Archive: Issue No. 99, November 2005

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Cameron Platter

Cameron Platter
The Attack of the Zebras From Outer Space (The Second Coming... ), 2005
pencil crayon on paper, 130 x 190cm


Paul Edmunds

Paul Edmunds
Sieve (detail), 2005
188 x 105 cm


Marco Cianfanelli

Marco Cianfanelli
Orbit Series, 2005
Laser-cut mild steel and rock
Dimensions variable
self-inking rubber stamps


Red Eye

Street view
Red Eye Art, Intersection, 2005



   [04.11.05] Cameron Platter at Bell-Roberts
Cameron Platter's 'Life is very Interesting' at Bell-Roberts is marked by the artist's trademark quirkiness and wit, but, feels reviewer Linda Stupart, is not served well by its 'perfectionist aesthetic' where there could be more mistakes.

   [04.11.05] Diane Victor and Churchill Madikida at Michael Stevenson
While Linda Stupart believes that it is useful and challenging to see a cultural producer like Churchill Madikida making work that actually deals with the realities of AIDS as an incurable and fatal disease, his body of work, 'Status', is not without flaws. On th other hand, in spite of their beauty and delicacy, Diane Victor's 'Smoke Portraits' are not what we have come to expect of this artist.

   [04.11.05] Adriaan van Zyl - Paintings
This piece by visiting American artist and critic Claire Wolf Krantz was written earlier this year after a visit to the artist's studio, when she was afforded the opportunity to see the work he is currently showing at the AVA.

   [04.11.05] The Cape Francolin Art Hotel
Kobus van der Merwe visits Riebeeck-Kasteel's Cape Francolin Hotel, an art hotel where 'salvaged architecture' competes for attention with exhibitions by the likes of Tracey Derrick, 'coffee poured from a golden pot' and even some Damien Hirst multiples.

   [04.11.05] Like Nine Pin
Student Nadja Daehnke reviews Dorothee Kreutzfeldt's fifth solo exhibition at the João Ferreira Gallery.

   [04.11.05] 'Revisions' at SANG
Student Mark Oppenheimer reviews 'Revisions' at the South African National Gallery.

   [04.11.05] Willie Bester at 34Long
Student Mark Oppenheimer reviews Willie Bester's exhibition at 34Long.

   [04.11.05] The Dumile Feni Retrospective at the SANG
Student Tavish McIntosh reviews Dumile Feni's retrospective at the South African National Gallery.

   [04.11.05] Paul Edmunds at João Ferreira
Student Tavish McIntosh reviews Paul Edmunds's exhibition at the João Ferreira gallery.


   [04.11.05] Walter Battiss retrospective at the Standard Bank Gallery
Robyn Sassen reviews the Walter Battiss retrospective at the Standard Bank Gallery.

   [04.11.05] Marco Cianfanelli at Gallery Momo
Marco Cinafanelli's latest show 'Projected Development' is the work of a prolific artist who strikes a balance between an understanding of his chosen materials and processes, and the importance of exploring new areas. Michael Smith argues that Cianfanelli's use of insignia and emblems calls attention to both their and our own emptiness and mutability.


   [04.11.05] Red Eye: Intersection
Durban as a city exists as crossing point and meeting place for the cultures of Asia, Europe and Africa and the buildings in the city centre are testament to this. Red Eye's latest production 'Intersection' goes far to reclaim and re-invigorate this inner city. Niall McNulty was there.

   [04.11.05] Themba Shibase at the KZNSA Gallery
While Themba Shibase's 'd'urban critique' offers clear insight into the artist's exploration of his black identity, Francesca Verga feels that the works on show were of an inconsistent quality.