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Call for submissions to New York-based Big magazine's South Africa issue   


15.09.03 Virtual Rainforest Memorial
15.09.03 Space for hire at Joáo Ferreira
15.09.03 Studio sought in Johannesburg
15.09.03 Submissions invited for Waves symposium
15.09.03 Call for submissions to PPC Young Concrete Sculptor Awards
15.09.03 Submit work to SA Anti-War Coalition
15.09.03 Call for contributions to ITCH magazine
15.09.03 Participate in Nicro art auction in London
15.09.03 Donate your art to aids orphans auction website
15.09.03 Submissions invited for Sprung! In Montagu


01.05.03 International masterclass on Creation and Design for Interactive Systems
01.03.03 Documentation of artwork
15.11.02 New Post-graduate Courses in Media Art & Design in Spain


01.09.03 Arts and Culture Marketing Association of South Africa logo design competition
01.09.03 Call for submissions to New York-based Big magazine's South Africa issue
01.09.03 IOC Olympic and Art Competition
01.09.03 transmediale .04 and club transmediale .04: Call for entries
18.08.03 Ciber@RT Bilbao 2004
18.08.03 Perspectives '03 competition and showcase
18.08.03 Call for photographic contributions
18.08.03 Invitation to submit a tile to art project


01.09.03 Artists' residencies offered at Greatmore Studios
17.06.02 Nagasawa Art Park Residency Programme
31.07.01 Artists' residency at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Norway
05.06.01 Surreal Estates residence in Sacramento, California


18.08.03 Position available with Flash Art
16.07.03 Desperately seeking Moses Tladi
16.07.03 The Dedalus Foundation seeks information on works by Robert Motherwell
01.12.02 Partners sought in AfricanAperture
15.11.02 Opportunities for artists to teach in Colombia
08.05.01 The new Michaelis Art Shop


Virtual Rainforest Memorial

Call for contributions to a virtual Rainforest Memorial, a memorial for the protection and preservation of the natural environment on Earth and its inhabitants.

"Sometimes, when there is new horrific news about the environmental situation on Earth, sometimes when we hear one of our favourite animals or plants are threatened with extinction, be honest, most of us swear to become active in doing something for the preservation of our natural environment, but when these reports are out of the news, daily life goes on as if nothing had happened.

"The Rainforest, as one of the most important and endangered natural environments, represents a symbol for the entire threatened planet and the indigenous peoples who live here. Humans are said to be the biggest enemy, so it's up to all of us to protect the world we are living in and to preserve it for future generations, to prevent the exploitation of natural resources by multinationals. Such companies operate only for private gain or corporate profit in the short term, with no regard for long term social and public benefit.

"The Rainforest Memorial would like to invite artists in all media as well as any others people who feel solidarity, to exercise their responsibility by contributing an artwork, a private or political statement, to express this solidarity against the insane destruction of the natural environment on Earth.

"Art, as such, cannot change the world, but art can support the will to make the changes, changes which are necessary for humankind to survive in an environment worthy to live in."

Please submit your work or statement in one of the following digital file formats:

URL of an existing net based work
text: plain email or .txt
image: .jpg, .gif, png
max size 800 x 600 pixels and 200 Kb
movie: .mov (Quicktime), .rm, .ram (Real Video) .swf (Flash), .dcr (Shockwave)
Maximum size 1MB

Please send your submission together with your name, email address and homepage URL to

Deadline: October 31, 2003

Following the online launch on December 1, the deadline will be ongoing and submissions will be uploaded immediately.

Space for hire at Joáo Ferreira Gallery

Joáo Ferreira Gallery presents the "ultimate venue for hire for functions, photo and film shoots, parties and launches. We offer two large, spacious NY loft-style rooms. The venue is suitable for live music, there is safe parking and catering and other facilities are available within the gallery space."

80 Hout Street, Cape Town
Tel: (021) 423-5403
Fax: (021) 423-2136

Studio sought in Johannesburg

"Artist's studio wanted for established South African painter and media foodie Braam Kruger. Any spacious loft, hall, church or underground parking lot with basic amenities. The idea is to get a studio first and then look for accommodation, but a ramshackle old house or so to serve both purposes will be cool too..."

Contact Braam Kruger on Tel: (011) 483 3632 or 072 623 6802 or Email:

Submissions invited for Waves symposium

An international symposium on corrugated board, organised by the Cultural Commission Coevorden (CCC), takes place in May 2004 in Coevorden (The Netherlands. About 15 participants are sought to realise large-scale indoor works in locations in the city and surrounding villages. The works are to be made of corrugated cardboard, although there is the possibility of making some outdoor works in similar plastic materials.

The exhibition will run until December 1, 2004. A full colour catalogue with four pages per artist, including information about the industry and community will be produced. The exhibition combines its opening with the presentation of the 'Waves Award' - a prize for Dutch industrial designers working with the same material.

The exhibition is themed 'Waves reaching the coast' and artists are expected to interpret this in any way including the literary, poetic and spiritual etc. The works must also deal with the space they are assigned.

The organisers will provide an artist's fee, travel-expenses and full board and lodging. A brief proposal should include documentation of earlier work and a CV (To get this material back enclose a SASE)

Deadline: December 1, but earlier proposals will be published on the website.

Send applications to:

Meulenakker 6
NL - 7841 EP SLEEN

Fax: +31 591362690
Email: (from the end of September 2003, this site will provide maps, pictures of locations and artists' proposals)

Call for submissions to PPC Young Concrete Sculptor Awards

Entries are invited to the twelfth annual PPC Young Concrete Sculptor Awards competition.

