Archive: Issue No. 70, June 2003

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Brenden Gray
Date: June 12
Subject: Dialogue

There seems to be a lack of critical writing about visual arts practices in this country. I am interested to know if there are any websites where visitors can dialogue around current exhibitions and write informally but critically about contemporary SA current shows.

We don't quite have a facility for dialogue on our site, but it is an idea for the future. Curiously though, in theory, the feedback section can support anything like that, but we seldom get mails beyond 'I need info on.....(and it's usually Jane Alexander here)'. At the same time, we welcome reviews from our readers, although don't really have funds to pay for such contributions. Feel free to contribute or add.

Renato Palmi
Date: June 12
Subject: Funding

I am a member of a non-profit organisation that promotes the culture art and human rights of Tibet. I write to ask for how/ where one could write for application to funds to bring a unique exhibition to this country on Tibet.

Renato, I am by no means an expert on this, but suspect that private funders are a more likely source of money for such a project. I also suggest you contact Durban's NSA gallery who last year hosted an exhibition of photographs highlighting the plight of Tibet - They might be able to send you in the right direction.

Date: June 12
Subject: Information on artist

Are you able to give me contact details of R. Bonham-Lipsitz or Lipshitz, a Cape Town artist of the '80s? Is she still painting - does she have an agent?

I think the artist you mention is Rachelle Bomberg-Lipschitz. There is some scant information on her in Grania Ogilvie's 'The Dictionary of South African painters and Sculptors', the most recent entry referring to a series begun in 1985. I don't know anything more about her. I suggest you try a Google search.

Date: June 12
Subject: ArtThrob access

Can't seem to access Artthrob except March?

Sounds like it's time to clean out your internet caches. Sounds like you're a frequent visitor.

Date: May 26
Subject: Search facility

How do I use you search facility? Is it operating?

Thanks Sue

You can either search ArtThrob using the 'Archive' button, which will give you a list of each monthly edition and its contents. Alternatively you can click on 'Search,' which will prompt you to fill in the name of an artist, artwork etc. and will then locate all such references in our archives. These facilities are both working, but due to some technical problems in the past, some files are missing. Should you come across any such files, please notify us and we will sort it out.

Ryan Jacobs
Date: May 23
Subject: Information on Elizabeth Gunter

I am currently looking for information regarding an artist that used to teach at Cape College during the 90's. Her specialty is charcoal and charcoal dust sketches and as far as I know her last exhibition was last month in Stellenbosch. Any information you have or any contacts would be greatly appreciated.

Ryan Jacobs

Although this is not the kind of work with which our site primarily deals I have managed to find a little info on her in Grania Ogilvie's 'The Dictionary of South African Painters and Sculptors' published by Everard Read in 1988. Your local library should have a copy.

Douglas G. Swezey
Date: May 16
Subject: Architecture

Why isn't architecture included here? I believe it is a huge subject, with more than direct correlations to what is provided already, and, also, grossly overlooked.

We don't write about architecture directly, although there are no doubt references made in discussion of site-specific work, commissions etc. Our field of expertise is the visual/ fine arts and similarly we don't include product or graphic design as discreet areas of discussion. At the same time we do encourage contributions from our readers and should an interesting proposal come our way we may consider publishing it.
You may want to look up the interview with Jeremy Rose, the chief architect behind Johannesburg's Apartheid Museum, in our May 2002 issue - Sean O'Toole.

Jennifer Deane
Date: May 16
Subject: Jane Alexander artbio

I'm in desperate need of the Jane Alexander Artbio. I did some previous work with it, and now need it again.

This link will get you there -