Archive: Issue No. 122, October 2007

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ACT Award nominees announced

The annual Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) Awards celebrate and recognise outstanding individuals, organisations or agencies that have played an integral role in the development and promotion of arts, culture and creativity in South Africa. Finalists for these awards were announced on October 2. Of interest to ArtThrob readers are the following: Sean O'Toole has been nominated for the ACT Arts Correspondent Award 2007. O'Toole is one of South Africa's most prominent editorial voices in the visual arts. He is currently editor of award-winning Art South Africa, the quarterly journal on contemporary art, which over the past three years he has steered in a more critical and outward-looking direction. Prior to this, he edited ArtThrob and worked as Arts and Music editor for SL magazine, among other editorial stints. In addition, O'Toole writes for several national publications and has regular columns in The Sunday Times and Financial Mail. Last year he published a collection of short stories entitled The Marquis of Mooikloof and Other Stories and obtained an M.A. in Creative Writing from UCT.

Among finalists for The ACT Cultural Development Award 2007 are Art Bank Jo'burg and Art for Humanity.

Art Bank Jo'burg (ABJ) is currently establishing a collection of contemporary visual art, primarily for the City of Jo'burg. Focused on creating jobs for emerging artists and offering skills development workshops in order to strengthen arts and culture in general, ABJ has been successfully renting this artwork out to both the public and private sector.

Art for Humanity (AfH) was founded in 2003 and has developed several art-based human rights public advocacy campaigns, focusing on various topics. Artists and poets are mobilised both locally and internationally to contribute to the campaigns which focus on South Africa. AfH continues to contribute to a sense of social responsibility and human rights awareness within the creative community of South Africa as well as abroad, as evident in the responses received by the participating artists and poets.

A ceremony to announce the winners for the ACT Awards 2007 will take place on October 31 at Nedbank Sandton in Johannesburg.