The rules of the competition are very simple, concrete must be used as the main material for the sculpture, but other materials such as wood, bronze and glass may be incorporated in the work. A maximum of three entries per artist may be submitted and a nominal entry fee of R30 per work is payable to the Association of Arts Pretoria. There are no restraints as to the size of the sculptures, which will be exhibited both inside the gallery and outdoors in the PPC Cement Sculpture Garden at the Association of Arts Pretoria.

Two awards are presented, one for the Best Sculpture on Exhibition and one for Technical Excellence in Concrete Sculpture. While the winning artists receive R10,000 each, the runner-up in each category is awarded R5,000.

Deadline: Works must be submitted to the Association of Arts Pretoria on either Friday, September 26 or Saturday, September 27 or Tuesday, September 30

The official opening of the exhibition and prize-giving ceremony will be held on the evening of October 6 and the exhibition of works entered will continue for a period of ten days, closing on Thursday, October 16.

Further information and entry forms are available from Lomare van Wyk at PPC on (011) 488 1786 or Nandi Hilliard at the Association of Arts Pretoria on (012) 346 3100.

Submit work to SA Anti-War Coalition

The South African Anti-War Coalition (AWC) is inviting local artists to participate in Culture Day, a public festival in Newtown, Johannesburg, on September 27. The theme of this event is "Against Imperial Occupation", most notably, the USA's illegal occupation of Iraq.

"We are looking for artists of every variety to volunteer their work for a day-long exhibition at the Workers' Library in Newtown. Our dedicated organisers will facilitate all the necessary logistics for your work� Culture Day is a forum for creative expression against imperial occupation around the world. It will consist of live music performances, keynote speakers (from academia and civil society), educational activities, youth artwork competitions, and more. The role of artistic expression is crucial, both as statements and as the backdrop of our lives.

"We realise that 20 days is far too little notice to request new paintings, installations, etc. so we welcome works regardless of when they were made, and regardless of whether or not they carry a political message (obviously we discourage pro-imperial messages)."

The AWC arts event organiser is Zach Wales. Zach is a journalist, media researcher and anti-war activist from the USA. Feel free to discuss your contribution with him, and he will do his best to accommodate your needs. The Anti-War Coalition is an open network of more than 300 social movements around the country. It was launched in February 2003. They organised two protest rallies last July when the US President George W. Bush visited Pretoria. This month's Culture Day is a break from the demonstration routine, which too often speaks only to the converted. The new aim is to create an all-inclusive forum for progressive thought on pressing global concerns.

The AWC has public meetings every Tuesday at 17:30 at the Workers' Library.

Contact Zach Wales on Tel: 083 582 9113 or Email:

Call for contributions to ITCH magazine

ITCH is inviting submissions that will be considered for publication in the launch issue. ITCH is a not a magazine: it is a platform for independent, creative, visual, intellectual, social, political, artistic and cultural expression. If you are interested in submitting work to the launch issue, read on.

ITCH will be beautifully presented in a collector's item format, offering readers a collection of essays - fictitious, poetic, journalistic, academic, photographic, illustrative, pictorial or graphic. Artists, designers, photographers, journalists, researchers, academics, poets and writers from across the disciplines in South Africa and the world are invited to submit their work.

Conceptualised and edited by Mehita Iqani and published and art directed by Bell-Roberts, the publication is funded by grants from arts funders and the sale of advertising (a ceiling of 10% of pages are allocated to advertising and the publishers only accept original art-ads).

"ITCH is meant to be a platform for all those cutting edge ideas that we know are out there. It is a new form of media that has as its aim the communication of social, intellectual and artistic messages that are not accorded due space and time in the mainstream media. Instead of only being published in elite niche academic journals, your ideas and research can now reach a much wider thinking audience," says Iqani.

Writers and artists from any academic field, creative persuasion or artistic medium are free to contribute essays that deal with any topic or theme. The magazine's editorial board consist of Brendon and Suzette Bell-Roberts, Mehita Iqani, David Cotton (art director) and Daniel Roux. The role of the editorial board is essentially to ensure the quality and excellence of the content of ITCH. It will also play a substantial role in developing the fabric and overall context of each issue, by identifying threads that link the essays and thematically bringing the concepts together between the covers of the publication. Submissions that we receive that do not fit into the conceptual texture of the first issue will be earmarked and filed for future issues.

ITCH will be published biannually, with launch issue due for February 2004.

General Guidelines:
Copyright of published contributions will remain with the author/artist.
All material must be original and formerly unpublished. If your essay has been published in a niche academic journal, or more than two years ago, you may still submit your work as long as you explicitly state where it has been published.
Don't submit something to ITCH that you are simultaneously submitting to another publication.

Textual Essay Guidelines:
Essays should be at least 2500 words long, and up to 10 000 words long.
Factual, journalistic and academic essays should be titled and properly referenced, conforming to the highest journalistic and academic ethical standards.
Creative work must be original.

Visual Essay Guidelines:
Essays should be between 4 and 12 pages in length.
Essays should be titled.
Artworks featured in essays should be available for purchase.

Contribution Deadlines: September 30, 2003

Submission details:

Textual Essays: via e-mail to in Microsoft Word format. Please include, in the body of your e-mail a 100-word synopsis of your essay. Please include a word count at the end of your essay.

Visual Essays: please post or deliver, in an envelope clearly marked "ITCH", as either hard copy or CD format to Bell-Roberts, 199 Loop Street, Cape Town. Visual Essays should be accompanied by a 100-word treatment on the focus/theme of the essay. CD images should be scanned at 300dpi, to a A4 size. Alternatively, e-mail low-res jpegs of the essay to, accompanied by a 100-word treatment.

