Archive: Issue No. 89, January 2005

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Cover for the new South African art information directory


Penny Siopis

Penny Siopis
Forgotten Family Portrait, 1996
Mixed media


Blind Spaces

From left- Pablo lobato (brazil), Doung Jahangwer (durban), Henry Mshololo (durban), Own Oppenheimer (UK), Marcos Hill (brazil) back, Joacelio "7" Silva (brazil)
Picture taken by Paul Edmunds


   [07.01.05] Little Brother, Big Brother
This is the first in a regular series of columns by our New York correspondent (currently in Europe as you will read), Joost Bosland. He pulls few punches and his fresh, interrogatory approach is perhaps a useful antidote to much of what has been seen as sycophantic and uncritical South African writing on art.

   [07.01.05] The NAC - the saga continues
Following previous reporting, the current NAC board has been dissolved by Minister Jordan, have appealed this action and now the public is left wondering who will head the NAC and when.

   [07.01.05] NACSA responds to the axing of the entire NAC board
Artists must help the National Arts Council (NAC) realise its objectives, according to the Network for Arts and Culture South Africa (NACSA). Kim Gurney reports.

   [07.01.05] The South African art information directory for 2005 is now available
The second annual SAAID has been published to continue providing a crucial source of comprehensive information on the South African visual arts.

   [07.01.05] Penny Siopis monograph to be published
Artist Penny Siopis will have an authoritative monograph published on her work. It will be launched this month at Goodman Gallery.

   [07.01.05] SAFM Arts programmes reshuffled
When SAFM announced the axing of several arts related programmes late last year, alarm bells sounded. As it turns out, the change has been for the better. Robyn Sassen reports.

   [07.01.05] 'Blind Spaces' - people and places from the Cities, a collaborative initiative by PULSE (Durban) and CEIA (Brazil)
'Blind Spaces' is a collaborative project by a number of South African and Brazilian artists and theoreticians and unfolds over the next few months in Johannesburg, Durban, Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte. Gabi Ngcobo writes.