Archive: Issue No. 111, November 2006

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Berni Searle

Bernie Searle
Nightfall (detail of left screen) 2006
three-channel video projection
DVD format, shot on S16mm film
duration: 5min 52 sec


Stuart Bird

Stuart Bird
Slimy Bastards 2004
neck ties and wire


Pieter Hugo

Pieter Hugo
Justive Seronne, Worcester 2005
archival pigment on cotton rag paper
100 x 80cm


Zwelethu Mthethwa

Zwelethu Mthethwa
Sugar Cane Series 2003
lambda print


Ledelle Moe

Ledelle Moe
Collapse IV
mixed media
installation view


Snap Judgements

Mohamed Camara
Cactus de No 2: Quand je prendrai la place
du P No tu verras (When I take the place of
Santa Claus, you will see) 2001/2



   [05.11.06] Bernie Searle at Michael Stevenson
Berni Searle juxtaposes nuanced cultural commentary with sumptuous aesthetic sensitivity in her tumble down a grape mountain, says Tavish McIntosh in her review of 'Crush' at Michael Stevenson.

   [05.11.06] Lien Botha at Erdmann Contemporary
Andrew Lamprecht reviews Lien Botha's 'Amendment', finding himself little less baffled after attending a walkabout. He did find himself compelled to be silent and consider the work, however, despite not arriving at any fixed conclusion about the show.

Cape Student Reviews

Every year, aspiring art historians under the tutelage of Michael Godby try their hand at reviewing current shows. This month, we run three.

   [05.11.06] 'Want and Desire' at João Ferreira Gallery
'Of Want and Desire' alerts the viewer to the dangerous assumptions and labeling that can result from constructing notions of sexuality, says Chantal Louw, of the group show at João Ferreira Gallery .

   [05.11.06] 'Review' at 34Long
Juxtaposition of very different artists sets up an interesting dichotomy in 'Review' at 34Long, says Samuel Waumsley.

   [05.11.06] Marieke Kruger at Bell-Roberts
Marieke Kruger's richly layered exhibition 'To a Promised Land' creates a desire for intense concentration and discovery in the viewer, says Erin Odell. She connects the dots in a journey through biblical metaphors, ancient symbolism and surreal images.


   [05.11.06] Pieter Hugo at Warren Siebrits Modern and Contemporary Art
Pieter Hugo has established himself as a photographer of difference in a country obsessed with definitions and the markers of variation, says Michael Smith of 'Looking Aside', a collection of 3 recent bodies of his work on show at Warren Siebrits Modern and Contemporary.

   [05.11.06] Clive van den Berg at Goodman Gallery
Clive van den Berg's 'Skin and Ghosts', reveals how his work has shifted in recent years to increasingly reflect his understanding of the fallibility of the body. Michael Smith examines the degree to which van den Berg is willing to re-negotiate his terms with the body, and remain creatively productive for it.


   [05.11.06] VEGA Navigators and Sifiso KaMkame, Andrew Verster, Kristin Yang and Gabi Nkosi at the KZNSA Gallery
The marriage of Vega's 'out of the box' vision and Verster's bold proclamations results in a stimulating exhibition, says reviewer Carol Brown.

   [05.11.06] 'About Face' at the Durban Art Gallery
'About Face' at the Durban Art Gallery finds portraiture, in the broadest sense, selected from the Gallery's permanent collection and hung in such a way as to explore sexuality, the body, Post-Colonialism and land issues amongst other things. Francesca Verga reviews.


   [05.11.06] Ledelle Moe shows at Axis
South African-born and trained Ledelle Moe's show at Axis Gallery in New York features the artist's signature large-scale figurative work alongside some miniature pieces. Natasha Becker is impressed with the way in which the works simultaneously convey strength and vulnerability, power and fragility, erasure and permanence.

   [05.11.06] The São Paulo Bienal: Is it possible to live together?
In an extract from a review of the São Paulo Bienal by Carlos Jiminez Babelia in El Pais, the author singles out Mustafa Maluka and Pieter Hugo for their dismissal of well-perpetuated visual stereotypes of Africa. Guy Tillim's work, he contends, explores both the cause and effect of the continent's colonial past.


   [05.11.06] Between Dogs and Wolves: Growing up with South Africa by Jodi Bieber

   [05.11.06] Snap Judgements: new positions in Contemporary African Photography

   [05.11.06] Abrie Fourie: End of the World

   [05.11.06] Nicholas Hlobo: Izele

   [05.11.06] Messages and Meanings: the MTN Art Collection

   [05.11.06] Mapping Memory: Former Prisoners tell their Stories