critiqued.

ICHIM includes Technical Papers, a Museum Project Demonstration Fair, a Commercial Exhibit, and Pre-Conference Workshops.

22.08.00 Drawing the Human Figure: Extra Mural Drawing Classes at Michaelis

In a series of 10 studio sessions, the Michaelis School of Fine Arts is offering a drawing programme that covers the essential aspects of rendering the human figure. This involves basic understanding of human anatomy, figure-ground relationships, and the fundamental tools of drawing: developing the expressive use of line, tone and mark, as well as visual acuity. The programe is expressly designed for those keen on developing drawing skills but who do not necessarily have any prior experience.

Dates: From Tuesday, August 22 - October 24
Time: Tuesdays, 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Lecturer: Julia Teale
Fee: R300.00 or R40.00 per session

Advanced Drawing: Extra Mural Drawing Classes at Michaelis

The Michaelis School of Fine Arts offers a weekly 3-hour drawing session programme that will focus on different aspects of drawing each week. A wide range of formal and conceptual issues will be dealt with, with the emphasis being on developing a sound relationship between visual acuity and expressive intention.

These sessions are ideal for those who have already had some experience in drawing or other aspects of visual art practice.

Dates: From Friday, August 25 - October 27
Time: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Lecturer: Julia Teale
Fee: R300.00 or R40.00 per session

While easels and drawing boards will be available, 10 sheets of newsprint and charcoal sticks must be brought to the first session of each class. Lists of materials needed to complete the course and names and addresses of art suppliers will be provided at the first session.

There are only 30 places available for each class in the programme so it is essential to book early. Bookings will close on Thursday, 24 August.

For further information or to register please contact:

Ingrid Willis, Michaelis School of Fine Art
Tel: (021) 480.7103
Fax: (021) 424.2889


Julia Teale
Tel: (021) 448.2238 (after hours)

15.08.00 Call for nominations for Annual ACT Awards

The Arts & Culture Trust is a private sector initiative, which aims to provide much-needed financial support for the development, promotion and celebration of South African arts and culture. While maintaining strong links with it's funders: Nedbank, Sun International, Vodacom and the Royal Netherlands Embassy, the Trust is run by an independent Board of Trustees drawn from the arts and culture community.

This, the 3rd Annual Awards Event is scheduled to take place on the 24th November 2000 where those who play a support role in promoting arts and culture in South Africa will be recognised.

Previous winner of these prestigious awards include Adrienne Sichel and Sandile Mamela (Journalist of the Year), Mail & Guardian's Friday supplement (Print Publication of the Year), (Electronic Media of the Year), Prof Es'kia Mphahlele, Percy Baneshik and Gibson Kente (Lifetime Achievement)

Members of the public and interested parties are invited to submit nominees for each category below before 22nd September 2000:
- Arts & Culture Administrator of the Year.
- Arts & Culture Journalist of the Year.
- Electronic Media of the year in support of Arts & Culture.
- Print Publication of the Year in support of Arts & Culture.
- Arts & Culture Publicist of the Year.
- Arts & Culture Education Project of the Year.
- Cultural Development Project of the Year.
- City of the Year in support of Arts & Culture.
- Province of the Year in support of Arts and Culture.
- International Arts & Culture Sponsor of the Year.
- Lifetime Achievement Award.

A summary of each category along with Nomination forms can be sourced from as well as from our offices.
Contact Bulelwa on (021) 424 7513 phone / (021) 424 7517 fax / email /

15.08.00 Zebra Register of South African Artists and Galleries 2001
Publication scheduled for October 2000

A private marketing and research company has taken the initiative in collating an annual register of galleries and what they term "living, exhibiting artists" in South Africa. This will function as a working directory as well as coffee-table book, and will be made available through galleries and bookstores from the end of October.

The company has been sourcing entries through art galleries, be they national, private, commercial, craft or open air (read 'artists in the park'). The A4, glossy, hard cover publication (200 - 300 pages) will also reproduce work by listed artists in full colour. Whether or not this will be comprehensive in terms of 'cutting edge' contemporary practitioners remains to be seen. But it's a start.