Reimbursements: "ITCH is a non-consumerist project that is designed to allow artists and writers a quality, cutting edge platform for exposure. We're still establishing this concept, and while we are confident of its future success and ability to become financially sustainable, right now we're operating on a shoestring budget provided by arts funders. Contributors are therefore requested to "invest" their work for publishing in ITCH without monetary compensations just yet. You will retain the copyright of your work, and it will not be used in any way again without your explicit permission. Furthermore, the exposure that you will receive from being published in ITCH may lead to many opportunities to sell your work or be published elsewhere. You will also have the opportunity to be part of a media-art phenomenon that will make waves across the South African and international media and art fields. Published contributors will receive their own copy of ITCH."

ITCH will advertise to its readers that the artworks featured are for sale. Should you sell an artwork (prints or originals) featured in ITCH, we will claim a 15% commission of your sale price.

Contact Mehita Iqani, Editor, with any queries on Tel: 084 584 3925 or Email:

Participate in NICRO art auction in London

Wilton's Music Hall, in London's East End, is an extraordinary space steeped in history, and will play host to a once-off dinner, art exhibition and auction to benefit NICRO, a South African charity and NGO concerned with crime prevention and the reintegration of offenders. Proceeds and sales will go to the NICRO UK Trust, a legal body launched last year to take advantage of the huge expatriate community of South Africans currently living in England. All proceeds raised in the UK are dedicated to the young offender scheme.

Organizer Christina Beatty, previously Event Development Co-ordinator at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, is calling on South African artist to donate works to this worthwhile cause. "It is my hope that in return for donating work (if artists are in a position to do so) that those who are still up-and-coming, will gain exposure to some top contemporary dealers, gallerists and collectors. "

The Enthoven family (who own Spier and Nando's) has been hugely generous and have the capacity to ship work across quite quickly - and are to a large extent sponsoring the event.

Artists interested in participating should contact Beatty on Tel: 0944 20 7326 8461 (Friday's only) or 0944 790 593 8091, alternatively Email:

Donate your art to AIDS orphans auction website

Last year the Art for AIDS Orphans auction raised over a million rands for AIDS orphans. Organizer Nicci Bailey is currently setting up a permanent charity website gallery,, and are requesting that all artists who would like to donate a piece for this worthy cause to log onto our site.

Contact: Nicci Bailey

Submissions invited for Sprung!

Short notice, but the seasons wait for no-one: Elke Hond Algemene Kunstenaars are putting together a cheap and cheerful spring show called 'Sprung!' at our new studio/ gallery, Kalm Karoo, in Montagu. We know it's min dae, but we hope some of you may be able to come up and either:

a) produce a quick low-to-no-budget installation on site, from Friday September 19, 9am till late,
b) do a performance or edible art for the opening on Saturday,
c) bring any spring-friendly work you'd like to show to a new audience (we accept Kebble Awards rejections), or
d) just drive by and hoot or wave.

We will be showing 'The Blunt Wedge' (a photo installation recently returned from the Grahamstown festival) and 'Nege jaar later' (a working model of a memorial garden for next year's 10th anniversary of democracy in SA).

The show opens at 12pm, Saturday September 20

Tel: (023) 614-2100 or 072 685-9814


International masterclass on Creation and Design for Interactive Systems

Applications are open for the 2004 edition of the International Masterclass on Creation and Design for Interactive Systems, organised by MECAD/ Media Centre of Art and Design of the Superior School of Design ESDi. The masterclass will train designers, creators and producers in digital interactive systems within the fields of culture, interactive art, corporate and institutional production, education and other related fields.

The masterclass takes place with professors of international prestige and with the collaboration of two other prestigious centres: ZKM - Centre for Art and Media, Germany, and KHM - Media Art Academy in Cologne, Germany. The masterclass takes place from February 16 to July 9, 2004.

The masterclass will be held at Passeig de Gr�cia, 114, pral., Barcelona, Spain.

For more information:
MECAD\Media Centre d_Art i Disseny de ESDi
Passeig de Gràcia, 114, pral.
08008 Barcelona (Spain)

Tel.: (+34) 93 416 00 00
Fax: (+34) 93 237 74 74

Professional documentation

If you need any professional art documentation done for reproduction or electronic purposes, please contact me for artist friendly quotes.

I work from a studio I hire in Rosebank, Johannesburg. It�s very secure and there is a lock-up space if works needs to stay for documentation. I am also available to do location documentation for large/ permanent installations. I work on transparency, mostly medium format, but also 35mm upon request. High-resolution drum scanning can also be arranged. References are available if you're not familiar with my work.

Hannelie Coetzee
Tel: (011) 447-1529 or 082 810 1835

New Post-graduate Courses in Media Art & Design in Spain

MECAD, or the Media Centre of Art and Design, is accepting applications for its new Master, Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificates courses in the areas of curatorial and critical practices, organization of cultural events and art management. Based in Barcelona, Spain, the focus on these courses is on media art (electronic art, multimedia, Internet, etc.). MECAD offers four academic programmes:
Master on Curatorial and Cultural Practices in Art and New Media This course offers a complete and solid training in the above-mentioned areas. It is aimed to superior graduates and professionals looking for highly specialized knowledge. The course runs from March to September 2003, with the possibility of taking the course in 2 years
Postgraduate Diploma on Curatorial and Cultural Practices in Art and New Media This course offers extensive training in curatorial practices and art management focused on art and new media. Course runs April to July 2003 (part time).
Postgraduate Certificate in Electronic Arts Communication and Criticism This course offers intensive training in journalism and criticism focused on electronic arts. It is not necessary to have a degree to apply. Course runs March to May 2003.
Postgraduate Certificate in Electronic Arts History and Aesthetics Offering specialised training in the areas of electronic art history, theory and aesthetics, the course runs from April to June 2003.

