Archive: Issue No. 112, December 2006

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CAPE Africa Platform alters organisational structure

The management committee of CAPE Africa Platform last month made some changes to their respective roles in the organisational structure of CAPE ahead of the much anticipated 'Trans Cape' exhibition to be held in Cape Town next year.

Former chief executive officer Susan Glanville-Zini has switched roles to become Head of Projects. Her shoes as CEO have been filled by Mirjam Asmal-Dik. Mokena Makeka, who is a founding member, has been appointed chairman of the board. He takes over from ACSA manager of business and market development Ian Bartes, who remains a CAPE director.

The new management committee will be decided later this month at a board meeting. It currently comprises Glanville-Zini, Asmal-Dik, Makeka and Bartes, along with director Zane Ibrahim.

'Trans Cape' will be held from March 24 - May 2 next year. Over 60 artists from 19 African countries are participating in the event, which will be held in over 20 venues and sites along a cultural route.