Archive: Issue No. 127, March 2008

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Lyndi Sales

Lyndi Sales
Negative Limb I 2007
life raft rubber (black) and rope
400 x 1000 mm


Nandipha Mntambo

Nandipha Mntambo


Leora Farber

Leora Farber
Aloerosa: Induction 2004-7
archival pigment printing on soft textured fine art paper


David Goldblatt

David Goldblatt
Fifteen year old Lawrence Matjee after his assault and detention by the security police, Khotso House, De Villiers Street, Johannesburg. 25 October 1985



   [2.03.08] Diane Victor at Goodman Gallery Cape
The current malaise of political correctness has led many artists to an untenable position; opting out of the politics of the day, a whole generation of artists appear too afraid to involve themselves in current affairs. And when they do, it often appears as a blinkered re-working of the opinions current in the mass media, with little or no insight into the reality of political engagements. Diane Victor's intense involvement in tracing the lines of power from their philosophical sources to the minute effects manifested in the everyday is therefore doubly refreshing. Tavish McIntosh reviews.


   [2.03.08] Lyndi Sales at Bell-Roberts Contemporary
Comprising myriad laser incisions into various materials, the majority of the works on Sales' 'TRANSIenT' show resemble moth-eaten memories. Constituted from absences, form is created in the works wholly out of a play of positive and negative; limbs and torsos, hands and flight paths made visible only by the removal by laser incision, of material. Katherine Jacobs reviews.


   [2.03.08] 'The Trickster' at Art Extra
Cara Snyman reviews 'The Trickster' - the second curated exhibition at David Brodie's newly opened Art Extra in Craighall Park. In 'The Trickster', Brodie considers the mythical mischief maker as a central figure in contemporary art production.

   [2.03.08] Andrzej Nowicki 'Sleep Depot' at David Krut Projects
Leigh-Anne Niehaus finds Andrzej Nowicki's nostalgic take on memory construction in is latest show 'Sleep Depot', at David Krut Projects, both playful and stimulating. The first notion that came to mind when entering this show was 'refreshing'

   [2.03.08] Leora Farber in collaboration with Strangelove 'Dis-Location/Re-Location' at the Johannesburg Art Gallery
Musha Neluheni says that 'Dis-Location/Re-Location' has to be the most solid and well put together show so far this year. As the title suggests the exhibition deals with ideas of displacement.


   [2.03.08] 'Then and Now' at the Durban Art Gallery
'Then and Now' is one of those exhibitions in which a simple premise gives way to a flowering of complexity. The concept behind the project was straightforward: eight photographers - all stalwarts of the struggle against the apartheid regime, all but one members of the seminal Afripix collective - were asked to select twenty images which exemplified the periods before and after apartheid's end in 1994. Peter Machen reviews.

   [2.03.08] 'Little Travellers' at the Durban Art Gallery
Carol Brown reviews 'Little Travellers', an exhibition of AIDS-related art. She says the exhibition represents people taking their lives into their own hands, triumphing over their illness and celebrating life.

   [2.03.08] Michael MacGarry 'True/Story' at the KZNSA Gallery
'True/Story' is Michael MacGarry's first solo exhibition in his hometown and is, in some ways, a triumphant return. The exhibition functions as a kind of reduced-scale retrospective, incorporating elements of his work since 2000. Julian Brown reviews.


   [2.03.08] '.ZA Young Art From South Africa' at Palazzo delle Papesse, Sienna
International Listings Editor Rat Western reviews ‘.ZA Young Art From South Africa’ at Palazzo delle Papesse, Sienna, Italy.