Archive: Issue No. 62, October 2002

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Eve Kirchner
Date: October 10
Subject: Tretchikoff

Tretchikoff has been the subject of my research for many years for video documentary purposes. I am a great admirer of the artist not only because he could draw and paint well, but because he is a fascinating character and, added to his artistic talent, he was an excellent businessman. That's a rare combination. Being a Cape Town resident has afforded me the privilege of getting to know him and hearing his story first hand. If anyone needs information regarding his career, I'd be happy to help.

In about 1978 he painted The Ten Commandments which were subsequently struck in gold by the South African Mint. Does anyone have a set they would like to sell?

Eve Kirchner

Rob Silk
Date: September 1
Subject: Mosaic supplies

Can you please help me? I am coming to South Africa to carry out a mosaic project north of Graaf Reinett. I need to find a shop where I can buy mosaic art materials, frost proof tile cement and grout. Port Elizabeth would be the ideal place to pick up supplies. Can you suggest a shop, please?

Thanks very much. Rob Silk

I don't know the area very well, but I have forwarded your message to two people who may be able to help. The first is himself completing a large mosaic project in the Northern Cape, an equally remote area. The second is in Nieubethesda, near to Graaf Reinett, and he is very likely to know where you can obtain the materials you need.

Judy Moolenschot
Date: September 18
Subject: UNISA exhibition

There is currently an exhibition of work by lecturers and students at UNISA Gallery and Sunnyside campus in Pretoria. The standard is usually very high. Would love to read a good critique of it. Any chance of that?

I have forwarded your message to our Gauteng editor. Remember though, that we welcome contributions from readers and you'd be most welcome to submit a review yourself.

Eugene Isaac
Date: September 25
Subject: Locating the reviews of 'Truth veils at the Gertrude Posel and Market Theatre Galleries'


My name is Eugene, I am a PhD Student and I am trying to find two references for the project I am working on. The citation comes from the articles section of the bibliography of Wilmot James and Linda Van de Vijver's book 'after the TRC: reflections on truth and reconciliation in South Africa'. Publ. 2000.

1. B. Atkinson

Review of Truth veils at the Gertrude Posel and Market Theatre Galleries, 14 June-9 July 1999

2. D. Hooks

Review of Truth veils at the Gertrude Posel and Market Theatre Galleries, 14 June-9 July 1999

Would it be possible to send me an attachment of each of these reviews, or to indicate, where they are on your website/

Best regards/Many thanks
Eugene Isaac

I suggest you use the site's search engine to locate these texts in our archive (try using Brenda Atkinson'se). Iu are unable to find them, please notify us and we will make sure that you get them and that they will in future be available on the site. We have found, thanks to our readers, that some information is missing from our archive.

Name: Veronique Malherbe
Date: September 2
Subject: Archives

It recently came to my attention that the ArtThrob biography on Veronique Malherbe has been made unavailable for public viewing. My name is still on the list, but as you will see when you try click on it, the page is not available. Articles relating to 'Case Studies' and 'Gangbang' are also hard to access using local search engines. Many have vanished. I can't imagine that you would have removed the biography, but someone has and I would love to know why and what I have done to merit what is in effect censorship.

There's nothing sinister here. When we moved over to Worldonline last year, there were some difficulties. As a consequence some files did not make it back onto the archives. The only way we can find this out, short of trawling through five years worth of ArtThrob, is when readers inform us of missing information. The files have now been uploaded again.

Name: Brenton Maart
Date: September 6
Subject: Correction

Dear Kathryn,

Thanks for listing '[re]vision'. However, the title is not specific only to the sub-title following the colon. 'Art from South Africa' should be read as one of a number of bullet points, and was the only one that adequately described all exhibitions on the extensive programme. Please refer to all the exhibitions, in detail, to read varied interpretations of '[re]vision'. Also, thanks for a superb site.

Dear Brenton,

Thanks for the correction. However, this was not made clear in either the media release or printed brochure, both of which clearly use 'Art from South Africa' as the subtitle of the overall show. It is clear that all shows fall under the header '[re]vision'.

Kathryn Smith

Name: Fernand F. Haenggi
Date: September 12
Subject: SA art on the internet

Juli Klass enquired about SA art for sale on the web - try - there are works by SA artists available from a private collection in Switzerland.

Thanks, Fernand

Name: Saul Symanowitz
Date: September 13
Subject: JHB Art City

Your coverage of and enthusiasm towards the JHB ART CITY project has been phenomenal -Thank you.

I urge everyone to go into the CBD and check out both the art and the city itself. You will be impressed on two counts! This project is actually the largest outdoor art gallery in the world. Also go and see the originals which are being displayed in the Old Fort.

Tribute must go to the city fathers who had the courage to allow this project to be born, and to all those who put so much hard work into making it a reality. The scale and logistics were really huge.

Visit the website-

Saul Symanowitz
(Project conceiver)