For more information:
Tel.: (+34) 93 745 70 40 Fax: (+34) 93 726 81 83


Arts and Culture Marketing Association of South Africa logo design competition

The Arts and Culture Marketing Association of South Africa (ACMASA) is the first formal association for marketing practitioners in the arts industry in South Africa and was formed in May this year. ACMASA follows the current and significant trend within the arts to organise national formations to look after, develop and represent the interests of practitioners within the industry.

The concept of arts marketing is a relatively fledgling discipline, which is vitally important and sadly under-resourced. The needs and interests of arts marketers are of such a nature as to warrant a separate national organisation to promote and develop this area, as growth in the arts and culture sector needs strategic and needs-specific marketing.

As an organisation that will necessarily engage with crossovers between existing national bodies, including PANSA, VANSA and NACSA, ACMASA plans to establish links with existing marketing and PR organisations in South Africa. This will facilitate and initiate projects to lobby media for greater support of the arts; to impart basic skills, insights and marketing knowledge to members; to keep members informed of arts marketing trends; and to develop further marketing skills among members.

The criteria for the logo design are:

1. It must be a reflection of the aims and partnerships represented by ACMASA's relationship to both the arts and business
2. It should be bold, contemporary and reflect 'out-of-the-box' thinking and attitudes
3. It should be distinctly South African but have international/ global appeal
4. It must be a non-discipline specific, arts-friendly image
5. It must be faxable and remain clear
6. It must be easy to included on an e-mail
7. It must be usable for letterheads, brochures, comp slips and any other printed material

Please present both a colour and black-and-white version of your logo and include a written motivation for your design.

The deadline for entries is September 26, 2003.

The winner will receive a cash prize of R 1,000 and will be announced at a function in October.

The logo design must be posted to ACMASA, Postnet Suite 114, Private Bag X7, Parkview, 2122, JHB.

Please contact Kathryn Smith on Tel: (011) 339-2679 or Email:, Tammy Ballantyne Tel: (011) 880-5486 or Email:, or Bridget van Oerle Tel: (011) 673-4995 or

Call for submissions to New York-based Big magazine's South Africa issue

For over twelve years now the New York-based magazine BIG has been investigating the spirit and soul of places around the globe: New Jersey, Chile, Paris, Brazil, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles. The list is endlessly growing, and soon it will include South Africa.

Founded in Spain in 1991, by the Chilean Marcelo Junneman, BIG is regarded to be one of the most interesting and innovative magazines currently around. Initially based in Spain, BIG moved to New York in 1995. Its content is formed from a collaboration of the world's top photographers, designers and writers. BIG now produces each issue in a different country with different teams of contributors.

The magazine is considered a free space, unbounded by traditional magazine editorial constraints. The creative community have recognised this. BIG magazine "prides itself on high production values, encouraging the cream of the world's magazine photographers," commented The Sunday Times of London. "The magazine's commitment to quality and broad editorial freedom has always meant that it could attract the strongest talent," stated Creative Review. "What began in 1991 as a revolt against publishing norms has itself become a norm for the 21st century," said Wired.

Amongst its wide ranging list of past collaborators and contributors are: Martin Parr, Joel Meyerowitz, Tim Burton, Stefan Ruiz, Terry Richardson, Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton-Jones, Sean Ellis, Mario Sorrenti, Javier Vallhonrat, Oscar Niemeier (architect), James Jarvis (illustrator), David Carson (designer), Lee Swillingham (designer), Ekow Eshun (editor), Doug Aitken (artist), Katie Grand (stylist).

Recent accolades include: Gold Medal in Photography, The Society of Publication Designers, New York (2001, 2000), Merit Awards, The Society of Publication Designers, New York (2002, 2001, 1999)

The Call: South African photographers, artists, illustrators, this is a call for submissions, an invitation to you to participate in the realisation of 'BIG South Africa: Year Ten'. If you are interested in being published in this award winning title, in being associated with a creative network of art directors, photographers, writers and editors already features in BIG, this is your opportunity.

Concept Overview: In 2004 South Africa will celebrate its tenth birthday. When the time comes to celebrate it, the local and international media will doubtlessly be asking many questions. How? What? When? Who? Complex questions that will inevitably deal with quantity and measure. 'BIG South Africa: Year Ten' offers South African image makers a unique opportunity to explain this country, not only to fellow South Africans but a visually aware international audience. 'BIG South Africa: Year Ten' offers photographers (primarily) an opportunity to present South Africa in a visual language that is determinedly their own. It is an opportunity to playfully question our accepted visual codes and frame South Africa in a way no one else is seeing it.

The Brief: This is an open call to photographers, artists and illustrators to put forward their ideas. Without being prescriptive, the editor has put forward the following concept ideas, which are open to interpretation.

1. Pierneef and the Troubled Landscape: Pierneef's much debated paintings of South Africa from the 1920s once celebrated the Union. What do his vantage points present today? What is the status of Pierneef's landscape?
2. Fashion as a found object: Seydou Keita's 1950s images offer a static portrait of a period while revealing Africa's fascination with costume and personal portraiture. Shift the locus from 1950s Mali to contemporary South Africa, to a wedding, an AIDS funeral, a soccer game. How do we dress up, and how do we interact with the lens?
3. After Boksburg: David Goldblatt's seminal study of Boksburg offers a memorable portrait of a time now consigned to the dustbin of history. Or maybe not. All over South Africa a new middle class is emerging, taking title to more than simply a house. Is anyone recording this historic birth of a nation? Is there not something of Robert Adams in this subject matter?
4. The new baroque: Razor wire fencing, armed response signage, doll's house watch posts, suburban enclosures, surveillance. Is Kendell Geers the only person to have photographed South Africa's new laager encampments?
5. Hello, I'm not from here: Beit Bridge, Komatipoort, Park Station. Who are they? Why do all South Africans fear them? Why do we continue to speak of immigrants as other? Will a series of facial portraits, in the style of Togo's great photographer Cornelius Yao Azaglo Augustt, reveal anything more beyond the visible surface?