For further information, please contact Dissel Marketing & Research on (011) 463-7379 or email

08.08.00 The First International Painting Biennial of the Islamic World

The Islamic Republic of Iran's Academy of Art, in collaboration with Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, is holding the first painting Biennial of the world of Islam to give impetus to relations among artists and to exhibit their recent works in a prestigious competition. It is hoped that the exhibition will provide an international arena in which to present Islamic ideals and spiritual values as reflected in artistic practice.

The Biennial will be held at the Tehran Museum of the Islamic World and is scheduled to take place from November 4 - December 25.

- The Biennial is open to all artists from Islamic countries and those of Islamic Communities worldwide.
- There is no restriction on theme, technique or size.
- Artists are required to send slides/ transparencies (or upload digital images to or send them by email) of 3 recent paintings along with relevant details. Slides of poor quality will not be considered for selection. These must be sent by August 20 and slides will not be returned.
- The Selection Committee will ask artists whose work(s) is /are selected to send the painting(s) together with a CV and photograph. By sending the original works, artists consent to have their paintings printed in the exhibition's catalogue and /or brochure. All qualifying artists will receive a copy of the Biennial's catalogue .
- During the Biennial, a conference will be help on contemporary Painting in Islamic societies. The topics of discussion are not yet finalised

- The Executive Committee comprises:
Biennial president - Proffessor. Javad Hamidi
Biennial Chairman - Iraj Eskandari
Executive chairman - Ayat Ghasem Pour
Conference Chairman - Habibollah Sadeghi

- The Selection Committee is composed of the following leading Iranian artists and critics:
Aydin Aghdashlou
Mehdi Sahabi
Mohammad Ibrahim ja'fari
Kazem Chilipa
Habibollah Sadeghi

The jury will be composed of three Iranian and two renowned foreign artists, whose names are still to be announced

The First Painting Biennial of the Islamic World will grant the following awards:
- First Prize Statuette, Diplomas of Honor, $ 5000 and a one week trip to Iran
- Second Prize Statuette, Diploma of Honor $ 3000 and a one week trip to Iran
- Third Prize Statuette, Diploma of Honor, $ 2000 and a one week trip to Iran
- The next best five paintings will be granted a Certificate of Merit and $ 1000
-The jury will present the Special Prize, $ 2500 and a Golden Statuette to a painting best portraying Islamic culture and spiritual values.

The organizers guarantee the safety of the work(s) from the date of receipt in Tehran to the date of return to the artist. Expenses arising from packaging and shipment to Tehran will be borne by artists. Works will be returned to artists within 3 months after the closing of the Biennial, at the expense of the organizers.

Address all your communication and dispatches to:

Secretariat of the First Painting Biennial of the Islamic World
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, North Kargar Ave, Tehran 14155 I. R. IRAN


18.07.00 Saturday Art sessions at C.A.P. in Woodstock

10:30 to 1:00 'Figure Drawing' Ongoing, every Saturday
1:30 to 4:00 'Old Masters Painting Techniques' 5 weeks, beginning July 29

Join us for a day of art exploration, working from life or working from history. From 10:30 - 1:00, draw or paint short and long poses with an experienced model. From 1:30 - 4:00, experiment with painting techniques of the old masters, including egg tempera, encaustic, distemper, and plaster secco.

The figure drawing sessions are without formal instruction. Easels, boards, drawing tables and refreshments are provided. Please bring all materials you intend to use. Cost for a single figure drawing session is R20 to R50 (sliding scale) or R80 for 5 sessions (paid in advance). Classes are ongoing.

The afternoon sessions are dedicated to exploring painting techniques used by Italian master painters. Instruction will be given on preparing and using a variety of media and grounds. All materials will be provided at cost. Classes will follow a 5 week cycle, with a different medium covered each week. Cost for the 5-class series is R50 to R80 (sliding scale) plus material cost. Classes begin Saturday, 29 July 2000.

Classes held at the Community Arts Project, 106 Chapel Street, Woodstock.

Attendance at either session must be confirmed in advance. To reserve space or for more information, please call Sara at 082 731 1365 or e-mail at If you are leaving a phone message, please specify which section you are interested in attending.