Archive: Issue No. 92, April 2005

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Gerard Sekoto

Cover of the CD


Wim Botha

Wim Botha
Tremor, 2005
Mixed Media installation, ceiling 850 x 7800 x 3550mm


Stephan Erasmus

Stephan Erasmus
Love letter from New York


   [08.04.05] Songs of Sekoto in South Africa
Gerard Sekoto has long been celebrated as a visual artist. Last year a cd was released which posthumously proves his enormous versatility.


   [08.04.05] Wim Botha at Michael Stevenson Contemporary
Wim Botha's new work spans a larger scope, referring to the impact of global concerns and ideologies on individuals and groups in conflict. Kim Gurney reviews the latest solo exhibition of the Standard Bank Young Artist for 2005.

   [08.04.05] Jennifer Lovemore-Reed at Bell-Roberts
Artist Jennifer Lovemore-Reed spent '45 minutes as object' in her latest artwork, which is part performance and part video. Kim Gurney reviews this glimpse into human nature and the dualities of experience.


   [08.04.05] Dumile Feni: A retrospective exhibition at the Johannesburg Art Gallery<
Matriculant Jacqui Brener reviews the Dumile retrospective at the Johannesburg Art Gallery as part of a 'professional shadowing' project in which she elected to work alongside ArtThrob's Gauteng editor, Robyn Sassen.

   [08.04.05] 'the drift between' at the Substation Gallery, Wits
Wits MA students' show 'the drift between' demonstrates that technology in art is neither new or inaccessible.

   [08.04.05] Stephan Erasmus at Gordart
Stephan Erasmus' 'Requiem for a Cipher' balances opposites: sorrowful love, deep witticisms and also beauty. Robyn Sassen found his show to be clever but not slick, and craft-imbued but not technologically boastful.

   [08.04.05] 'Illuminando Vidas' at the Bensusan
'Illuminando Vidas' is an exhibition of photographs from Mozambique taken by 16 photographers between 1950 and 2001. Robyn Sassen found this watershed exhibition surprisingly devoid of meaningful accessible context.

   [08.04.05] Bronwen Findlay at David Krut
Bronwen Findlay is well known as a painter in her native KwaZulu Natal. Last month, she emerged in Johannesburg as a printmaker, working with the physical and social texture in Lesotho blankets. Robyn Sassen investigated.