The Team: 'BIG South Africa: Year Ten' will be edited by Sean O'Toole (editor of ArtThrob/freelance writer), with Marcelo Junneman providing creative direction. Garth Walker, of Orange Juice Design/i-jusi, will design this issue (TBC).

Contribution Deadline: December 1, 2003 (All final material ready for review.)

Newsstands: September 2004

Print Run: 50,000

Circulation: 30,000 (USA), 13,000 (Europe), 5,000 (Asia), 2,000 (South America) - based on Big USA series. A further 5,000 issues will be made available locally in South Africa.

For further details on how to schedule a portfolio review date as well as a PDF format overview document, contact Sean O'Toole at:

Tel: (011) 339 3724/ (073) 146 2046
Email: or

IOC Olympic and Art Competition

Sport and Olympism is the basic theme and can be interpreted in any way by the artist. The contest is open to South African Nationals of any age.

1 sculpture
1 graphic work (painting, drawing, engravings etc.)
There are no restrictions on the choice of technique

Dimensions: The dimensions of the works may not exceed:
Sculptures - 2 x 1.5 x 1.5m including packaging which may not exceed 100kg
Graphic works - 2 x 1.5m, including frame, which must be included.
Both categories include abstract art

Time Frame:
SA Closing Date - October 31, 2003
Adjudication Date - November 15, 2003
SA Sending CD to IOC -November 25, 2003
IOC Closing Date - November 30, 2003

SA Prizes:
Participation at the Junior Delphic Games in 2004 and Senior Delphi Games 2005.

IOC Prizes:
First Prize - US$ 30,000
Second Prize - US$ 20,000
Third Prize - US$ 10,000

National Jury:
NOC President
Member of the Delphic Council
Art experts and academics
The decision of the jury is final and not subject to appeal.

Entry Forms:
Artist Name and Short Biography in maximum of 400 words
Title of the work of art
Type of work, supporting material and the technique
Dimensions and weight of the work with and without packaging
Insurance value in USD
Several high quality images (CD-ROM or email images in .jpg format or print images) of the works entered in the international phase of the contest
No work that already belongs to a museum or a private collection can be entered in this contest. Works entered in this contest must be free of any third party rights. The contest organiser shall not be liable in relation to any such third party rights.
The decision of the jury is final and not subject to appeal
The top three works of art in each category in the international phase shall become the property of the IOC. The IOC reserves all reproduction rights for all works entered in the contest.

International Phase:
IOC will handle this phase
Top eight works in each category will be displayed at the IOC Museum
Selection will be in March 2004

Jury for International Phase:
IOC President
Members IOC Commission for Culture and Olympic Education
Art experts and academics from the five continents
No work that already belongs to a museum or a private collection can be entered in this contest. Works entered in this contest must be free of any third party rights. The contest organiser shall not be liable in relation to any such third party rights.
Decision of the jury is final and not subject to appeal
The top three works of art in each category in the international phase shall become the property of the IOC. The IOC reserves all reproduction rights for all works entered in the contest.

The IOC is the final deciding authority governing the contest and the interpretation of these rules.

Tel: (011) 483-3788

transmediale .04 and club transmediale .04: Call for entries

'transmediale' is an annual festival for art and the creative usage of digital media. The festival shows new and significant projects of digital culture and offers reflections on the role of digital technologies in contemporary society. It is a forum of communication for artists, media workers and a broad public interested in the arts.

transmediale Award
Prizes worth EUR 2,500 will be awarded in each of the three categories: Interaction, Image and Software. The 'transmediale.04' invites the submission of artistic projects developed since 2001 in the above fields. The award winners will be selected by three separate international juries (see website). The award winning works and others will be invited to 'transmediale.04' and will be presented, circumstances permitting, in the exhibition, screenings, the media lounge or on stage.

Werkleitz Award
The 'Werkleitz Award 2004' is an award for outstanding media art productions which critically reflect social processes. It is donated by the Werkleitz Gesellschaft in co-operation with transmediale. The 'Werkleitz Award 2004' consists of a EUR 2.000 cash prize and additional non-cash benefits of up to EUR 3.000. The non-cash benefits consist of the temporary use of the production facilities at the Werkleitz Gesellschaft, logistical support, free webspace and free participation in an appropriate workshop. All productions submitted to transmediale.04 in the field of interaction, image and software will be taken into consideration. A jury of the festival will nominate the winner. Visit

1. Image:
Linear and non-linear moving images - This category includes works that deal with the aesthetics of moving images and that reflect the role of the image in the age of digital, interactive and network media. Such works can deal with the transformation of visual languages and the emerging, non-linear forms of narration, as well as with innovative forms of presentation and reception and with the combination of images with sounds and other forms of artistic expression. Going beyond the by now classical video format, the Image category also covers projects in areas like video performance, Internet movie or interactive story telling.

2. Interaction:
The Interaction - Interactive Systems category covers artistic productions focusing on human interaction with and through digital media. Interactive systems consist of several components, which combine to create an artwork that can be experienced individually or collectively and whose outcome is relatively open and dependent on the recipient's participation. These can be locally based systems like installations or performances, as well as open, networked processes or actions. The evaluation of these works hinges on their reflection of current social and cultural conditions and on the choice of adequate media and components, which articulate the intention of the project.

