Archive: Issue No. 128, April 2008

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Lyndi Sales

Nicholas Hlobo


Dale Yudelman

Dale Yudelman


Jellel Gasteli

Jellel Gasteli
Eclipse Nº1 2001
Gelatin silver prints mounted on aluminium
100 x 100 cm


James Webb

James Webb
Photo by Adrienne van Eeden


Paul Edmunds

Paul Edmunds
Aggregate 2007-8 (detail)
camphor wood veneer, paper
160 x 120cm



   [6.04.08] Nicholas Hlobo at Michael Stevenson
Katharine Jacobs reviews Nicholas Hlobo's 'Kwatsiykw'iziko' at Michael Stevenson, proposing that a 'tactile aesthetics' affords a viewer a way into the work that an intellectual approach may not. She approaches his work with a perceptive eye on his use of material, colour and craft and lauds his dogged use of untranslated isiXhosa titles, hoping at the same time that an isiXhosa-speaking critic will take up the challenge of exploring Hlobo's layered, nuanced, textured use of verbal language.

   [6.04.08] Dale Yudelman at the Photographer's Gallery
Dale Yudelman's latest show 'I am... ' presents images of personal advertisments placed on community notice boards by migrants from Central and Southern Africa. He juxtaposes these with iconic images from our cities. In doing so, he opens our eyes both to the struggles and hardships of refugees, as well as to their resilience. Nathalie Rosa Bucher reviews.

   [6.04.08] Dead Meat
You won't be surprised to find that Ed Young was unimpressed with the 'Fresh Meat' painting show which closed at whatiftheworld / Gallery in February. You will be surprised to find him taking pops at some of his best friends. Or maybe you won't.

   [6.04.08] Minnette Vári at Goodman Cape
Lloyd Pollock reviews Minnette Vári's solo outing at Goodman Gallery Cape. In his dense, descriptive review of an equally dense and layered, exquisitely crafted show, Pollock concludes that 'Vári poses the perennial questions but her answers are dark and sibylline poetic pronouncements'.


   [6.04.08] As you like it at the Joburg Art Fair
Accompanying the Joburg Art Fair was 'As you like it', a show curated by Simon Njami, based on the premise that a work is at its 'purest singularity' before any agent, museum, critic or dealer has laid eyes on it. Jacki McInnes is less than convinced by the curator's ability to demonstrate that with the works he has chosen here, but agrees on the importance of entertaining such a notion.

   [6.04.08] James Webb et al. at the Wits Theatre
The Unyazi 'Festival of extreme listening' founds its curator (and performer) James Webb focusing on the spatialisation of sound, centralising the role of the listener. Andrew Smith attended the evening, immersing himself in performances and collaborations by several local and international musicians and sound artists.


   [6.04.08] Paul Edmunds at Bank Gallery
Brenton Maart reviews Paul Edmunds' 'Aggregate' at Bank Gallery. Aside from the artist's concern with geometry, sculpture and design, Edmunds develops 'complexity by the introduction of the conundrum of the fourth dimension', he contends.

   [6.04.08] Bongi Bengu and Collen Maswanganyi at Kizo Gallery
Well established painter Bongi Bengu shares her first outing in KwaZulu-Natal, province of her birth, with sculptor Collen Maswanganyi who hails from Giyani in Limpopo. Despite the immediate differences in their work, the two evidence a shared interest in their commentary on contemporary life. Carol Brown reviews their show at Kizo Gallery.