Archive: Issue No. 84, August 2004

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Conrad Botes

Conrad Botes
Theatre of Cruelty


News Feature: Sound Art

   [01.08.04] Postcards Home
In a series of short notes, three South African artists living abroad and working predominantly with sound, share some of their techniques and experiences by discussing their current sound art projects.

   [01.08.04] Sounds Like...
Multimedia conceptualist, James Sey dissects and explores Sound and Radio Art.

   [01.08.04] Sonic Mysticism
Warrick Sony, pioneer of South African electronica and founder of the legendary Kalahari Surfers, reminisces about his early influences and studio techniques.

   [01.08.04] Noise
Aryan Kaganof examines the phenomenon of 'noise' and its devoted adherents with a critical eye.

   [01.08.04] Cape Town Prêt-à-Protest: the Word and the Blues
Julian Jonker gets his tongue around Cape Town's 'spoken word' scene, these days imploding under its own weight but for the efforts of a few exceptional proponents.

   [01.08.04] The music of the ephemera
James Webb traces UK-based Mira Calix's music back to her Durban origins.

Other News

   [01.08.04] Conrad Botes takes top honours at the 2004 ABSA L'Atelier
The 2004 ABSA L'Atelier Award was presented to painter and comic artist Conrad Botes, and, for the first time, a second prize was awarded to the young artist Belinda Zangewa.

   [01.08.04] Trinity down to two
The Trinity Session, masterminds behind The Premises Gallery among other projects, is losing one of their members, Kathryn Smith.

   [01.08.04] 'Artiade' - Bringing art and athletics together
An exhibition will run at the Olympics in Athens this year featuring prominent international artists including three South Africans

   [01.08.04] Art fosters urban renewal
Artist Dorothee Kreutzfeldt is joining other socially aware artists and has utilised her Masters project to create painting in public a collaborative signage project in Johannesburg's city centre.

   [01.08.04] Kebble award gets closer
The final selections have been made by Clive van den Berg and others for the ultimate exhibition in Cape Town that will result in some lucky winners come October

   [01.08.04] Young Capetonian artists market themselves
A group of Capetonian artists known as 'Bateau Laveau' have joined resources to create a supportive environment, in which to make art and are gaining an international reputation.

   [01.08.04] In Memoriam
Colin Richards remembers with great fondness artist, teacher, community worker and art therapist Mamatlakeng Maggie Makhoana.