Archive: Issue No. 110, October 2006

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William Scarbrough

William Scarbrough
Reclamation 2006
multimedia, video and stills


Norman Catherine

Red Bull Gives You Zooma 2006
Oil on fiberglass
164 x 161 x 40cm


Tom Cullberg

Tom Cullberg
Stripes (Ride West) 2005
oil on canvas
166 x 230cm


Africa Remix

Africa Remix announcement
on the Mori website



   [06.10.06] William Scarbrough at Michaelis Gallery
The language of spin is intensely dissected in William Scarbrough's multimedia installation, which uses media coverage of a series of child murders in the United States as raw material. Charles Maggs gets caught in the web in his review of 'Reclamation' at the Michaelis Gallery.

   [06.10.06] 'Amajita in Conversation' at AVA
Ed Young reviews this group exhibition featuring various male artists.

   [06.10.06] Nicola Grobler at Erdmann Contemporary
Nicola Grobler's '4 auto-stroke' finds the artist moving away from her previously explored domestic realm into an investigation of cars and their social and cultural role in contemporary South Africa. While Linda Stupart found the show asking interesting questions, she didn't find this enquiry very intriguing.

Cape Student Reviews

   [14.10.06] Marianne Podlashuc at the Old Town House
Marianne Podlashuc's evidences a telling dialogue with the contemporary from an artist embedded and implicated in the daily experience of South African life, says Stephen Conor Ralphs in his review of her work at the Old Town Hall.

   [16.10.06] Amajita in Conversation at the AVA
Student Tambudzai La Verne Sibanda reviews 'Amajita in Conversation' at the AVA.


   [06.10.06] Brenden Gray at gordart Gallery's Project Room
In 'Free for All', Johannesburg-based Brenden Gray questions the access we have to the construction and re-presentation of our immediate history and the 'culture' it implies. Michael Smith finds his intaglio prints as convincing as the indignation which gave rose to the work.

   [06.10.06] Philipp Gasser and Bruno Tremblay at the Drill Hall
Basel-based Philipp Gasser and Bruno Tremblay have been participating in a residency in Johannesburg. They presented a collaboartive work produced in response to their stay at the Drill Hall. Michael Smith reports on this powerful work, marred only by the use of, what he terms, 'hot button' words.

   [06.10.06] Zhané Warren at Art on Paper Gallery
Zhané Warren's 'Recurrence' finds the artist showing photographic documentation of her performance entitled 'eatmyheartout'. She manages, Michael Smith argues, to transcend a mere representation of her performance. By relinquishing creative control of the process to other photographers, creates a visually compelling body of work.

   [06.10.06] Dualities - Norman Catherine at the Goodman
Sue Williamson reviews Norman Catherine's latest exhibition.


   [06.10.06] Tom Cullberg at the KZNSA Gallery
Tom Cullberg's first solo outing in Durban reiterates the role of the artist as observer, subtly documenting human interaction and the relationships between identity, object and geographical place. Francesca Verga finds 'House' to be very intriguing.


   [06.10.06] 'Africa Remix' at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo
The fourth museum stop for mega-show 'Africa Remix' after Düsseldorf, London and Paris was a three month stint at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo - the society perhaps furthest away from Africa in every sense. Graduate student Genevieve Wood considers the reception of the show in Japan.