3. Software:
Software - Generative Art includes projects whose main artistic material is programme code, or which deal with the cultural understanding of software. Thus, software is not understood as a functional tool serving the 'real' artistic work, but as a generative means for the creation of mechanic and social processes. Software art can be the result of an autonomous and formal creative practice, but it can also refer the cultural and social meaning of software, or reflect on existing software through strategies like collage or critique.

club transmediale
club transmediale is the media art festival's independent platform for new forms of digital music and media art in the context of sound- and club culture. Its aim is to present outstanding productions in digital music, audiovisual performance and installation, as well as to discuss recent artistic and technical developments. club transmediale presents productions that explore performative concepts and the interaction between different media formats - especially image and sound - in an experimental manner. It encourages the crossover of institutional, academic and subcultural contexts. club transmediale reflects on the role of contemporary music culture as a changing agent for the present society.

Fly Utopia
The theme of transmediale.04 is Fly Utopia! In contrast, the transmediale award competition is an independent element of the festival, so that submissions to the competition can relate to the festival theme, but they don't have to. Likewise, it is possible to send in concepts, project proposals and materials about the theme, independent of the competition.

Dreams and illusions have been abandoned by our present society only on the surface. Rather, after the collapse of the 20th century's grand ideologies there is once again an increasing search for concepts that point beyond the restrictions of the factual and that offer visions of the old and the new potentials of creative action. In this context, digital media, and technology in general, maintain their ambivalent image as objects of utopian hope and as signs of an impending apocalypse.

The modern crises of reality are counter-poised by utopian ideas, imaginary places which offer alternatives to what seems to be unavoidable. These utopias are at times located in the fantastic worlds of mythical pasts, in the parallel worlds of the present, or in science fiction futures. These sites house both positive and negative utopias: while some promise a paradise of harmony and perfection, others contain the threat of perfected societies of control and surveillance. Utopias are the vehicles with which these hypothetical sites can be visited and explored.

Fly Utopia! attempts the journey into the destinations of an imagination which tries to leave the boundaries of reality behind. What could be the goals of an artistic practice which tries to overcome the disillusionment of the present? Is it possible to conceive of utopias that are not locations, but in themselves practices, lines of flight, or conceptual zones, only waiting to be occupied?

'transmediale.04' is an invitation for an excursion into the utopias of a time steeped in media and technologies.

The overall festival theme is also the theme for club transmediale. Entries for club transmediale can but do not necessarily have to relate to the festival theme. Requested are recent productions in the fields of electronic and digital music, audiovisual performance, video/VJ-ing, sound art, installation, club design and light art.

Conditions for entry:
Entries must arrive by September 15, 2003. You can download a submission form at:

Accepted media: S-VHS and VHS-tapes, Mini-DVs (Pal), DVDs, CD-ROMs, Zip cartridges, Floppy Discs (3.5), Websites. No demo versions - only finished works!

The evaluation by the jury requires good documentation of submitted works (especially in the fields of Software and Interaction). Where appropriate, an explanation should be given as to which aspects of the works the jury should consider in particular. Mailing costs will be borne by the entrant. Submissions will be returned on request only, subject to the following conditions: submissions from Germany must have a stamped and self-addressed envelope enclosed; submissions from abroad must have a E10 bill (cash only) enclosed.

There will be no insurance cover for the material received. Should a work be damaged through the fault of the 'transmediale' only the material value will be reimbursed.

Works submitted must be in German or English or have subtitles in either of these languages. Works in other languages must be accompanied by a text list in German or English.

Customs Declarations:
The 'transmediale' will only accept packages from abroad whose customs declaration forms have been completed correctly. Packages dispatched from outside the European Union must bear the following information: indication of the content plus the note 'Not for trade - temporary loan for festival. Value = 0'.

The conditions of entry are equally valid for 'transmediale' and club transmediale. Entries for club transmediale at the same time can participate in the transmediale award competition. Please mark the appropriate category in the entry form.

Please send all entries to:
transmediale, Klosterstrasse 68-70 / 10179 Berlin / Germany

Artists' residencies offered at Greatmore Studios

There are two visiting artists' residencies available at Greatmore Studios in Woodstock, Cape Town, in January, February and March 2004. One of these is specifically for an artist from South Africa and the other for an artist from Africa (but outside of this country). Both residencies are funded fully by the Arts and Culture Trust of the President and National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund respectively.

The cost of transport to and from Cape Town, however, is the responsibility of the artist. For artists outside of South Africa, we may be able to recommend funders to cover these costs should you have tried and failed to receive funding yourselves. Should you be interested in applying, please find the application form and further information on .

Applications should reach the committee of Greatmore by November 13, 2003. We request that you apply through the post.

The International Festival of New Technologies, Art and Communication: Ciber@RT Bilbao 2004

The International Festival of New Technologies, Art and Communication: Ciber@RT Bilbao 2004 has opened its registration period for the Call for Presentation. Those interested can present their work to the various sections of the festival: Net-Art, Off-Line Multimedia Projects, International Conference, Computer-generated Animation, 'Minimisation' and Interactive Installations.

Under the theme 'Challenges for a Ubiquitous Identity', the festival will take place in Bilbao from April 23 - 30, 2004. The 2004 festival is organised by the Town Hall of Bilbao through the following entities: Fundaci�n Bilbao Arte, Lan Ekintza and Bilbao Iniciativas Tur�sticas.

Those interested can find the Call for Participation on the festival at The deadline for presenting papers for the congress is the November 30, 2003 and the deadline for the artwork is December 15.

Since the festival's beginning in 1995, its main goal has been to approach the essential elements of artistic production through digital media and to contemplate the changes produced in society as a consequence of the presence of resources, processes and mediation of technology. Ciber@RT has become a world showcase for the art of new media and contemporary research.

Ciber@RT Bilbao 2004
Avd. Reino de Valencia, 58 - 8
46005 Valencia - Spain
Tel: 00 34 96 373 0181
Fax: 00 34 96 373 0545

Perspectives '03 competition and showcase - call for submissions

JavaMuseum organises this event online and offline in cooperation with Computer Space Festival Sofia/ Bulgaria and Goethe Institute - Internationes Sofia/ Bulgaria.

