Archive: Issue No. 61, September 2002

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Safe Food ll

Safe Food I
Car boot sale in Joubert Park

Willem Boshoff

Willem Boshoff
Blind Alphabet, 1991-95
Wood, steel, aluminium

World Summit for Sustainable Development (WSSD) Exhibition Programme at the Johannesburg Art Gallery

29 AUGUST 2002

10h00 Opening of '[re]vision' by Steven Sack
Chief Director: Cultural Industries and Creative Arts, DACST

10h30 'New Strategies'

'New Strategies' offers a unique opportunity to view the Johannesburg Art Gallery's latest additions to its contemporary collection. The exhibition uses contemporary South African art to examine the pivotal role of museums in the 21st century, while exploring themes of body, identity, trauma, social and economic concerns. Curated by David Brodie.

11h00 'Safe Food ll: Mr Delivery'

'Safe Food ll: Mr Delivery' is a reconfiguration of 'Safe Food', presented at the recent Turin Biennale of Young Art. In conjunction with the Johannesburg Art Gallery, the Trinity Session delivers the project back from abroad to engage with the communities instrumental in its making. As a concept and series of related events, 'Safe Food' is an ongoing project exploring the sustainability of economic, social, political and cultural forces at work within specific urban zones. Using the internet, text, image and video, as well as guest artists, the project seeks to raise awareness about issues such as homelessness and urban regeneration; issues that are both locally and globally relevant.

11h30 'Exchange Values'

'Exchange Values: Images of Invisible Lives' is a social sculpture installation by Shelley Sacks. In collaboration with banana growers of the Windward Islands, Sacks traced boxes of bananas back to their origin in the Caribbean and recorded the voices of the growers. These recordings are presented as a sound installation, accompanied by stitched "sheets of skin". 'Exchange Values' emphasizes the interconnections between producers and consumers in our complex global economy and our role as "artists" in re-visioning our world.

12h00 'Miss World and Company'

'Miss World and Company' is an installed "opera" performance by four life-size sculptures of Isolde Krams, directed by Robert Colman. The show is a hybrid of movement, text, music, sound and smell. The opera is inspired by environmental concerns, and all the materials used are either environmentally sound or have been recycled.

12h30 'Boipelo Ka Setso'

'Boipelo Ka Setso: Treasures of the Southern African Region' showcases the traditional southern African art collection of the Johannesburg Art Gallery. The exhibition examines the Gallery's response to changing political, social and academic responsibilities over the last two decades. Boipelo Ka Setso examines contemporary references to traditional cultural production and encourages debate regarding the sustainability of our cultural heritage. Peter Magubane's photographs contextualise the works on exhibition. Curated by Veliswa Gwintsa.

13h00 Traditional African lunch

18h00 'Beyond Barriers'

'Beyond Barriers' is an exhibition that explores issues facing people with disabilities, analyses their key role in economies and societies, and sets up a dialogue about access. It challenges discriminating labels, and serves as a reminder how those very labels of discrimination render us incapacitated. It provides a notion that every space is an accessible space. The exhibition shows work by Mandla Mabila, Willem Boshoff, Dorothee Kreutzfeldt, selected works from the MTN Art Collection, and others. Curated by Usha Seejarim and Coral Bijoux, Beyond Barriers is presented by the Presidency's Office on the Status of Disabled Persons (OSDP) and the Visual Arts and Crafts Academy (VACA).

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