'Perspectives'03' will focus on the net-based art production from 2002/ 2003. The competition is thematically open and encompasses all technological aspects allowed by net-based art.

All artists who are producing net-based work are invited to submit up to three works completed after January 1, 2002. Only URLs may be submitted to the competition, and finalists will be invited to send their works also as digital files for an eventual offline display.

Please use this format for your submission:

1. First name/ name of artist, email, URL;
2. A brief bio/ CV (not more than 300 words);
3. Title and URL of the max 3 projects/works;
4. A short work description for each work (not more than 300 words);
5. A screen shot for each submitted work (max 800x600 pixels, .jpg)

Send all this information to:

Deadline: September 1, 2003

Call for photographic contributions

Have you ever dressed up in the 'costumes' of another culture? Did you have your photo taken? Can I get a copy?

I'm putting together a collection from around the world of the sorts of photographs described above. The collection will be made entirely from donated photographs and go on display in an exhibition called 'Strangers to Ourselves', to be held in Canterbury Museum and Gallery this October.

Your photographs can be sent as digital files or else the originals or a good colour photocopy. They will be scanned and returned to you.

Deadline for submission September 30.

Erika Tan
Studio 10, The Old Fire Station
30 Gillender Street, London E14 6RH
United Kingdom

Invitation to submit a tile to art project

Mary Sherman is an artist and the founder of a non-for-profit, artists run organization, Trans Cultural Exchange. TCE has put on shows at the Trans Hudson Gallery in New York, in Korea and at the London Biennale. These shows were made up of artists from around the world's works. TCE were exploring the idea of the globalisation of images, etc.

Last year TCE also staged a huge project, called the Coaster Project ( 100 artists around the world made 100 coaster sized art works. Each artist then sent their works, which were re-combined to make 100 sets of coaster sized art works by 100 artists. These were sent back to the 100 artists who showed them in their country and then gave them away freely as coasters at bars, restaurants, etc. The North East chapter of the International Art Critics Association awarded the project, "Best show in an alternative space outside of New York" and TCE received extensive press.

For next year TCE are doing a somewhat similar project with tiles ( 100 artists will make 20 tiles and send them to TCE's 20 sites, where they will be installed as composite piece (mosaics, fountains, parts of sculptures, etc.). In addition, 20 universities around the world will make/swap and install tiles at their universities (MIT's glass lab, for instance, is also participating). Both the Soros Foundation and the US Art in Embassies Program are assisting with this project.

Artists, universities or schools interested in participating in the project should visit TCE's website,, where invitations for artists, univerisities, schools are listed in the section titled Invite to Participate. You can also email Mary Sherman at



Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Trondheim, Norway

Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (LKV) was established in 1993. The name means "artists' workshops in Lademoen" (Lademoen is the name of a part of Trondheim). LKV contains 34 artists' studios, 6 workshops and 2 guest studios. The studios and workshops are located in an old school building dating from the turn of the century. The five-storey building has a total floor area of 2 264m2. In addition to 34 private studios the facility also includes two project rooms at 90 and 55m2 respectively. Over the last 6 years we have built up a printmaking workshop, photographic dark room, metal and welding workshop, carpentry, a computer room and digital video editing suite. LKV is run as a foundation.

LKV offers two guest studios (50m2, headroom 3,8m). The studios contain some basic tools (hammer, screwdrivers, stapler etc). The studio flats (30m2, fully furnished accommodation includes bedroom/living room, kitchen and bathroom) are located in a connected building. Both the studios and the flats are provided free of charge to artists from all over the world for a duration of 1 to 3 months. Longer residency can be negotiated in special circumstances. The rent for the studios is paid by the local authorities.

Residents may be asked to give lectures about their work for other artists in Trondheim. LKV does not have a gallery, any exhibition must take place in the studio, in one of our project rooms or outside LKV's premises. Guest artists may use the workshops by paying a fee. The guest artists are selected once a year by a committee of 3 professional artists on the basis of applications with slides or other documentation of work.

Trondheim is situated in the centre of Norway and lies on a fjord two hours from the open sea. The city is surrounded by a fine landscape of agricultural land, forests, hills and highlands with more mountainous regions to the south and east. Trondheim is the 3rd largest city in Norway. The city has throughout history been a cultural, spiritual, commercial and an educational centre including the University (NTNU) with institutes for film and drama, philosophy, anthropology, architecture, industrial design, construction technology and technical research. Trondheim has a rich cultural life with an art academy, music conservatory, symphony orchestra, concert hall, theatres, cinemas, clubs, bars and cafes.

For more information and application forms, contact Kjetil Krøvel (manager, LVK) at

Tel: +47 73 51 3515 (Mon, Tues, Thurs 10am - 4pm)
Fax: +47 73 51 3372

Surreal Estates Live/Work Community for visual artists, designers, mixed media artists and others

Surreal Estates, Ink, Sacramento, California, USA, invites visual artists, stage designers, mixed media artists and other artists interested to join their Live/Work Community in the Dixieanne neighborhood of Uptown Sacramento. Surreal Estates is a unique artist-owned project and invites visual artists to apply for ownership of a residence (500-700 square feet) and detached studio (800-1200 square feet).

The Uptown Art District, Surreal Estates' neighborhood, is the fresh, fertile and fascinating art scene in Sacramento. Opportunities abound for artists. Come be a part of Sacramento, and Surreal Estates!

For more information visit:


Position available with Flash Art

Would you like to work in Italy for Flash Art? Is your mother tongue English? Are you experienced in writing, proofreading, and copy-editing your texts and others in English? Are you into contemporary art? Are you familiar with Mac programmes like Quark X-Press, Word, Photoshop, and Internet? You are invited to join us in Milan for a year or two (or even more if you like) to work for Flash Art International. You will work with the magazine and news pages editors, and you'll have the possibility to express your dynamism, initiative and creativity. It will be a very important experience because you will work in an editorial desk (such as Flash Art is) at which the most acclaimed critics and curators of today started out. It is a job that will offer experience in contemporary art that no other job or university can provide. We can offer a monthly wage and a flat next to the office. Working hours are from 9am - 6pm.

If you are really interested, motivated, and in possession of the required prerequisites, send your CV.

Giancarlo Politi

Desperately seeking Moses Tladi

Angela Lloyd is an author with a mission and she is hoping that the public may be able to help. After extensive research into the life of artist, Moses Tladi (1903-59), Lloyd is now nearing completion of a biography on the artist she describes as the first black painter to exhibit formerly in South Africa and at the SA National Gallery.

Although 40 of Tladi's works have come to light over the past decade, certain works are still missing, many of which have never been shown. Tladi was an accomplished realist landscape painter who made a valuable contribution to South African art. However, despite flourishing in the 1930's, gaining public attention and prizes, his life ended tragically and his work and reputation vanished. Lloyd now aims to redress this omission in our country's art history.

Since Lloyd wishes to include all the works of Tladi in her book (there is also an upcoming exhibition), she asks to be contacted by anyone who might know the whereabouts of his missing paintings, particularly the 1933 painting of protesting worshippers entitled "Donkey Church".

Lloyd can be contacted at Tel: (021) 686 9141 or (083) 308 6351, or Fax: (021) 686 344. She lives in Rosebank, Cape Town.

The Dedalus Foundation seeks information on works by Robert Motherwell

The Dedalus Foundation, a not-for-profit organization established by Robert Motherwell, is pleased to announce the forthcoming Catalogue Raisonn� of Paintings and Collages by Robert Motherwell.

The Foundation would be grateful to receive information about any paintings, collages, and works on paper (other than prints) by Robert Motherwell that are owned by collectors, museums, galleries, or other institutions.

Any information, including photographs and documentation, should be addressed to:

Joachim Pissarro, Director; or Donny Meyer, Research Associate
Catalogue Raisonné Project
The Dedalus Foundation
555 West 57th Street, Suite 1222
New York, NY 10019

Tel: 212 220-0014
Fax: 212 220-4225

AfricanAperture seeks partners

"I'm a London-based photographer though I was born and lived in Kenya until adulthood and harbour a long interest in Africa and photography. I'm married to Christine, my most sure critic and site partner, with one daughter Carina. Besides publishing a couple of articles in the Czech magazine Koktejl, I spent the last few years in Prague working in IT to keep afloat while raising our daughter. I learnt about the web and since moving to London have now revived my photographic interest with this site. I'm a photographer for hire as well as a web designer but I am looking to expand the AfricanAperture idea as far as it can go. Anyone interested in forming a partnership or funding the idea behind this site please contact me. I would like AfricanAperture to represent quality photographers and to become a support centre, perhaps even providing funding for particular projects related to the themes of the site. I would also like very much to bring out some local photographers living and working on the continent. Enjoy the multiple talents presented on the site!"

Philip Cartland, designer and founder of AfricanAperture.

AfricanAperture: Founded August 2002.

To provide exposure and bring together the very best photographers who focus on Africa (we also have a small section devoted to notable photographers of the world). To grow into a support organisation that may provide funding for the commission and publication of specific projects related to the site's themes.

Photography relating to environment, travel, culture and cultural diversity and humanity.

AfricanAperture provide easy access to the world of photography without excessive numbers of links. We do not want to waste your time so we choose the links very carefully making special effort to have no broken links and to provide only the best web sites. We have also collected a number of galleries presenting work by photographers we feel excel in their imagery and vision.


Opportunities for artists to teach in Colombia

The Centro Colombo Americano is a non-profit binational cultural centre, founded in 1947 by a group of interested North Americans and Colombians who wished to strengthen the relationships between their countries. The institution is dedicated to promoting human development through academic and cultural programmes with a multicultural perspective, fostering extensive exchange with the United States and the world. In the case of applicants who have a background in the arts, they will actively participate in our ABC programme, which is an initiative to bring the arts into the language-teaching classroom both for adults and for children. Practicing visual artists will also have the possibility to be considered for an exhibition in the centre gallery. For more information on our visual arts exhibition programme, visit our website at, and click on English version, then Gallery.
Medell�n is a pleasant city in the heart of the Andes Mountains, with a year-round temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit. With more than two million inhabitants, it is known for its vigorous industrial development and its beautiful flowers. The people, called 'Paisas', are known for their friendliness and clearly spoken Spanish. You can read more about Medell�n and Colombia in, or
Should you have any questions, please feel free to email us and we will arrange to call you to speak personally. We are sure that you will find working with us professionally challenging and fulfilling. Please feel free to check our website for further information on the Center.
If you are interested, send your CV and a recent photo to:
The Academic Director
Centro Colombo Americano
Carrera 45 No. 53-24
Medell�n, Colombia, South America
Tel: (574) 513-4444 Ext.237, Fax: (574) 513-2666

The new Michaelis Art Shop

The Michaelis Art Shop has moved and reopened in a space adjacent to the school's gallery. The shop supplies a wide range of fine art materials and offers student discounts on presentation of a valid student card. The shop is competitively priced and now officially open to the public.

The Gallery, Michaelis Art School, Hiddingh Campus, 31-37 Orange Street, Gardens
Tel: (021) 426 1948
Hours: 9am to 5pm on weekdays